The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 341: Guidance

Chapter 340: The End Of The Third Shinobi World War

With a principle similar to The Living Corpse Reincarnation technique, it is indeed possible for Chakra to fuse with the soul and enhance it!

Even if the outer Chakra is soulless, its still energy. The blending process between that energy and soul will always cause conflict.

However, with the help of the Spiritual Space, Naito could temper the process, and in the end, the Chakra started to slowly fuse with the soul. This fusion effectively increased the strength of the soul.

At this point, Naito is considering to finally complete the second stage of the Soul Art!

“Ill take things slowly and see if it will improve.”

After he finally revealed the cover off, the mystery of the soul, Naito felt the constant enhancement of his soul, and regained the joy in his heart and started to work on increasing the rate of the fusion.

Naito eased the suppression again, and the continuous stream of purple Chakra suddenly became thicker, and the Chakra spread in the entire Spiritual space.

This time, the stream of Chakra showed a sign of instability in the fusion process, which was barely maintained under Naitos Spiritual Shock.

Gradually, the Spiritual space adapted to this rate and became stable again.

“It seems that the fusion process can only be rated at this speed for the time being, but as the Spiritual Space becomes more stable, the speed can be increased.”

Sensing the situation in Spiritual Space, and the state of his soul, Naito nodded firmly, he didnt try to lift the suppression any longer and maintained the same level.

He suppressed the whole Chakra in a purple orb with only a ray of Chakra from was continually flowing and blending with the Spiritual space, fusing with Naitos soul.

Feeling the amount, Naito estimated that at this rate, it will take several years to fully absorb, but in the process, he should be able to increase the speed, so the specific time cannot be calculated.

“The progress is very slow, Im afraid that even after the full absorption, I will only be able to open the Seventh Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou… But this is also expected.”

“Then, I should also use this time to go to the Source of the Ryumyaku, and add the Dragon Veins Chakra.”

After he thought about it, Naito withdrew from the Spiritual Space, and his consciousness returned the reality.

Theres no need from him to absorb it too, he just needs to set it up, this can be operated without interrupting with the fusion process.

This time, Naitos training has only taken him half a month, but when he got out of the training room, he received a piece of surprising news.

The Third World War is over!

Of course, this is not unexpected, it should have ended a long time ago. What really surprised him was the event that closed this war.

This incident has also directly led to the complete end of the Third World War.

That is the Fourth Kazekage of the Sand, who died in the hand of Hatake Sakumo, Konohas White Fang!

However, its really a laughing matter that the Fourth Kazekage is one of the major Kages in the world officially. After all, hes the weakest between the three previous generations, although he still has a lot of powerful forbidden techniques.

Not everyone can kill a really shadow-level powerhouse like Naito.

At the last second, when Sakumo made the last strike, the Kazekage managed somehow to counter him with his Sand Release and pierced his heart.

Sakumo died like a hero!

Even so, the title of Konohas Sakumo reached the top of this world, second to no one, but Naito!

The end of the second world war was the moment when Nait became famous, but the beginning of the Third, Naito was already the God of Shinobi.

Sakumo cannot be compared with Naitos growth rate, but if he didnt reincarnate here, no one would have ever be compared to Sakumo.

The Second World War was the birth of the new God of Shinobi, and the Third will always be remembered by the title of Konohas White Fang!

“I didnt expect it to end this way.”

Naito sighed and recalled the past. After all, he had nothing but respect in his heart for Sakumo, who has pointed the road for him once, the man who once joined forces with him to fight the third Tsuchikage Onoki.

The man that he used to work under and compare himself to him, Naito couldnt help but admire him.

Compared to the original, the way he died on the battlefield after he killed the fourth Kazekage suited him more than committing suicide in his home. He will always be the hero that is respected by everyone, which is undoubtedly much better.

Besides, Hatake Sakumo, just like the Third Hokage, has almost reached his peak and was gonna gradually grow weaker in the future.

Rather than aging and dying old and weak, for a shinobi to die in such a heroic manner is more suitable for the man who once carried the title of Konohas White Fang!

“Time… Is also an enemy.” Naito clenched his fist gently, then raised his head, looking out into the sky through the window, “And I will never lose to any enemy!”


Konoha Cemetery, where they hold memorial events of the deceased.

The cemetery has a sculpture at the front, representing the Will of Fire of the village, and has the kanji for Hokage inscribed on its base.

Among the graves, there was a separate monument, just like the one that was built for Naito before.

Of course, Naito wasnt dead at the time.

At this moment, in front of a monument with title Konohas White Fang carved on it, Naito stood there quietly, holding a wine glass in his hand, then gently poured the wine.

Although people always die, not everyone can become an immortal existence like Kaguya…

Life and death are actually a very faint concept in the Shinobi World, especially after the development of the Edo Tensei, which can bring the dead again. For Sakumo, who died on the battlefield, its such a disgrace to be summoned back.

Standing in front of Sakumos monument, a faint image of Sakumos figure flashed in Naitos mind, Naito has almost let out a burst of Spiritual shock from the anger he felt by the thought of thinking he was about to say goodbye to his friend. But he couldnt help but suppress those feelings in his heart and slowly turn and leave.


At the training ground, Kakashis forehead was dripping with sweat, holding a short sword in his hand, with Chakra overflowing from its edge.

Different from the Original, Sakumos death didnt affect Kakashi negatively, but made him proud of his father, and forced him to practice harder, trying to catch up with his fathers footsteps.

The training ground was empty, only Kakashi and Minato were there.

Kakashi was a Jonin, the Chidori that he created wasnt inferior to the Rasengan that was created by his teacher, Minato, so even the former didnt have much more to offer him.

After practicing for a while, Kakashi stopped, suddenly turned his head, and seemed like he noticed something on the side.

There was a figure that looked like its appearing out of thin air, and stayed that way for a long time, which made Kakashi couldnt help but look at it with a surprised expression.

Who could come so close without him noticing?!

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