The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 341: Guidance

of Chakra.

Turning around, Kakashi looked at Naito, hoping that Naito could point some missing things, but Kakashi was left slightly disappointed when he saw how Naito didnt say anything with his head down.

Well, this ninjutsu is already has a change in the nature Chakra, its an advanced technique, that even Minato couldnt improve it, Im afraid that even Naito-Dono cant do anything about it.

Kakashi has already accepted that fate, so he wasnt too disappointed. Even if he couldnt help him with the Chidori, Naito was the God of Shinobi, of course, he can guide him to another road.

After walking to Naito, Kakashi still stood there with a respectful expression, waiting for Naitos response quietly.

After a while, Naito raised his head, then looked at Kakashi and said: “This technique is indeed dangerous, but the actual reason is that because you dont have enough control over the Thunder Nature.”


Kakashi looked shocked, but this technique was developed by him, he wouldnt even dream of creating such an advanced technique if he didnt have great control of the Thunder Nature.

There was a look of disbelief on Kakashis face.

Looking at him, Naito smiled a little, not too surprised. For Kakashi, his control over the Thunder Chakra is already perfect, and not many people can exceed him in the world. But its still not enough.

At the next moment, Naito directly stretched out his hand, and all of a sudden, the Chakra burst out, then instantly changed its nature, turning into Chakra with Lightning Nature.


Suddenly, the electric light flickered, emitting the sound of thousands of birds.

“Is this… My Chidori?!”

Looking at this scene, Kakashis eyes showed a touch of shock.

Naito was able to directly inject Chakra in his palm and change its nature instantly without even doing any hand signs. This is what Chakra control means!

No wonder, Naito said his control wasnt good, because compared to his, theres indeed a big gap!

“This Chidori of yours is created from a great number of condensed Chakra, very strong ninjutsu, with a breakneck speed it can penetrate anything. However, its really difficult to avoid enemys counterattack when youre using a high speed like this and moving in a straight line.”

Naito looked at Kakashi and said these few words, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of this technique, while Kakashi was nodding his head.


Naito looked at his palm, suddenly the lightning started gathering in the center.


In an instant, the thunder and lightning exploded madly, then condensed together, emitting a bright white light at the center, with electric rays flickering around it.

However, under Naitos control, those rays got forced into the thunder ball in the middle.

Suddenly, it became dazzling to the extreme!

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