The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 343: Danzos Winning Card

Chapter 342: Seeking Death

Kakashi looked stunned, he even took a few steps back subconsciously.

He thought that the thunder is gonna explode due to the high pressure, but it didnt happen. After he added the Lightning Nature, Naito rotated the Chakra on his palm, creating a thunderbolt ball similar to the Rasengan, and it looked really stable!

Looking at this scene, Kakashi couldnt help but feel shocked.

His Chakras control over the Lightning Nature Release is simply amazing!

“If you can do this step, the previous disadvantages will no longer exist!”

Naito looked faintly at his palm while the thunderbolt ball was rotating there like a Rasengan.

Suddenly, he squeezed his palm slightly.


The thunder ball didnt explode, but a white ray of thunder extended instantly, and penetrated a distant wooden stake!

This is somewhat similar to Sasukes Chidori Sharp Spear in the original, but because hes control was better, it was more powerful!

Kakashi swallowed, at this moment, he felt that the gap between the two of them was almost immeasurable.

His control compared to Naito is not even worth comparing!

“Of course, you can adjust the form as much as you want, you can use it as a long-ranged attack, or just penetrate enemies from a short-range distance.”

“And if you want to go further, then…”

The moment he said that sentence, Naitos expression became sober for the first time. What he demonstrated was just a simple and essential thing. The next one is the real thing!

The Chakra in Naitos body suddenly surged and injected more Chakra into his palm, making the thunder ball getting bigger until it became half the size of his head.

Kakashi looked a little scare, he feared that Naito will overdo it and that thing explodes, it will be life-threatening.

However, in the next moment, Kakashis expression stagnated. He already looked shocked, but the next scene made him terrified!

The half-head-sized thunder ball suddenly got condensed and compressed again instantly!

At this time, something weird happened. After it got squeezed to the extreme, shockingly, it turned into a water ball!

The reason why he said it was a water ball, and looked really shocked, because after it got squeezed, suddenly it melts, and turned into the shape of liquid, flowing around the finger of Naito, then even changed to a bright white ribbon, flowing from side to side!

“Is this… Lightning Chakra Natura?!”

Kakashi seemed in disbelief, he even wondered if Naito has replaced the Lightning with Water Nature at that moment.

Looking at Kakashis expression, Naito smiled a little, then moved the lightningliquid toward Kakashi.

Looking at that liquid lightning form up close, made Kakashi finally realize that I was still Lightning, not Water!

Watching this liquid form, Kakashi couldnt help but reach it out with his finger, even if he was gonna get injured, he wanted to feel what kind of power it contained.

What surprised him even more, is when he tried to touch it, it felt really like water, flowing gently around his finger.

However, it didnt feel cool, but hot!

At the same time, Kakashi could feel that familiar scary classicistic of the Lightning. Once it gets out of control, it will no longer feel that gentle!

“This is the extreme change of nature, and also the biggest change of form. This technique be can be used for offensive and defensive situations, and it almost has no weaknesses.”

With a flick of Naitos finger, the liquid Lightning condensed then flew back.

With a thought from Naito, it instantly turned into several Sharp Spears that penetrated through all of the wooden stakes in the distance, this scene made Kakashi feel horrified.

“These are the Three Levels, Kakashi, the Chidori youve mastered, belongs to the first level, its an A-Class Ninjutsu, then one I showed you before, if you could mastered, then your Chidori will upgrade to an S-Class Ninjutsu.”

“As for this, it is…”

Naito gently flicked his finger, and the fist-sized thunder ball flew out directly to the sky and caused a thunderstorm on such a sunny day in Konoha!

At that moment, all the people in Konoha looked at the sky, exposing shocking colors.


Ignoring the thunderstorm in the sky that he has just caused, Naito looked at Kakashi calmly and said: “I will stay in Konoha for a month, within this period, you can come and ask for help at any time.”


Looking at the thunderstorm spreading in the sky, Kakashi couldnt calm down for a long time, when it finally gradually started to fade away, he finally woke up but found out that Naito had already left.

There was a scroll on the ground in front of him.

“Naito-Sama, hes almost a god-like existence, can a human really train to that extreme?”

Picking up the scroll, Kakashi couldnt suppress those feelings in his heart and ended up talking to himself.


Naito stayed for a short time in Konoha. During this month, Kakashis control over the Lightning Chakra Nature made fast progress. After all, he had already an excellent talent for Lightning Release and mastered the second level.

However, the difficulty of the third level was too much for him. After all, theres a big difference between an S-Class and an SSS-Class Ninjutsu, even the amount of his Chakra is not enough to practice the third level.

This is no longer about effort, it also requires talent and physical fitness.

At a teahouse in Konoha

Naito sat quietly in a corner, but despite this, people were looking at him with respect and admiration from time to time.

“Its almost time to leave.”

After drinking his tea, Naito stood up.

During this month, in addition to training Kakashi, Naito has also kept an eye on the soul enhancement in his Spiritual Space.

At the same time, Naito got another piece of information about the Spiritual Space from Orochimaru. However, it wasnt much different from what Naito himself has created; It seems he took the right direction.

Naito prepared to return back to the Rain Village. And work on increasing the speed of his soul fusion. Naitos Spiritual Space has become more stable, and the strength of his soul has improved a lot, its time for him to try to increase the rate of the blending again.

However, just when he was about to walk out of the tea house and leave Konoha, something unexpected happened to Naito.

Several masked Shinobis suddenly appeared in front Naito, and with no emotion, one of them said: “Naito-Dono, Master Danzo, has called for you.”

These Shinobis are undoubtedly from the Roots.

Of course, this wasnt important. Whats essential is that Danzo finally dared to show himself?

Naito was surprised, but he couldnt help but smirk.

Danzo has always avoided conflicts by hiding in the dark, now he dares to show himself. It as if hes asking for his death!

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