The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 346: The Death Of Danzo

Chapter 345: The Reverse Four Symbols Sealing

Looking at Danzo kneeling before him, with blood coming out of his eyes and month, Naito crushed him again with his shock force.


Suddenly the world showed trace fragmentations, and under the power of the Shock Force, his body got smashed again instantly.

Moreover, what shocked the Root Shinobis wasnt Naito killing Danzo again, but how he controlled that forces to only cause damage to the former but none to the surrounding place!

His control is simply amazing!

“Damn this…”

Danzo, who got resurrected again, looked at Naito with his ordinary eyes while gritting his teeth.

Since Naito couldnt be controlled, he had no choice but to kill him. Although it was a pity, it still better than watching Naito leading the world into chaos.

Under Danzos order, the Soot Shinobis, who were lining up all around, started doing hand signs simultaneously.


Suddenly, a purple light wall appeared in the field, then instantly trapped Naito inside it. This was the Violet Flames Formation, but it was a higher form than the Six Violet Flames Formation that Konohas Shinobi used suppressed the Ichibi on the battlefield, this is was Eight Violet Flames Formation!

However, Naito couldnt help but laugh watching these purple light walls around him.

If it was the Four Red Yang Formation, it might have successfully trapped him inside, making him unable to break free, but this kind of Ninjutsu wont stop Naito!

One punch is more than enough to break it!

Of course, Danzo knew that, so he never relied on it to stop Naito. All he wanted to is stagnate Naitos movements for a moment.

If only needs a moment to cast that technique!

Suddenly, eight additional Shinobis appeared next to the eight who were casting the Eight Violet Flames Formation, then ripped their clothes off and shouted: “Reverse Four Symbols Sealing!!”

In the Original, Danzo used this technique before his death to share the same fate as Sasuke!

This was Danzos plan, he trapped him using the Eight Violet Flames Formation, then used eight of his Root Shinobis to perform the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing without giving Naito any chance to escape!

Even the Eight Shinobis who were casting the Eight Violet Flames Formation wont escape the scope of this attack. In other words, sixteen people were willing to giving their lives to kill Naito.

It seems that the years of Danzos brainwashing and training them has really come in handy in this situation. The look in their eyes behind the mask seemed extremely indifferent, emotionless, they simply didnt have the slightest hesitation!


Danzo left the hall directly, then turned and stared at Naito.

“Dying from the sacrifice of sixteen elite ninjas is worthy of your title, God of Shinobi.”


After they ripped their clothes off, four Chinese symbols appeared on their chest, then a weird black ink spewed out of their body, and a strange force burst out instantly.

The level of this technique was obviously higher than the Eight Violet Flames Formation. That force penetrated into the purple walls leaving no dead space in the entire hall!

Such a situation would have been bad even for a Super-Kage-Level powerhouse, if this attack were performed flawlessly the same way as this one, he would undoubtedly die.

Unfortunately, this is still not enough to defeat Naito…

Naito has completely passed that level, and entered the Sixth-Path-Level hes way much stronger!

Hes just a half step before reaching the Sixth Path Level, thus even if he faced one, Naito wouldnt be completely helpless, he could still put a fight.

Although the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing is strong, it is not enough to defeat the Sixth Path…

Looking at the black ink rushing out of their body, Naito opened both of his hands then gently wielded.


With the wave of Naitos hands, white light burst out of his body, wrapping his body inside, then instantly spread in all directions.

The black force spread too, covering everything, but in that darkness, a white light spread out, forming a white and black swirl!

As for the Eight Violet Flames, it has already shattered under the fierce confrontation of the black and white forces, and the sixteen Root Shinobis got immediately smashed by the vortex!

After a few moments, the vortex gradually dispersed.

Naito stood in the center of the vortex, unharmed, he didnt even have a scratch on his clothes!

His white cloak shuddered slightly, then he quietly came outside of the hall.

Looking at this scene, made Danzo terrified.

“How could he be this strong! Even the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing…”

“Like I said, you really dont understand how big is the gap between us.”

Naito looked at Danzo faintly, noticing that only two Sharingan were left open on Danzos arm, so he flickered his finger one more time.


A wave of the Shock force spread away, covering Danzos body instantly.

Danzo got crushed again.

This time when he got resurrected, Danzo finally showed a hint of fear!

He was afraid of Naitos power!

At this moment, he suddenly couldnt help but feel a little bit ridiculous about his attempt to touch this force, relying on the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing and Eight Violet Flames Formation.

Those techniques, in front of Naito, turned out to be so vulnerable. Naitos power has really made him feel like an ant!

At that moment, Danzo has finally understood what Naito meant by that sentence, and he didnt want to do anything related to him anymore, he just wanted to run with his life!

Without any hesitation, Danzo turned his back and run!

“No, I cant die here… Definitely not now!”

“You want to escape, dont you feel its too late?” Naito didnt move an inch, he just pointed his finger one last time at Danzo, and the formers body instantly collapsed.

This time, the last Sharingan was finally closed, the Mongekyou Sharingan were useless, and he couldnt use them anymore; it was the end!

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