The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 348: The situation in the Rain Village

Chapter 347: Meatballs

“Naito-Dono, this is…”

Finally, some of them could break the ice and speak. It was Anko, who has just come here, and the only one who could ask Naito.

Naito turned around, ignoring everyones gazes, and after he saw Anko, he whispered softly.

“An assassin has sneaked into Konoha, they wanted to destroy the village, and Danzo led the Root Shinobis and fought with them to death, and they got all buried…”

It was too dark and crucial for a little girl like Anko to understand this, Naito decided to keep her away from this dark side of Konoha.

Whether it was a lie or the truth, Anko didnt want to question his credibility, if he said so, then its the truth!

After that, Naito turned and looked in a specific direction, then said lightly: “Isnt this the case, Hokage-Sama?”

The crowd turned around to look at Sarutobi, who was standing there bitterly, but also with a decisive expression. After he took a deep breath, he nodded at Naito.

“Yes, thats the case.”

Of course, he wouldnt dare to not agree with Naito!

Not only the crowd but even Sarutobis heart was full of fear, he was afraid that Naito will drop out his anger on the entire village, then they will be in big trouble.

At the same time, he also hated the fact that Danzo got killed, its the Uchihas destruction event all over again, he didnt know a thing until it was already over. Judging by the field, Naito didnt force his way into this hall, if that the case, then he could easily guess that Danzo was the one who asked him to come!

But this is doesnt change anything, Danzo was dead!

The Shinobis who came here first didnt take what Naito said, but when they heard the Hokages confirmation, they started to believe it.

Although they doubted the existence of such powerful assassins, they could tell that the Roots Shinobis has used the Reverse Four Symbol Sealing, which confirms how powerful the enemy was.

Of course, elites who were there, they didnt take this nonsense. They faintly guessed the truth of this event, but they didnt dare to say anything.

“It turned out to be this way, then Naito-Sama, who arrived in time, has resolved everything.”

Anko seemed like she figured out everything, then looked at Naito with admiration.

Next to her, there was another girl who looked at Naito with admiration, she was in the original, the teacher of Hinatas team, Kurenai Yuhi, he could even see Asuma in the back of the crowd.

Kurenai, Asuma, Kakashi, and Gai, were four of the twelve teachers in the original story, they were all at the same age, but Anko is slightly younger, about ten years old.

Currently, the strongest and the highest-ranked between them is Kakashi, who is already a Jonin, then Gai. He has just opened the Fifth Gate and managed to overcome all of the side effects, hes a step away from reaching the Sixth.

Kurenai, Asuma, and Anko are now among the Chunin Elites.

Speaking of fact, Ankos strength shouldnt be judged inferior to Kakashis, but since she was Orochimarus assistant, she didnt participate in any tasks. Not many people know how strong she is.

When Naito was about to leave, Anko gathered all of her strength and said: “Nai… Naito-Sama, I want to invite you to eat meatballs, is that okay?”


Kurenai next to her opened her eyes wide, she didnt believe what Anko has said, this obviously wasnt the right time for treats!

On the contrary, Naito found this funny. Initially, he was going to leave Konoha directly, but he changed his mind and smiled at her, saying: “Okay.”

Upon seeing that, Kurenai felt a little bit uncomfortable. First of all, the environment issue. This was the battlefield where Danzo and his Root Shinobi has just suffered a brutal slaughter. Its weird to think of eating in such a place, its somehow heartless.

But Anko ended up treating Naito to meatballs!

Anko didnt feel the slightest embarrassment, compared to her, Kurenai felt like dying. However, she tried to stand firmly in front of the God of Shinobi. After all, the god of the word is an existence above the Five Kages themselves.

What both didnt expect was Naitos acceptation to this treat!

It was simply incredible to the point of shocking, which made both of them standing there stupidly without responding for a long time.


Rain Village.

In the distant sky, a figure was crossing the sky, leaving a white arc behind like a meteor, and whenever it appeared, it was cleared the clouds away.

Suddenly, this figure fell directly on the tallest building in the middle of the Rain Village, then walked in all the way to a room, then opened the door.


Kushina was alone, bored to death, but when she saw Naito opening the door, she got surprised first, then she happily smiled at him.

She hasnt seen Naito for a month. Thus, she couldnt hide her happiness.

“Look what I brought from Konoha. It shouldnt be cold yet.” Naito smiled at her, then handed her bag of meatballs.

“Isnt this the famous meatballs from Konoha?”

Although its been years, Kushina could recognize it at a glance.

Naito nodded, then said: “And it tastes pretty good too.”

Looking at the meatballs inside the bag, Kushina couldnt help but feel happy. Although she had just eaten something, seeing how Naito brought it with him all the way from Konoha made the anxiety in her heart clear away instantly.

Of course, Naito often leaves the village, and Kushina got used to it.

Even when he stays in the Rain Village, he often practices from months alone, but this has never affected their relationship because even with they far apart, the distance between their hearts stays the same.


In a quiet and elegant bedroom, Kushina was wearing a white un­padded gar­ment, sitting cross-legged, with her eyes closed, and practicing her Sage Mode.

Naito was next to her, helping her with her training while observing the situation in his Spiritual Space.

After he returned, Naito once again left some of the pressure on the purple orb in his Spiritual Space, making the overflowing Chakra pouring from it thicker.

After that confrontation with the Kotoamatsukami, Naitos control over the soul become stronger, and the Spiritual Space has become more stable, thus; the speed of the absorbing and tempering has increased by almost double!

When he thought about it, Naito felt like he should thank Danzo for that.

However, because the speed got faster, the amount of Chakra inside the Hoshi was no longer enough to support Naitos cultivation for too long.

After all, as the cultivation continues, the rate gonna increase again.

Although it is calculated, and the Hoshi can be enough for him for at least sixth months to one year, Naito felt like he should already go to Roran.

Roran is a small country in the desert, but theres an ancient source of Chakra that flows deep under R?ran, which is the Source of the Ryumyaku, that Chakra can even interfere with time and space!

Compared with the Hoshi, this Chakra is much stronger!

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