The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 349: Five Kages Peace Talk

Chapter 348: The situation in the Rain Village

While Naito was thinking about Roran, a knock came from the door.

Naito and Kushina opened their eyes at the same time, Kushina smiled at him, then he stood up and went to the door to open it.

It was Konan, she had some documents in her hand. When the door was opened and saw Naito in his bedclothes, she suddenly widened her eyes.

Konan blushed, revealing a lovely expression, then whispered: “Naito-Sensei, sorry… Am I bothering you?!”

Naito shrugged and smiled: “Of course no, are these the information about Roran?”


Konan nodded; Naito asked her to collect some information about Roran, including its specific location.

Naito took the documents from her but didnt rush to look in it. He just put aside, while Kushina put some clothes on and came over.

“Youre sure busy lately!”

Kushina smiled at Konan, then pulled her into the room. Konan looked stressed, but she followed her in.

“Naito, the Kage of the Rain Village, is becoming lazier every day, and all of the Village affairs are falling on you. You poor soul, I would like to help, but Im not used to dealing with those things.”

Upon saying that, Kushina couldnt help but stare at Naito. After he became the leader of the Rain Village, after one month, he gave up on all the paper works and the Village affairs and did nothing. Everything was being handled by Konan and Yahiko.

Looking at Kushinas expression, Naito helplessly shrugged his shoulders. He was too lazy to manage all of these affairs on his own. Besides, isnt this why he brought Tsunade back with him?

“Its okay. Besides, we have Tsunade-Sama with us to help. Actually, many things are handled by her.” Konan said, trying to defend Naito.

When the village got attacked previously, Tsunade was out gambling in a small town. Later, she blamed herself for this, so she took the initiative to handle all of the affairs of Rain Village.

Although Naito was still the leader of this village, the person who was handling everything has become Tsunade. As the Fifth Hokage of Konoha in the Original, she was more than enough to lead the Rain Village. It made it look so simple while she dealing with everything on her own.

Upon seeing the two girls chatting with each other, Naito smiled slightly, he didnt want to bother them, so he took the documents and turned to leave the room.

At that moment, Konan seemed like she remembered something important, and hurriedly said: “Oh yes, Sensei, Tsunade-Sama is looking for you.”

Having said that, Konan tried to stand up and go with Naito as his assistant.

However, she got pulled back by Kushina, who looked at her with a chuckle and said: “Well, she not looking for you, let Naito handle it. I was lonely, stay with me, I want to talk to you.”


Konan couldnt refuse Kushinas request, so she could only stay.

After all, in this village, Kushina was an outsider, and from the moment she put her step in the village, her status was the highest among the people, she couldnt interact with anyone, the only people who she had a good relationship with, were Konan and Tsunade.

As for the other people in the Rain Village, they only paid her respect.

Naito didnt bother the girls, and left the room, then walked into his office, to find Tsunade there sitting on the chair behind the desk, looking down at the documents.

Next to her, a young girl, she was about the same age as Kakashi, standing obediently. Shes the quiet girl who followed Tsunade everywhere in the original.

Originally, Shizune has become Tsunades assistance during the period of the World Wark III, just like Anko, who had become Orochimarus assistant.

When Tsunade came to the Rain, she didnt bring Shizune with her. When Sakumo died, she went to Konoha, a brought Shizune back with her.


When she saw Naito coming in, she respectfully bowed down to him. The respect she had to Naito was more like worshiping a god; although, she hasnt been in the Rain Village for a long time, and only saw Naito for a few time.

Of course, for a man, like the God of Shinobi, she only had admiration in her heart.

However, Tsunade, on the side, didnt notice Naito coming in, and continued her work on the documents as if he had completely ignored Naito.

Seeing how Tsunade was burying her head in the files, Naito sat down aside her, then snored: “Tsunade-Sama, is so busy to pay us her attention these days.”

Tsunade got almost stunned by Naitos rude remark. The reason she was so busy because Naito, in the first place, wasnt doing his job!

“Shit-Head, be certain that Im gonna scold you after I finish these documents.”

She glanced at Naito angrily, then she continued her work on the documents.

To others, Naito was the God of Shinobi, the man who has the world in his hand, and the man who is admired by all of the Shinobis in the world.

But in Tsuandes eyes, he was still her younger brother.

Similarly, Kushina didnt change her attitude toward Naito. Even if he became a god, Naito was still Naito in her eyes.

Naito doesnt hate the awe and admiration, but if all the people around him are like that. It will be weird. Fortunately, Tsunade and Kushina didnt change. As for Konan… She admired him that much from the very start, so you can say she didnt change too.


He truly got scolded just now, but Naito didnt mind it and even laughed. He picked up a cap, then poured a glass of water to him, and waited for Tsunade to change her work.

Shizune on the side wanted to pour a cup of water for Naito, but she found that he has done it by himself, and suddenly showed an embarrassed expression. At the same time, she felt that Naito, the God of Shinobi, wasnt that terrifying after all.

Tsunade is usually hot-tempered and likes to gamble, but shes still very serious when shes doing her job. Even if Naito was in the same room, she still continued her work until it was finished, then looked up at Naito.

“I heard that youve killed Danzo.”


Naito frowned, then nodded, although; Konoha has claimed that he got killed by some assassins who wanted to destroy the village, and finally got suppressed by Naito, Tsunade could guess that Naito was behind all of this.

“Well, he deserves it.”

Tsunade didnt like Danzo at all. That hatred started to rise in her heart, from the very beginning, when she became Sarutobis disciple.

Danzo and Sarutobi are very different. Sarutobi cared about talent but still paid more attention to the individual characteristics of every person; thus, Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya have all grown up under him to become powerful and very famous.

But Danzod didnt care about any of that, he wanted to produce machines with no feelings. Although they show smiles and anger, however, they were all fake.

Besides, Danzo was often fighting with Sarutobi, for that, Tsunade didnt like him. Later, after she saw the dark side of the village, she hated him even more.

“He was hiding his ambition, behind the ideal speeches of protecting Konoha.”

Naito drank his water, then said this sentence that specifically described Danzos true nature.

Tsunade also nodded.

Naito put the cup down, then smiled: “Were you looking out for me to determine whether I was the one who killed him or not?”

“Of course not. I need to talk to you about an important matter.”

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