The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 353: Pressing

Chapter 352: Higher Or Lower

“My conditions are still the same ones Ive mentioned before.” Sarutobi looked at Rasa, the Fifth Kazekage of the Sand calmly.

“Haha, do you think were fools, Hokage? Were not blind. Everyone knew how did Danzo die.” Onoki suddenly answered.

Sarutobi sat calmly and said: “In any case, Youre Bijuu along with your Jinchuriki are in Konohas hands, were not obligated to negotiate, youre the ones who want them back; thus…”

“Please wait for a moment.”

Tsunade, why sat there for quite a while without talking, finally let out these words interrupting Sarutobi, which made the latters face look stunning.

“Regarding the Bijuu, if you want them back, you will need to pay us some supplies first.”

This sentence made all of the eyes fall on Tsunade.

If they were any other people, this sentence would have left them with soaked in cold sweat clothes.

But how strong is her momentum, it still didnt shock them, but they sit there calmly.

This woman… Is something else!

After hearing Tsunades strong statement, the other Kages looked more serious.

“Are you kidding me? Were gonna take back what its our own, and it has nothing to do with the Rain Village.

Rasa stared coldly at Tsunade. Although, Yuu Naito is the one behind the Rain, to accept such condition from an unknown woman who has shown up and claimed that shes the leader of the Rain Village is simply nonsense!

If it was the God of Shinobi himself, they would have said a few words or even thought about it.

“Of course it has everything to do with us. Although the Bijuu are currently in the hands of Konoha, its only temporarily kept there. You want to get them back, you must then come to an agreement with us first.”

As soon as she said this sentence, everyone looked stunned.

In particular, Sarutobi, he was looking at Tsunade in disbelieve, he couldnt help but even doubt that she was the same person he once knew.

However, Tsunade answered his doubt with one sentence.

“Im the Leader of the Rain Village now.”

Damn it!

Sarutobi screamed in his mind. He initially thought that he could get Tsunades help, and use Naito for his advantage over this negotiation, but he didnt expect that Tsunade would pick up a fight with everyone, and claim that the Bijuu belongs to the Rain Village.

Moreover, Sarutobi couldnt say anything against her claims, because indeed, everyone single Bijuu was caught by Naito.

At the same time, he couldnt help but feel sad deep inside his heart, because she surprisingly treated him the same way she was treating the other Kages in this Peace Talk.

How did he mess up the fact that Tsunade was such a great leader? If he had known earlier, he would have assigned her as the Fourth Hokage, it wouldnt have ended this way if he did!

If Tsunade became the Hokage, then Naito wouldnt have left the Village.

The more he thought about it, the more he regretted it. Why did it need to go this way? Even if he couldnt give it to Naito at that time, he could give it to Tsunade!

Sarutobi regretted it all, and the expression of the Third Tsuchikage of the Rock, Onoki, changed the moment he heard Tsunades statement.

Because if he had considered that Sarutobis conditions are a little bit harsh, Tsunades has crossed the limit, she demanded the same amount of materials along with some lands!

Onoki couldnt help but laugh and say sarcastically: “Hey, little girl, did the Hokage taught you also how to bargain?!”

“This is the Five Kages Peace Talk. Youre not supposed to be here in the first place, you should know your place. Everyone here has a higher status than you!”

Rasa, at that moment, stared again at Tsunade coldly.

There was a touch of anger in Tsunades eyes, it didnt matter who was talking to here, it was a bit too much to directly treat her contemptuously.

“Oh? So you want to bargain based on your status?”

Just when Tsunade was about to lose it and attack, she suddenly heard a familiar voice emitting from the side of the room.

Thus, she smiled, then leaned back on her chair, and didnt answer.

The Five Kage noticed that this is wasnt the voice of one of them, nor seemed like it was coming from one of the guards behind them.

“Who said that? This is the Five Kages Peace Talk, who dared to sneak into this room?!”

Rasa turned his head angrily to suddenly get frozen for a moment.

At that time, even the other Kages faces changed its color, and became shocked and lost all of their calmness.

Mifune was there standing, and next to him, Naito with a big smile on his face. The Situation after Naitos arrival as always got entirely out of control because Mifune tried to attack him.

As a result, the blade of his sword got broken even before he could swing it once at him, after he found out Naitos identity, he didnt dare to stop him from entering this room.

Naito stepped in, then looked at Rasa, the Fifth Kazekage of the Sand coldly saying: “Are you saying… That your status is higher than our leader in the Rain Village?”

Rasa had drops of cold sweat on his forehead. But he was the new Kazekage, still young and foolish by his status; thus, he clenched his teeth then said: “Yes, after all, this is the Five Kages Peace Talk, even you are not allowed…”


Before he could even finish his words, Naito suddenly flashed behind him, then pressed on his shoulder.

In an instant, the chair under Rasas butt shattered, then he got bombarded on the ground, making it crack!

Not until that moment, the sand started to rise up, trying to push Naito back and help him stand on his feet.

However, with a little push, the shock force shattered that sand, and once again, Rasa got crushed on the ground fiercely, and embedded directly into the ground!

“If your Status is higher, then… Why are you sitting a little bit lower than us?”

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