The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 356: Princess Sara

Chapter 355: The Queen Of Roran

Between the white clouds, Naito saw Roran below, and with a slight movement, he suddenly disappeared and instantly fell on Rorans streets.

“So this is Roran… But it seems that the plot is not the same as the original.”

Naito was standing on the street of Roran, groaning slightly, he used his Ultra Perceive to sense the entire village.

Suddenly, Naito discovered that theres no trace for Mukade, the minister, and no one is looking to create a puppet army.

Even the queen is not Sara, but Saras mother, she not dead yet.

“I remember that in the Original, Mukade has created a distortion in time and space. He came here from the future, and then became the minister, and killed Saras mother, making Sara the new queen, and tried to make her one of his puppets.”

Thinking of this, if Mukade didnt come here, then its because Naito will inevitably end up absorbing the dragon veins power.

In this case, there wont be dragon veins in the future, so Mukade will definitely not be able to travel to the past, including Naruto.

And because he didnt come to this timeline, Minato didnt receive a secret mission, and the country is currently in a stable state.

“If thats the case, then I will go to talk to her royal highness.”

Naito is not a killer who wants to destroy the world. Since Roran is stable and living in peace, Naito didnt have any intention to bring destruction to this land. After all, his goal is only the dragon veins.

On the street, Naito stood there alone, dressed in his white cloak, while the clothes that the Roran people were wearing are entirely different.

After all, his white cloak wasnt suitable for the desert weather.

Roran is located in a far desert, isolated from the outside world.

Thus although he was just standing on the street, someone noticed him and called the guards.

“Thats him, that guy looks very suspicious.” A resident carefully reached out and pointed his hand toward Naito.

Beside him, there were two guards wearing armors.

The two guards looked at each other, then walked toward Naito, ready to interrogate him since he was an outsider.

It was really unusual to see and outside in Roran since it was located in the desert, and from the first glance, they could see that he was an outsider, besides, who wears a white cloak in a desert?

The weirder, the more they felt that Naito was suspicious.

When the two guards came near Naito, few residents stopped to watch.

However, just when they approached him enough to talk, Naito suddenly disappeared!

Disappearing in the daylight like this without leaving even a trace left the two guards frightened.

The other residents didnt pay much attention to the situation, but when Naito suddenly disappeared, everyone looked stunned.

What the… hell?!!

Is this a ghost! This is really scary!

Neither the residents, nor the guards could see Naitos movements clearly, or even ordinary Shinobi movements.

After this incidence, the two guards hurriedly ran to the building in the center of Roran, to report this matter quickly to the queen.


In the palace.

The queen was sitting on her throne, listening to some of her ministers, dealing with the countrys affairs.

There was a small throne beside her where her daughter, princess Sara, was sitting there, listening to the various government affairs, showing a thoughtful expression.

Looking at her daughters expression, the queen nodded, wondering when she will be ready to inherit her position as the queen of Roran.


At that moment, a figure appeared in front of the ministers out of thin air and approached the queen.

It was Naito with his white cloak fluttering.

The sudden appearance of Naito surprised everyone in presence. The queen looked fine, but Sara couldnt help but exclaim.

Is this a ghost?!!

“Curses! Its an assassin!”

“Protect her highness!”

The ministers in the rear looked horrified when they noticed that he wasnt actually a ghost, they shouted.

The guards outside heard the movement inside the palace and rushed in, the moment they saw Naito, they showed a hint of surprise.

How did this guy come in, why didnt they see him coming in?!!!

“Kill him!”

The guards took a deep breath, then rushed toward Naito with their weapons held high. The weapons in their hands seemed to have some power from the dragon veins.

The ministers stepped back, and at the same time, the queen protected her daughter by holding her in her arms, looking at Naito with fear.

However, the next moment shocked everyone.

Suddenly, those guards who charged with all of their power toward Naito stopped!

Time seemed to be frozen at that moment, it was evident that they got forced to stop, they were struggling to move, but nothing they did seemed to work, and all of a sudden, cracks started to appear on their armors and weapons!


The cracks continued to spread, covering the entire weapons and armors, and finally, under the shocked gazes of everyone in presence, the steel armors and weapons got turned into a powder that splattered in the ground.

Looking at their empty hands and underwear, the guards couldnt help but rub their eyes.

What happened…?!!

Naito suddenly waved his hand at the steel powder on the ground, and a gust of wind blew it all around.

Only the guards with nothing but their underwear remained there standing on the field, along with the ministers who looked extremely shocked.

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