The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 357: Im Gonna Stop the Sand Storm

Chapter 356: Princess Sara

“Im not an Assassin, I just came here to talk to the Queen about something.”

After he did all of this, Naito looked at the Queen, and princess Sara, who was scared and said softly.

The Queen was the leader of this country; although it just a small one far away from the center of the world, she was a royalty who could calm herself down quickly in such situations.

She stood up, and took a deep breath, then said: “Dear guest, please sit here.”

The Queen could tell that such a power is not something ordinary, even if she ordered it, the entire country wouldnt be able to stop Naito, so she needed to make sure not to anger him. Otherwise, he will be capable of bringing disaster to the entire country.

Moreover, since Naito has this kind of power, and hes not here to bring disaster since he chose to disable the guards not kill them, it proves that hes not an assassin.

Seeing how the Queen looked slightly interested, Naito smiled and sat down directly in the chair where Sara was sitting.

Seeing how he smiled, dissipated the horror that everyone has felt before. The Queen stood firmly and spoke to the ministers and the guards below.

“All of you can back down.”


The ministers and the guards looked at Naito with horror and hesitated to follow the Queens orders.

But thinking of the power that he has just shown them, even if he wanted to harm Her Highness, they wouldnt be able to stop it, so they could only retreat with anxiety.

Just when these ministers left the hall, two more guards stormed into the palace.

They were the two guards who encountered Naito on the street. They rushed into the palace with horrified expressions to report this strange event to the Queen.

However, what they didnt expect was the scene they saw when they first put stepped into the hall.

Because in the palace, the man with that strange white cloak who disappeared on the street was sitting in Princess Saras chair, and the latter was hiding behind the Queen looking scared.

“The stranger… Your Highness, hes…”

Both of them looked stunned.

Sitting there beside the Queen, Naito smiled, and said: “They stopped me on the street when I came, it seems that Ive caused some troubles.”

“Its okay.”

The Queen sat there solemnly, smiled slightly at Naito, then turned to the two guards, and said: “Im aware of the situation, you can go back now.”


Both guards looked at Naito with vigilance and wanted to assure how dangerous this man is to the Queen.

Before she could even speak, the Queen gestured with her hand for the guards to retreat.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Upon seeing this, the two guards could only look at each other helplessly and back aside, but still, they took one more glance at Naito with vigilancy before they left. They were ready to rush in, the moment they notice anything off about Naito.

Of course, this only proves how loyal they were to the Queen, but deep inside, they were scared, after all, the man has disappeared out of thin air.

Although they had unique swords with the power of the dragon veins, they werent sure that they could hit a ghost.

Naito didnt care about these two guards gazes and turned to the Queen with a smile on his face. The Queen seemed calm, listening to Naitos explanation.

“So, thats the general situation.”

“Yes, but…”

The Queen looked somehow uncertain, because the establishment, and the development of this whole country, was relying on the strength of the Dragon Veins. If she gave that power to Naito, this country would end up isolated and helpless in this desert!

But she could also feel the power the Naito was possessing. The moment he put his foot at her palace, he took all of her intentions, and at the same time, she felt somehow a little bit weak.

The Queen was a bit frightened of Naitos power. Although giving the dragon veins to Naito might lead to the downfall of this country, she couldnt refuse, because she felt impossible to turn him down while he was facing her.

When he first came here, he shattered her guards armors and weapons into powder, which made the Queen understand that this country can do nothing to stop Naito.

“You bad guy… You want to destroy mothers country, I wont allow it!”

When she noticed how helpless her mother looked, Princess Sara, who was standing behind her mother, shouted timidly.

This girl seemed a little bit like Kushina, with her bright red hair, but although she was yelling at Naito, she still hid behind her mother, the Queen.

She was Sara, the daughter of Rorans Queen.

If it wasnt for the existence of Naito in this world, perhaps Mukade would have already come from the future, and killed her mother, making her his Queen puppet.

Seeing how scared Sara was, but with a resolute look, Naito couldnt help but laugh, and said: “Do you think taking the dragon veins will cause the downfall of this country?”

“Of course!”

Sara nodded vigorously at Naito, saying: “The development of this country is base on the dragon veins, without its power, the people of this country will sooner or later die in the desert.”

Although Sara wasnt the Queen, she has always been with her mother. She has a very clear understanding of how things are running in Roran. After all, she was the righteous heir of this country.

Looking at Saras expression, Naito couldnt help but tease her more, saying: “But what if I tell you that me taking the Dragon Veins from this country will actually help you people?”

“Ill say thats impossible!”

Sara looked firmly at Sara, at that moment, she wasnt afraid of Naito, and she said: “Without the dragon veins that preventing the sandstorms outside from burying the country, we will be in a big trouble, we will not have enough manpower to stop it ourselves, and we wouldnt be able to get enough water resources, it will be difficult to survive…”

Sara looked at Naito with a totally unbelieving expression. In her opinion, it would be impossible for Roran to continue to exist in the desert without the support of the dragon veins.

Besides, Roran will certainly get buried entirely by the sandstorms without Ryumyakus power.

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