The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 358: Landforming

Chapter 357: Im Gonna Stop the Sand Storm

Rorans Queen has been sitting next to her, watching her daughter having this conversation with Naito, without interruption, she just sat there quietly.

Who thought that her daughter can solve things out with Naito by talking?

Naito didnt seem to be a bad person, because if he were, he wouldnt need to talk with that kind of power in possessing.

Moreover, hearing how Sara has clearly pointed out the main problems and the key issues, made the Queen felt relieved. It seems that Sara is ready to be a Queen.

Naito looked at Sara interestedly, this little girl looked scared at first, but now shes arguing with him firmly.

“What if I could rid of the sandstorms?”

“Impossible! Without the Dragon Viens power, it will be impossible to stop the sandstorms, and even if you can block it once, you will eventually leave, and what will happen to us after that?”

Sara looked at Naito angrily; the Queen was also looking at him, and the expression on her face made it clear that she was sharing the same way of thinking as Sara.

Seeing this, Naito stood up directly, smiled at them, and said: “Then we will just need to solve this problem all at once and get rid completely of sandstorms!”

“A one-time solution?”

Sara snorted, this is just idiotic, you cant solve this matter permanently, because Roran is located in the desert!

The Queen also seemed doubtful. Even if hes powerful, how would he be able to change the weather?

Upon seeing how both of them looked doubtful, Naito smiled slightly and said: “If you dont believe me, you can come and see for yourselves.”

With that said, Naito turned around and walked outside of the palace.

Seeing this scene, the Queen couldnt help but hesitate first. Although she didnt know what Naito was going to do, she made her mind, then followed him.

Sara, on the side, followed her mother too while she looked annoyed, this time she didnt dare to argue.

She wanted to be there when Naito fails and see what he will have to say after that.

The Queen was much mature, she feared that he wouldnt be able to stop it, because he could become angry and take the Dragon Veins forcefully!

In that case, it would mean disaster to Roran.

She didnt have any choice but to pray silently in her heart, hoping that Naito would let them go after he discovers that he cant do anything to the sandstorms.

The moment, he walked out of the palace, the ministers and guards outside turned at him shockingly, while they looked extremely vigilance.

Naito ignored them directly and proceeded forward.

When the Queen and the Princess came out, the ministers finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Your Highness!”

The guards and the ministers saluted the Queen and the Princess.

When they saw how they were following Naito outside of the palace, the ministers hurriedly followed.

“Your Highness, why are you…”

“This guy said he can solve Rorans issues with the sandstorms, in exchange for the Dragon Veins.”

The Queen didnt speak, Sara on the side, looked at them and said softly.

As soon as this sentence came out of her mouth, everyone looked shocked.

“Take away the Dragon Veins?!”

“Absolutely no! This countrys existence is relying on the Dragon Viens power! I will certainly cause our downfall!”

All of them looked angry.

“If this guy means harm to this country, even if hes strong, we will fight!

“Yes, we shouldnt just sit and watch him destroy our country!”

Upon seeing this skirmish, the Queen waved her hand twice to signal everyone to be quiet.

She saw how powerful is Naito, she knew that no matter what happens, they cannot start a conflict with him. That would only precipitate their destruction.

Moreover, even if Naito ended up taking the Dragon Veins forcefully from them, she decided not to fight back, but to look for another place, and rebuild their country.

“Everyone be quiet. This man doesnt want to destroy our country, he said he want to solve this issue, so lets see what he will do first.”

The ministers seemed full of doubt; how could they believe that one person can change the weather of a whole land!

“Its impossible to interrupt with how nature works, thats out of the humans reach!”

“That guy has filled the Queen and the Princesss head with lies. We cant let this happen!”

Some ministers started to talk again.

“Be quiet!”

This time the Queen ordered them firmly, which made some of them even stop breathing for a moment.

The Queen took a deep breath, then looked at the ministers and the guards around her, and said: “Dont forget, that if he wanted to harm us or this country, he would have done it already, all of them saw it, we cant fight him.”

Hearing these words made everyone feel ashamed.

In the end, someone gritted his teeth and looked at Naito far ahead, saying: “Since this is the case, lets what he can do.”

“Thats right, if he can really solve the weather issue, he can take anything he wants.”

Although she was the one who asked them to believe in him, the Queen herself felt that it was impossible to stop the sandstorm without using the power of the Dragon Veins.

While escorting the Queen and the Princess out of the town, the ministers summoned a large number of guards to protect them. Almost every single guard in the country was there.

After hearing the news, even the civilians tagged in. The crowd became bigger and bigger. When Naito reached the edge of the town, almost half of the residents in Roran were walking behind him.

Looking at the endless desert in front and Rorans buildings at the back, Naito finally stopped and said: “Okay, here I go.”

Seeing that Naito has stopped, the Queen and the Princess also halted. The ministers, the guards, and even the civilians in the back did the same.

Everyones eyes were on Naito, with mixed feelings of confusion, doubt, and hope, wondering how exactly Naito is gonna stop sandstorms.

Looking at the vast desert in front, Naito pictured in his mind the Sand Village that he once visited before.

The next moment, Naito suddenly stretched his hands out and grabbed the space from both sides, it looked as if he had caught something invisible in his hands, then he pressed down!


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