The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 359: Enhanced Perfect Sage Mode

Chapter 358: Landforming

The people in Roran didnt know what Naito was doing. However, when hes hands fell down, several white cracks appeared behind his finger, then the earth cracked.


Suddenly, the ground started trembling!

It seemed as if the world was falling!

Instantly everyone lost their footing and fell on the ground, while the desert up front split apart wildly.

That simple move from Naito made the ground split into several pieces.

A loud roar emitted, following by the rising and sinking of some of these pieces of ground.

Under countless shocked gazes, the entire Village rose up high a few meters than the original!

But it wasnt a matter of just a few meters, the whole desert was changing!

It seemed as if a big invisible hand was grasping the Village and pulling it up until it turned this plain into a mountain, then finally stopped.

The grounds movement stopped, and the dust started to settle. The crowd was shocked to point where they forgot to stand up again, everyone lied there on the ground stupidly, watching this scene with a stunned expression.

Sara looked at Naitos back with an evident shock on her face. She couldnt help but rub her eyes, then she even pinched her hand secretly, trying to determine if she was actually dreaming.

Naito just stood up there, and land formed the entire country! This is unhuman, only a god can have such power!

However, Naito, who was standing in front of her, shook his head slightly with dissatisfaction watching this scene, he couldnt turn it the way he wanted to be, after all, the Earthquake Release cannot replace the Earth Release.

“It would have been nice if someone like Hashirama was here, he would have changed this desert into a forest directly.”

Although he said that, in fact, the Earthquake Release is easier to landforms than the Wood Release, with his Shock Force, he can even blast a mountain and turn it into a valley!

Naito rarely uses Hand Signs, because he hardly uses any Ninjutsu, but this time he was in need to use the Earth Release, which he wasnt good at it. Of course, this is just to make up for the Earthquakes lack of details.

Because Naito has the Perfect Sage Mode, even if he wasnt good at using Earth Release, it will still not be an ordinary release; after all, its blessed with Natural Energy!

Naito immediately weaved a hand sign then said: “Sage Art: Doton!” Then he quickly pressed his hands toward the ground below.


With mixing both of the Earthquake and the Earth Releases together, the momentum was even more magnificent!

And once again, the Village got elevated!

However, this is wasnt the most important thing! On the peripheries of the Village, the ground started trembling, as if something was gonna drill from below.


Finally, when the sand settled again, they saw a big thick rock-like wall surrounding the whole Village!

At first, it was one foot higher, but it didnt stop and got higher and higher!

Naito was using his Chakra recklessly, its volume has surpassed the Bijuu, even if he was using it to change this terrain completely it was nothing to him.

Roran felt like a small toy in Naitos hands!


The ground continued to shake, while the crowd kept watching the wall getting longer and longer, then another layer which was higher appeared behind it, then a third one.

In the end, the entire Village got entirely surrounded by these rising walls!

Whether it was the Princess, the Queen, her ministers, the civilians, everyone felt shocked and unable to speak a word.

The Queen thought that he was gonna build some machine when Naito said that hes gonna solve Rorans weather issue, she didnt expect that hes gonna pull something like this!

After this day, the sandstorms will never reach the Village again!

“It almost looks like the Sand Village, but it seems that something is missing… Ah, yes, water.”

Naito touched his chin, then looked around, while muttering.

His Water Release is even worse than the Earth. And even enhancing it with Natural Energy wont solve a thing.

Because it will eventually drain out.

If he wanted to add water, he needed to find its source.

However, finding the source wasnt that hard for Naito. He immediately closed his eyes, then used his Ultra Perceive to sense the whole area.

Naito could see everything underground clearly, after bypassing the thick layers of sand, he reached the ground below, but he didnt stop there and continued his way down.

In the process, Naito felt a massive amount of Chakra, it even made Naito surprised, although it wasnt unlimited, it felt mighty as if it was a Tailed-beasts Chakra!

Theres no doubt about it, this is the Ryumyaku Chakra.

Naito didnt focus on it but continued to explore the ground below, and soon, he finally found the source of water buried deep down.

The distance was a bit far, not in Rorans range, a little bit remote, but it still cant cause Naito any troubles.

Naito suddenly lifted his feet, then stepped gently on the ground.


The shock force got entirely converged into a line, which directly cracked the ground under Naitos feet, then penetrated all the way down, and finally reached water source.

Besides, the shock force formed a channel under the ground to let the water flow fiercely from it.

Having done all of this, Naito took a few steps back directly.


Suddenly, the water burst out of the cracks and flowed in a rock-like path that Naito has left on the rock walk, then fell on the desert outside, forming a river around Roran.

Sara, the Queen, and others have almost gone insane at that moment. Naito was already a godlike existence in their eyes. Anything he would do after this wouldnt surprise them.

The moment they heard the water burble, they finally woke, and looked at Naito with awe, as if he was their worshiped god.

Because deep inside their hearts, they believed that Naito is a god!

After he did all of this, Naito finally turned around, then smirked at Sara, and said: “Didnt I tell you?”


Sara looked ashamed and felt embarrassed. She feared that Naito, the God, would be angry with her because of how she treated him; she simply feared punishment.

“Please forgive Saras ignorance, please forgive her Okami-Sama…”

The Queen bowed her head to Naito, while she felt extremely disturbed. She regretted that she let Sara speak, and feared that she has offended Naito.

At that moment, the Queen didnt believe that Naito has come for the Dragon Viens, but instead, he fell from the sky on the shape of this humans image to especially help Roran.

The Queen has even felt ashamed and embarrassed that she had a doubt about Naito before.

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