The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 35: Tsunades Wrath

et go of him.

Even now when she still didnt meet Naito formally.

She still admired him from the first time she saw him.

Sarutobi kept silent while he was smoking his pipe, he didnt answer the questions of Tsunade directly.

“The Uchiha clan sent thirteen men to the battleground for the sake of Konoha.”

“And because of this you completely gave up on that child?! what a joke!”

With an unbelievable look, Tsunade replayed.

In her opinion this is was disgraceful.

Sarutobi sighed then he said, “Am not giving up on him, Danzo is over there, he will save him the moment he loses.”

“What does this make any difference to that poor kid!”

Tsunade knew what will happen to him if he got rescued by him.

He will make a killing machine out of Naito.

“Perhaps, Naito will be strong enough to win.”

Sarutobi said that with a comfort.

However, he said that only to comfort her, Sarutobi himself didnt believe that!

The probability for him to win this duel is almost zero.

“Hokage-sama, its already begun.”

At this moment, an Anbu appeared next to him.

Tsunade suddenly got all angry.

“What?! its already started?! and no one tried to stop it?!”

With a bite, she rushed out of the Hokage office “since no one gonna stops this, Ill go there and help him out!”

Sarutobi stood still while she went out of his office, then he smiled.

After he smiled, he revealed a strange look.

Tsunade is there on behalf of the Senju clan.

If Tsunade rescues Naito, then perhaps this matter can still turn out good, Tsunade doesnt fear the Uchiha, Even if the two clans have an irresolvable conflict, they dont want to cross swords with each other.

No one dared to stop Tsunade while she was rushing out of the Hokage Office.

She went all the way to the battleground, but when she came close to the place, she was stopped by one person.

“Step aside!!”

Tsunade stopped then she looked at the person in front of her, it was Uchiha Kageyama himself, who didnt show any trace of fear, instead, he looked very calm.

Uchiha Kageyama calmly stood there, staring at her with his Sharingan.

“Dont get so emotional now, will you? cant you just wait here until its all over? then you can go where ever you want.”

“Asshole! try and stop me!”

Under the famous temper Tsunade had, she didnt hesitate to attack him immediately.

However, Uchiha Kageyama wasnt an ordinary person, he didnt become the head of the clan and the captain of Konoha military police force for nothing.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldnt pass through him.

After all, shes only a Tokujō, shes not strong enough like the original story.

Tsunade got more and more anxious.

At this rate, Yuu Naito may really get killed!

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