The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 360: The Absorption Of Ryumyakus Energy

nnot pour any more water in it.

But now, Naitos body has room for improvement, so this time, he could absorb it directly into his body.

It can be said that if anyone else tried to do the same thing, their body would have burst out by this energy. Even the strongest Kage wouldnt be able to absorb 1/5 of Ryumyakus energy!

But it was easy for Naito.

1/5 of the Ryumyakus energy, no more, no less, just the right amount to enhance Naitos Chakra, and at the same, fill every cell in his body with vitality and life force.

In this way, the Ryumyakus energy has really come in handy for Naito. First, it helped to power up his physicals strength, 4/5 gonna be used to strengthen his soul, and 1/5 was gonna be used to enhance his Chakra.

Ryumyakus energy got absorbed entirely into Naitos body.

Therefore, Naitos power can be said that it has reached the peak, and he has taken another half step to awaken his Sixth Path Mode, even Naito didnt know exactly how strong he currently is.

“Well, this is not important… The most important thing is to transform my soul and open the Seventh Gate.”

After he took a deep breath and slowly suppressed these thoughts.

After the loss of Ryumyakus energy, the Source of Ryumyakus cave got somewhat unstable; thus, Naito stood in an empty space, and with both of his hand, he used a hand sign, then gently pressed his hands on the ground.

“Sage Art! Earth Release!”


Thee rock filled the place instantly, and supported the village above from falling.

After finishing, Naito nodded and head straight up.


Above the ground, Roran.

The Queen was standing on Rorans street with some of her guards on her side holding their weapons, it was clear that something was wrong, as some of them looked injured.

Princess Sara hid behind her mother, with bitterness evident on her face while she looked at several strangers in front of her.

The guards were looking at them with vigilance and anger, it was clear that they were enemies.

They were Shinobis from the Sand Village.

Although the guards were equipped with weapons strengthened by the Ryumyakus energy, they couldnt confront real ninjas, these people were a Jonin squad from the Sand Village.

“I have already told you that these changes have been made by God. Do you guys not afraid to offend the gods?!”

The Princess looked at how the streets got damaged by the attack of these Shinobis and couldnt help but feel extremely angry.

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