The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 362: Distortion

Chapter 361: Stunned!

The Sands Shinobis stares felt so cold.

“This ghost story again, do you think you can fool us with such a story? Quickly explain how did you can with this, did you use Ryumyakus Power?”

Not a long time ago, the Sand received information about a huge event in the desert. Although this one is not within the Land of Wind territory, it was relatively close, so the Sand Village sent some Shinobis to investigate.

Upon the inspection, they found out that Roran has managed somehow to make significant changes to their terrain. They might have dug to create this river flowing around the Village, but these walls were clearly built by Ninjutsu!

And it even looks like a strong one!

This has seemed kind of surprising since Roran didnt have any Shinobis, which leaves them only with two possibilities; one is that a foreign ninja is in Roran, and since he can perform such powerful Ninjutsu, he should be very famous, and hes actually running the things in Roran behind the scene.

And they can never allow something like that.

As for the second explanation, is that Roran has found a way to use the powerful Chakra of Ryumyaku. In this case, they needed to know everything about it and get it to themselves.

If it was the first case, they were gonna kill him, but if its the second, it will be beneficial to them!

So, in either case, they were gonna turn the village upside down.

“Were telling the truth!”

An injured guard clenched his teeth and said to them: “It has nothing to do with the Source of Ryumyaku. It was a god who helped us.”

The Sands Shinobis looked at each other, then frowned slightly.

If this is the case, then its very likely that a powerful Ninja has come here, which is also very suspicious.

“Where is that guy? The god youre talking about.”

“How could we know where the gods are?”

The Queen said.

Upon hearing that, one of the Shinobis snorted and said:” It seems like youre hiding something. Its okay since youre the one who chose not to tell the truth. Dont blame us later!”


Suddenly, one of them rushed straight ahead, kicked two of the guards, then jumped behind Princess Sara and place his Kunai on her neck.

“This little girl seems to be the princess! Hurry up and call for that god, or else…”

The Shinobi stared coldly at the Queen.

Sara looked afraid, noticing how sharp the Kunai was, she didnt dare to move an inch.

Looking at the scene, the Queen clenched her teeth, then said: “Ill tell you, but after you let her go first.”

“Stop this nonsense, and tell us already!” The Sands Shinobi seemed impatient.

The Queen, on the other hand, seemed stressed and didnt have any choice but to describe Naito to them, but she suddenly stopped.

At that moment, she noticed that someone has flashed and appeared behind them.

“I heard that youre looking for me?”

Standing behind the Sands Shinobi, Naito said softly.

The mighty Shinobi, who was using Sara to threaten the Queen, suddenly looked terrified.

Whose voice is that?!!

No, its not important, this voice is coming from behind him, but how did someone come so near to him, and he hasnt even noticed?!”

His body froze, he couldnt turn around, because he knew that this person should be the same man who managed to landforms this Village, he should be powerful; thus, it wasnt wise for him to move, he could only rely on the others around him.

At that moment, he could only look at these companions for help, hoping that one of them will save him, then they will gank him together.

What surprised him at that instant, is that none of his companions dared to move, as if they got petrified.

“What the hell?!”

The Shinobi gritted his teeth and cursed. Did he got caught in a Genjutsu?!

He couldnt count on his companions, he could only rely on his power, so he let go of Saras neck, then turned and waved his Kunai behind!


However, when he turned around, he found that Naito was a few meters away.

Seeing how Naito was that far away, the Shinobi felt relieved and was about to continue his attack, but the moment he took another good look at Naitos face, he suddenly got stunned.

His expression seemed precisely the same as the one on his companions faces.


He could no longer hold his Kunai, and it fell directly on the ground.

However, that was the last sound they heard. Even Sara, who has just escaped the danger, didnt make any sound, and everyone looked at Naito.

As soon as she heard Naitos voice, the fear in her heart faded away.

And when the ninja took his Kunai off her neck and turned around, she took a few steps away, then looked at Naito.

However, what made her surprised, that Naito didnt even make a move, but that mighty Shinobi, who could take their guards alone, stopped moving the moment he saw Naito.

And he even lost his grip on his Kunai, and it fell on the ground.

At the same time, Sara also noticed that this wasnt the case only with that Shinobi, even his companions, seemed all petrified.

Looking closely, she could see fear and horror in their eyes.

Whats so scary about Naito?!

“You wanted to know how I look, so did you like what youve seen?” Naito looked calmly at them, then said.

The Sands Shinobis looked terrified.

They never thought that thepowerful earth release caster is actually the God of Shinobis!

Perhaps in this remote desert, no one knows who Naito was, but these Shinobis, of course, they did!

Especially the Sand Village, hes like a nightmare to them!

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