The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 362: Distortion

figure cut through the sky, landed on the highest building in the Village, then slowly walked in.

The people in the Village were used to see this stuff. Thus, none of them looked surprised, they just showed their respect and admiration while minding their own business.

Naito first returned to his home, but he couldnt find Kushina when he opened the door, which was slightly strange.

By using his Ultra Perceive, Naito felt Kushinas presence in the Leaders Office. Tsunade, Konan, and Yahiko were also there.

“Looks like something happened.”

Revealing a thoughtful expression, while touching his chin, Naito went directly to the office and opened the door.

Tsunade was sitting at the back of the desk while Kushina, Konan, and Yahiko were seated at the front.

When the door got opened, Yahiko, Konan and the others, turned and saw Naito. The two immediately stood up and greeted Naito.

“Naito-Sama! Youre back!”


On the other side, Tsunade also nodded her head.

Sitting there, Tsunade felt a sigh of relief in her heart, then smiled, saying: “You love to always come back at the right time, dont you?”

“Is that so?”

Naito waved his hand at Yahiko and Konan, asking them not to be polite, but because of his arrival, they didnt sit down anymore but kept standing beside the desk.

Kushina murmured a few words, while she looked extremely dissatisfied, then said: “You men are too carefree, you said it wanna be one month at most, but it took you three months to come back again.”

These words made Naito froze a little.

Three months?!!

It felt like one month at most, how did he lose the sense of time?

Naito thought for a moment, but he couldnt only believe, that it has something to do with the Dragon veins, maybe it made some distort in time and space, and when he entered the Source of the Ryumyaku, its very likely that several days passed outside without him noticing.

Of course, it couldnt be more than several days at most, because if the distort was larger, he would have noticed that.

Naito didnt have the answer at the time, so he gently approached Kushina, then held her little hand kindly, and said: “Sorry, there was a deviation in the calculation.”

Seeing how he behaved dealing with the matter, and how he admitted his mistake, Kushina nodded with satisfaction and decided to give Naito a chance.

“Well, you two, you can act all lovey-dovey later, can we talk about the serious matters first?”

Tsunade looked at those two, and helplessly used her hand to cover her forehead.

“What going on, you seem to be quite serious.”

Naito looked at Tsunade strangely. In his perception, the Village didnt seem to have any problems. Yahiko, Konan, and Kushina were all there, everyone was fine, and he couldnt feel any danger around.

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