The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 365: Konohas Crisis

Chapter 364: The Fourth Hokage

At this moment, in Naitos Spiritual Space, the Dragon Veins Chara was hovering and dancing all over the place.

With Naitos shout, the movement of the Chakra suddenly stagnated.

Naito looked at the Chakra, controlling its movements slowly, while he was stretching his hands out, then tore it fiercely!


A white light suddenly emitted at the center of the energy!


The Chakra was trying to break free violently, but under Naitos Shock Force, it got blocked.

It can be said that the fact that Naito can use the Shock Force in his Spiritual Space was both shocking and useful for him.


Under this sudden suppression of Naitos shock space, even the Dragon Veins Energy found it really tough to break free.

The white light at the center of the energy was actually a fissure that spread really quickly, dividing it into two!

Noticing this, Naito shoved his hands to the sides fiercely, ultimately splitting the energy of the Dragon Veins, which made it no longer unable to maintain the shape of the dragon.

This was Naitos answer. Since it was too difficult for him to suppress the Dragon Veins Chakra and absorb it slowly. He needed to split it into two halves first, and then start the process on one half only.

Sure enough, Naitos solution worked well. The two halves seemed to be wholly transformed into two individual energies, and the pressure on Naitos Spiritual Space got weakened a lot in an instant.

Naito quickly lifted a bit of restriction on one of the halves, then energy spilled out of it, and continuously began to merge with his Soul Space.

Neither less, this is still the power of the Dragon Veins. Even if it was just one half, it was way stronger than the Hoshis Chakra.

Although he has just lifted a bit of the suppression, it was all that his Soul Space could bear.

Sensing this, Naito nodded. In this case, theres no need to divide it again.

The complete absorption of the Hoshis Chakra has doubled the strength of Naitos soul!

And with the absorbing of the Dragon Veins energy, Naito has begun to feel much powerful!

“The complete transformation of the soul is almost…”

Naito felt excited; after all, even though hes powerful now, he feels like he can only protect himself against a Six-Path tier enemy.

Only by genuinely opening the Seventh Gate, he will be able to reach that level!


During the time Naito was practicing, the Rock Village kept putting more pressure on Konoha because Onoki was now certain that the relationship between Naito and Konoha was no longer functional.

It seems like Konoha has made a deal with Naito during the Third World War in exchange for his services, and now that deal is no longer underway. In that case, Onoki didnt need to be afraid of Naito.

The war has just ended, no one will want to start another one right away, and Its also Konohas fault for losing those Jinchuriki.

If strength is the most crucial thing during wartime, credibility is the most important during peacetime. Once you have a credibility issue, the tasks issued to that Village will be significantly reduced.

Although there will be no problems is such a short time, it will significantly weaken the Villages strength in the long term. Even the joint Chunin exam of the Major Villages is all about prestige.

In fact, the test system of the Joint Chunin exam is very cruel. The Major Villages tries to show off by inviting the small villages to make them foils.

Because the Four-Tailed and Five-Tailed beasts were kidnapped, The Rock village put pressure on Konoha, and its prestige began to drop from the peak after the Third World War.

Coupled with the previous news of Danzos death, that several villages helped to spread around the world.

This has made Konohas credibility drop magnificently. Eventually, Sarutobi decided to resign, and elected the Fourth Hokage to take his post!

Jiraiya wasnt selected because he didnt want to be the Hokage. As for Orochimaru, there was a trust issue between these two. Thus, Sarutobi didnt consider selecting him.

Therefore, the only one whos left was Konohas Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato, who has become the Fourth Hokage!

The succession of the Fourth Hokage has attracted a lot of attention for a while. And it was difficult for the Rock Village to accuse Konoha of that event anymore. After all, Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, has already taken full responsibility and resigned from his position.

Looking at the power of Konoha in the previous years, you can say that it had a lot of ups and downs.

During the Third World War period, Konoha had, the three Sannin all together, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade, these three have the power to handle an entire army on their own. Besides, Sarutobi, Danzo, and Sakumo were on their peak period, and of course, they also had, Konohas Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato.

This is simply a strength that can scare any big Village!

This version of Konoha was the strongest, even with the use of the Bijuus power, it was not certain that they could be defeated.

But in just a short period, Tsunade left Konoha and joined the Rain, Sakumo got killed by the Fourth Kazekage. Danzo got killed by Naito, causing the relationship between him and Konoha to deteriorate even further.

And the Third Hokage could no longer resist time, and his body gradually began to go downhill.

This has caused the once mighty Village to suffer a significant drop in just a few years.

Of course, although Konohas strength got weakened a lot, the existence of people like Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Minato, makes them still extremely powerful, and none of the other Major Villages can defeat them alone.

But fate was still hiding new crises.

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