The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 367: Black Zetsu

Chapter 366: Unknown Purpose

Minato stared at him coldly.

Although he was unable to fight back at all while holding the baby, he was afraid to put him down.

Because this unknown enemy in front of him was chasing him everywhere. No matter how many times he was using the Flying Thunder God, to try and get away from him, that man will follow him almost instantly to the same spot, he didnt dare to let go of the baby in his arms.

This baby was his newborn son, and he has also named him Naruto.

Minato didnt know why this man targeting his son. He had even attempted to assassinate his wife, Uzumaki Mei when she was pregnant with Naruto.

The masked man stared at Minato indifferently with his red Mongekyou Sharingan glowing brightly.

In fact, behind that scary mask, the man who had these eyes was a very familiar person to Minato, Uchiha Obito.

However, those eyes made Minato unable to recognize him. Moreover, his speed and strength were far way different from Obitos who disappeared in the Third Shinobi World War.

And when you think about it, there was no reason for Uchiha Obito to go after his son, or to destroy Konoha. This was simply nonsense.

“Flying Thunder God…”

Seeing how Minato could easily avoid his attacks while holding the babe, made Obito stop for a while, and say these words.

His tone was weird enough to make Minato frown instantly.

“Forget it… Theres no way to stop it now, theres no need to keep this fight anymore, I have other things to do.”

“What are you planning to do?!”

Minato had a stern look on his face. He knew that this man is the one behind the rampage of the Yonbi and the Gobi inside Konoha.

“Something more meaningful. By the way, you better think of a way to suppress these two Bijuu…” Obito said coldly, then he suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

Minato looked at the Yonbi and Gobi in the distance, but eventually clenched his teeth, then used his Flying Thunder God, to chase Obito.


Instantly, Minato appeared in a hidden place, in Konoha, it looked as if it was an extremely old laboratory, with dust everywhere.

For an instant, Uchiha Obito was standing in front of it, but a space vortex appeared, then he once again disappeared, and it seemed as if something has been taken away by him.

“This is…”

A thoughtful expression appeared on Minatos face, but it immediately got replaced by a cold stare.

No matter how many times he thought about it, it seems that this guy is responsible for the Yonbi and the Gobis attack on Konoha.

Although Naruto was still in his arms, Minato no longer looked afraid.



A Bijuudama slammed down, blasting the area in front of it, and turning it into a vast pit. Numerous ninjas got blown out by the impact, spurting blood out of their mouths.

“Damn it!”

Kakashi was breathing heavily, looking at the Yonbi and Gobi in front of him, then said: “This strength… How could Naito-Sama easily suppress them before?”

“Shit, even with the Fifth Gate, I can bearly keep up with it, how is this possible?”

Gai stood next to Kakashi. These two used all of their strength to get the upper hand over these Tailed-beasts, and still, they couldnt stop them.

On the other side, Ankos performance was the most surprising. No one expected that this girls strength would be no less than Kakashi, comparable to an Elite Jonin!

However, on such a battlefield, even the Elites strength doesnt have much effect, and its challenging to block the attack of two Bijuu.

At this moment, there are only two people who can truly stand toe to toe in front of these Tailed-Beasts attacks.

One was with blue vapor around his body. And it was Gais father, Maito Dai, who has already opened the Seventh Gate. Still, he could barely fight with Tailed-Beasts, not to mention, suppressing them.

The other one was the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Although his strength was going downhill, these were only the Yonbi and the Gobi, which were much weaker than the Kyuubi, he could still fight back.

At this time, Jiraiya wasnt in the Village, which also was problematic. Otherwise, he could also help them using his Sage Mode.

“Apart from that damned man, youre the first human to be able to stand in front of me…”

The Yonbi looked at Gai in front of him and said in a deep voice.

“But, youre far worse than him!!”

The Yonbi roared, and pound his chest with his two fists, then rushed forward, with all of the Konohas ninjas falling back in horror.

Listening to the Yonbis roar, Gais expression gradually became calmer.

“And whats wrong… With what youve just said?!”


In Konoha, Minato and Obito were constantly teleporting from a spot to another. Minato was still holding Naruto in his arms. Thus, he couldnt get the upper hand on Obito, yet, he managed successfully drag him.

Obito obviously didnt want to be entangled with Minato. It seemed that there was another important thing that needed to be done, but Minato didnt give him a chance to flee.

The reason why he didnt succeed in the previous assassination was Uzumaki Mei, who protected Naruto desperately, and Minato, who would have failed to save both if he arrived one second later.

At this time, unusually Minatos killing intent was all over the place, but his expression was as calm as ever, he looked at his opponent calmly, trying to analyze his fighting abilities and power.

“Are you sure you want to fight me here?”

Obitos tone was weird and completely different from how he originally sound. It gave an extremely dark feeling as if two voices were fused together.

Minato glanced at the situation in the distance were Konohas ninjas were having a fierce battle, then he stared coldly back at Obito.

Suddenly, both of them looked stunned!

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