The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 371: Uchiha Itachi

Chapter 370: Gais Training

The Kamui wasnt that good, because this Mongekyou Sharingans ability had side effects, and its challenging to use it continuously.

After the transplanting of Hashiramas cells, his body overcame all of those side effects, allowing him to use the Mongekyou Sharingans abilities without restrictions. Therefore, Kamui can be regarded as an extremely powerful Space Ninjutsu.

Naito originally wanted to keep these eyes, but he didnt expect that Black Zetsu would completely give up on them along with Obitos body, which resulted in a complete shattering of the Mongekyou Sharingan eyes and Obito, with one punch.

“At that moment, he teleported to the other dimension of the Kamui, then gave up on Obitos body…”

Naito stood there, with a thoughtful expression.

Those eyes were the only link between the two dimensions. Without them, how would Black Zetsu get out after he entered?

“Forget it…”

Although it was impossible, Naito estimated that there must be some way. After all, his existence itself is bizarre.

After he shook his head, Naito turned around and looked at Konohas direction.

He was fully aware of what was happening there, and he could only sigh slightly for Minatos death.

And for Dai, Naito didnt sigh or get sad.

Any ninja who has opened all of the Eight Gates should die with his head raised up high in the sky!

Hes not a lesser hero than Konohas White Fang, Dai had a glorious fight, and made sure that he defeated the enemy before he took his last breath. For Naito, this blooming moments of glory were the perfect ending for Dai, before aging and getting weaker. Now he can carry on proudly to the afterlife.


A distant unknown place.

A White Zetsu was lying on a stone, closing his eyes.

Suddenly, a bit of strange black appeared at the center of his eyebrow, then it spread out instantly, covering his body.

“It was a good idea to prepare early.”

Black Zetsu stood up, but he could still feel a shock in his heart. He didnt expect Obitos ability to be inferior to Naitos power.

Yuu Naito… Is too powerful!

Even though he was Black Zetsu, Kaguyas third son, and Hagoromos brother, he was still shocked.

“What the hell is that guy, his growth rate is too terrible… But I dont think he can sense Indra and Asuras Chakra yet.”

“However, that guy, it seems that his growth is unlimited. Will he be as strong as my mother someday?” Black Zetsu murmured, then he shook his head vigorously.

“Its impossible. No one can surpass Mother, shes the first founder of Chakra, she created all of the existence. As long as I can resurrect her, everything will be fine.”



Between the woods, a fierce gasp was emitting continuously.

Gai was standing there, doing some squat exercises, it looked like regular physical training, but the ground under him was showing cracks, and with every move of his body, the cracks under him were getting deeper.

As if he was carrying something weighty.

Grunt! Grunt!!

Breathing violently, finally, after one more time, he could no longer stand up again and then fell on the ground gasping heavily.


The moment he heard that sound, Gai, who looked like he couldnt move an inch of his body before, stood up again and barely keeping his balance.

Naito jumped from the treetop, and Gai, who was looking at him, nodded slightly.

“It seems that the two stages of the Sage Mode have improved you a lot, but unfortunately, thats the end of it. Unfortunately, this is your limit, the third stage is impossible for you.”

After all of the Bijuu were suppressed, Naito didnt choose to travel around the world looking for Black Zetsu but temporarily moved between the Rain Village, and Konoha.

At Naitos speed, traveling from Konoha to the Rain only takes him a few moments, so it didnt matter were he really stays.

Just as Sakumos death inspired Kakashi, Dais death also didnt hurt Gai as much as it inspired his heart to be stronger.

When Naito came to pay respect to Dai, Gai asked him to train him. In fact, this was equivalent to worshipping his Sensei, and keeping his word to him; Thus, Naito didnt refuse.

In fact, Naito couldnt help Gai much. Gais situation was similar to Dais. He couldnt control Chakra, and his talent in Ninjutsu was inferior, just like how originally Naito was.

In this case, everything related to Ninjutsu couldnt help him much, and Gais only salvation was the Hachimon Tonkou, just like Naito too.

Naito first helped Gai completing the first two stages of the Sage Modes transformation. Initially, he thought that it wont work on Gai, but unexpectedly he succeeded, and Gai managed to open the Sixth Gate of the Hachimon Tonkou and also caused the side effects to reduce due to that.

Although, Gai has reached the second stage of the Sage Mode and managed to open the Sixth Gate, with the third stage of the Lightning Armor, the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, the Shock Force, etc… Put Naito on a whole different level.

It was Gais limit. The Third Stage was still tricky for Kushina to achieve even with Kuramas help. He needed a massive amount of Chakra to support the transformation, which isnt available in Gais case.

So for his next training, Naitos used the Added-Weight Rock Technique on Gai to replace his weights.

Which is pretty effective for now.

“Hiss… Hisss…” Gai was grasping heavily. Sweating, Gai smiled while looking at Naito, then said: “I didnt expect to improve my strength so quickly. Thank you for the help…”

Naito shook his head slightly without saying a word.

They stood quietly for a while. After he rested, Gai turned around and looked like he was about to continue his training. Naito suddenly turned around, looking at a big tree in the back.

“Dont you wanna come out yet?”

“Sorry, I didnt mean to peep.”

A young boy, about five or six years old, came out from behind the tree, with a shocked expression.

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