The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 372: Tsunade and Konan

Chapter 371: Uchiha Itachi

“Little kid… Why are you here?”

Gai looked at the little boy strangely and asked, he felt someone was watching them, but he didnt expect him to be just a kid.

Facing Gais inquiry, the young boy didnt panic and said calmly: “Nothing… I was just doing my throwing shuriken training around here, and I heard some noises, so I came to check out.

“Is that so…”

Gai smiled at the boy, he didnt look like he cared much.

However, Naito, who was standing there, watched the kid with an in-depth look in his eyes.

Although he was still a kid, Naito could easily recognize him; he was Uchiha Itachi.

Its been a while since Sasuke was born. As for Naruto… His identity got concealed by Sarutobi, and he didnt get his fathers last name and gave him his mothers last name, the same as the original.

Uchiha Itachi didnt see Naito before. After all, he was too young, but he knew the two in front of him were too strong.

Uchiha Itachi didnt feel the slightest strength from Naitos body, as if he was just an ordinary person, but Gai, felt strong, but he was calling Naito, Master, obviously this guy is not an average person.

Although he was young, Itachis way of thinking was completely different from his peers.

“Sorry to bother you, I will leave right away.”

Itachi bowed his head slightly to Naito and Gai, then he turned and prepared to leave.

At that moment, Gai noticed the symbol on the back of Itachis clothes, which was the Uchiha Clan symbol.

The Uchiha Clan?!

He got a little bit surprised, but Gain didnt care much.

Watching Itachi leave, Naito shook his head, then gently patted Gais shoulder.


Suddenly, the gravity felt stronger, as if a horrible weight fell on his body. This was the Added-Weight Technique.

Gai couldnt practice the Lightning Armor technique. And he couldnt perform the Added-Weight Technique either. He could only rely on Naito to help him with that.

“Okay! Next five hundred push-ups!”

Feeling the weight on his body, Gais face got excited and continued his training.

While Naito looked at the direction where Uchiha Itachi left, exposing an exciting expression.


Uchiha Itachi returned to the place where he was doing his training. He looked at the targets that were hanging on from the trees trunk, then he took out Shurikens and shoot them toward the targets.


Several Shuriken hit the targets with precision.

Itachi glanced at the target on the side, clenched his teeth, then took out two Shurikens, and then threw them.


When the two Shurikens flew halfway, they got collided in midair, with one of them suddenly changing its trajectory, then landed on the target on the side.

However, it didnt hit the middle of the target, but on edge.

“The power of the rotation should increase slightly…”

Looking at this scene, Itachi groaned from a moment, then walked to the targets and took off the Shurikens.

At the same time, he remembered how Gai was doing his training.

“That persons body is so strong. How can someone train to achieve such a level of physicals strength?”

With a thoughtful expression, Itachi couldnt help but whisper.

Then, Itachi thought of Naito, who was standing next to Gai.

“That person with the white cloak looked like an ordinary person, but he gave me a feeling as if he was fully integrated into nature.”

“Would they show me if I asked them about their physical training?”

Itachi hesitated a little, then finally shook his head.

The sky gradually darkened, and Itachi returned to his home. He first went to see his brother Sasuke, then he gathered with his family to have dinner.

In the dining room, Itachi accidentally mentioned to his father, Fugaku, the two people he has seen in the woods.

When he heard what Gai looked like, Fugaku opened his eyes wide. He immediately remembered the scene, when his father, Maito Gai, opened the Eight Gates of the Hachimon Tonkou and single-handedly beaten both the Yonbi and the Gobi.

Although Fugaku didnt participate in this fight, he led Konohas Police Force to rescue the wounded in the village, but he could still see this shocking scene outside of the village.

Actually, everyone saw that, except for the children such as Itachi, they could only see a beam of light attacking the two Bijuu.

Everyone considered Dai as a hero, and naturally, they were very concerned about his son, Gai.

Of course, there are also some people who got inspired by him and tried to practice the Hachimon Tonkou, but most of them give up very quickly. Although its very powerful, to be able to practice it, they needed to abandon Ninjutsu and Genjutsu almost entirely and only focus on physical strength.

Otherwise, you wouldnt be able to reach that level.

And to be honest, there isnt a lot of people with such a strong will to keep the hard practice.

Mentioning Gai caused the flashing of a lot of thoughts in Fugakus mind, but they all suppressed all of them deep and continued to eat.

But when Itachi mentioned a person who looked like Naito, Fugakus movement suddenly stagnated.

“Are you sure?! Did the other person called him, Master?” Fugakus expression became solemn.

“What happened?”

Itachi looked at his father strangely, wondering why did he care so much.

Fugaku didnt expect that he was still staying in Konoha, but who could prevent him; no one in the world could stop him from doing anything. Fugaku murmured in secretly in his heart, with evident awe in his eyelids.

Fugaku took a deep breath, barely calming down, then looked at Itachi, and said: “If you ever reencountered him, dont mention to him that youre from the Uchiha. If you ever saw him again, pay your respect to him, dont you ever try to offend him in any way!”

It was the first time Itachi had ever seen his father this seriously, even when he talked about Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, before, he never showed such an expression.

What kind of person could make his father so afraid, so worried to mention his name even when hes not around?!

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