The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 376: Naitos Ice Release

Chapter 375: Encountering the Mist Shinobis

Naito didnt stop, he walked outside the town, and didnt look back, but everything behind was under Naitos Ultra Perception.

Leaving the town, Naito strolled in the snow.

In Naitos previous life, when he watched the anime, he felt sorry for Hakus fate; however, at that time, Naito was unable to change anything.

But if he wanted to change Hakus life now, it would be easy. But he needed first to consider whether Haku is suitable to be an ordinary person or a ninja.

Speaking of which, Hakus personality isnt really that suitable to live as a ninja, but on the other side, he was very talented in Ninjutsu, and when needed, hes willing to even give up his life to achieve his goal, which is extremely rare.

Naito has been advancing at a constant speed. After a long time, Haku finally caught up from the rear, with his clothes completely covered with snow.

No matter how many times he fell along the way, he stood up every time and continued to chase Naito.

When he caught up, Naito finally stopped and turned to look at him smiling.

Sure enough, hes more suitable to be a ninja.

Haku couldnt believe what hes looking at, how many years it was since someone has smiled at him! He didnt know, but sure it was a long time, and when Naito did, he felt as if the darkness in the whole world disappeared instantly.

“Lets go.”


Haku didnt know what Naito needs him for, but as long as he does, that was enough.


After half a month.

Naito took Haku with him on his little trip. After a while, they started to get out of the snowy fields. And gradually, the grass fields spread all the way forward, spreading to the end of the sky.

Hakus beautiful little face made it impossible to tell whether he was a boy or a girl.

And know that he started eating properly, his body was stronger, and his skin got brighter.

The clothes on his body got replaced by new ones.

However, it didnt mean that much since he couldnt feel cold due to his special Bloodline Limit.

You should know that each Bloodline limit has its own uniqueness. And traveling with Naito has really helped Haku learn about that; in such a short time, his strength grew very fast!

Although he wasnt as good as Kakashi, who is a genius, Haku was better than any ordinary student in Konohas Academy Ninja.

After he mastered some of the Ice Releases strength, Genin level Shinobis were no longer in his league.

Of course, this is also related to Naitos teachings far surpassing those ordinary teachers. Naitos Ultra Perceive could analyze everything single movements in his body, which helped Naito easily point out any flaws.

At first, Haku was afraid to use his power, but Naito told him that even if its a cursed power if he uses it correctly, it can bloom and help him protect the people around him.

With these words, Haku got rid of his fear, and finally got a clear goal in his mind, that is, to keep getting stronger until he gets Naitos approval.

Of course, Hakus idea is to use his power to protect Naito, because now he only has Naito around him.

In this regard, Naito could only smile without saying any more words.


The grasslands gradually got denser, bushes and woods appeared, and plants began to appear ahead.

As they moved forward, Haku started his training on controlling his Ice Release.

Naito rarely talked, he was just admiring the scenery and giving pointers to Haku, which made the soreness that originally his soul was suffering disappear.

Naitos soul transformation and sublimation have inadvertently effected Haku. Which enhanced Hakus growth rate and made his control improve quickly.

After walking across the grasslands, they soon came to a small town.

Naito took Haku to the town for a short rest.

If he was alone, Naito wouldnt have stopped at all, or even need to eat or drink, but he needed to bring some dry food and drink for Haku on the road.

Haku was still a young kid and loved sweat things.

In the restaurant on the side of the street, Haku, who was sitting there quietly eating for some time, finally broke the ice and asked Naito who didnt touch the food on the table.

“Naito-Sama, dont you want to eat?”

“If youre full, then we better go.”

Naito nodded slightly. Naito didnt need food to survive, his body nourishes on Natural Energy. He ever eats it will be only for the taste.

Haku noticed that, but that wasnt related to being a ninja, even ninjas need to eat.

But he didnt trouble himself with searching for an answer. Naito was almost omnipotent in Hakus opinion. He wouldnt be surprised if he does anything. The moment he finished eating, he carried his bag and followed Naito out of the restaurant.

The two left the town, then continued to walk forward.

When the two of them left the town, a few figures followed them, quietly tailing them from the back; they were Mist Shinobis.

“The outfits of these two are strange. They should be outsiders and, most likely, ninjas.

“Theyre not wearing a forehead protector, theyre trying to hide their identity for a purpose.”

They quickly caught up to them, then stopped both Naito and Haku.

Looking at Naitos appearance, they couldnt recognize his identity. After all, Naito didnt show up in the Ninja World for three years, and the nickname, God of Shinobi, was more like a myth by now.


The four Shinobis didnt ask, or say a single word. The plan was to shoot first, then ask questions.

Most of the Mist Shinobis were cold-blooded humans; their history his full of blood and cruelty, and most of them kill for the fun of it.

This is was the Mist Village, and this is was the behavior of its Shinobis.

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