The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 377: The Rebellion of The Kaguya Clan

Chapter 376: Naitos Ice Release

“Be careful!”

Haku saw the Mist Shinobis rushing, he seemed very wary, he suddenly stood in front of Naito and started doing some hand signs.

Ice Release: Crystal Wall!


And ice wall rose suddenly, blocking the Shurikens and Kunais that the Mist Shinobis has shot on them, but a few of them were stilling hanging there with explosive seals on them.


The explosion burst out; however, only a slight crack appeared on the ice wall.

“Ice Release?!”

“Impossible were there some survivors from the Yuki Clan?”

First, when they saw this scene, they looked shocked, then they showed a stronger intention to kill. This time, they were no longer willing to ask; this time theyre gonna shoot to kill.

They had orders to kill any survivors from the Yuki Clan, and thats what they were gonna do.


Suddenly a Shinobi rushed directly to the front with a sword in his hand that he waved facing Hakus ice wall.

The moment he cut the ice wall, Haku subconsciously backed away, avoiding the attack, forgetting about Naito behind him, who followed his movement, and fell back a few steps.

The four Shinobis didnt need communication, they instantly determined how their gonna fight. The sword holder continued to attack Naito, and the other three rushed toward Naito from the back.

Looking at this scene, Haku felt desperate, he couldnt support Naito, because the Shinobi in front of him was at least a Jonin, and he needed to go all out just to fight against him.

On the other side, Naito, who was being attacked by the three Shinobi, didnt seem like he cared but kept looking at Haku fighting with the other Shinobi, he was excited to see Haku in action.

“Water Release: Dragon Ball!”

“Water Release: Blade Edge!”

“Lightning Release: Thunderbolt!!”

Naito didnt seem like he had any intention to deal with these three Shinobi, who have already cast their technique, which made all of them look annoyed. This kind of treatment made them wanna kill him even more.


The three releases fused together and turned to a gigantic dragon, that rushed toward Naito with significant momentum.

On the other side, Haku knew that Naito was powerful, but watching such a powerful Ninjutsu rushing toward Naito, made him couldnt help but feel worried, but he couldnt do anything even if he wanted to protect Naito.

At that moment, Naito, who didnt take his eyes off Hakus battle, stretched his hand on the side and grasped the space on the side.


Suddenly, the crack started to appear in the air, as if it was an invisible broken mirror. The colossal dragon suddenly froze in mid-action, then got shattered!

The shock force shattered the three Ninjutsu, then continued toward the three Mist Shinobis, with the entire field showing strange fragmentation marks, that continued to spread.

In an instant, the three Shinobis froze with terrified expressions as the Shock Force, which caused a strong earthquake, that shattered their bodies into pieces. Space itself cracked, and the blood spilled on the ground.

The Shinobi, who was fighting with Haku, saw this scene and felt extremely horrified.

“This… Is not Ice Release!”

The Shinobi got confused. At first, he thought that these two were related… But this is just too strong, and too scary to be the Ice Release!

Naito retracted his hand gently after he killed the three Mist Shinobi, with an indifferent look on his face.

It has been only three years since the last time he came out to the world, and now people dare to attack him, people really forget quickly. Even his look didnt change much, his hair only got longer.

But it was natural that they couldnt recognize him. After all, the Land of Water was separated from the other countries.

Only a few Shinobis from the Mist knew how Naito looked… Because most of the people who saw him are dead.

“Haku, keep on.”

Naito didnt kill the last one but ordered Haku too keep the fight.

Naito noticed that Haku lacks fighting experience. After all, training and actual battle are very different. Even with Naitos help, he needed to gain that experience.


Haku woke up from the shock he felt when he watched Naito kill those Shinobis, then continued his fight.

The Mist Shinobi looked horrified. He couldnt help but feel that Naito wasnt an ordinary Shinobi. He was too afraid to move, which made him unable to fight using all of his strength

But even in this case, Haku couldnt finish him; after all, he has just become a ninja.

Naito didnt say anything to Haku, he just watched quietly. He even felt surprised by Hakus performance.

In the beginning, his movements looked extremely rusty and rough. If the Mist Shinobi wasnt afraid of Naito and thinking all of the time of a way to escape, he would have got killed.

But over time, Hakus fast learning ability in actual combat made Naito couldnt help but admire him. He looked as if he was born to fight. His rough and rusty movement got sharpened in a short time and raised to a very high standard.

Once again looking at Haku, Naito couldnt help but remember Kimimaro, who was really a true Shinobi, the kid didnt even need to practice, he was killing machine, and actual fighter. His fighting skills seemed as if it were passed down to him at the moment of his birth.

Even the Mist Shinobi looked shocked by Hakus performance. At first, he was easily swinging his sword to block Hakus attacks. Even Haku felt embarrassed, it was clear that the Shinobi wasnt fighting him seriously, but looking for a way to escape.

But in a short period, the Shinobi started to look like he was struggling, and Haku forced him to give up on the idea of escaping, and put all of his strength to fight back!

“This guy…”

The kid, who looked like a harmless animal at first gradually looked more like an experienced Shinobi as he kept fighting with him, which made the Mist Shinobi couldnt help but feel shocked.

He knew that he shouldnt keep this fight any longer, but he couldnt, because no matter how hard thought about it, he didnt find a way to counter Naitos Ice Release attack.

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