The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 378: Orochimaru

Chapter 377: The Rebellion of The Kaguya Clan

As soon as Naito waved his hand, his companions got frozen in their places, then turned into powder, for that reason, the Mist Shinobi, didnt dare to turn around and run away, the attack range itself is terrifying!

The Mist Shinobi didnt know what he should do next, in fact, he wasnt seriously fighting Haku up until this moment, all that he wanted to do is to run away, but the Shinobi wasnt confident that he could avoid Naitos attack; thus, he thought about using Haku.

If he was any other Shinobi from another village, he would have just thrown his weapon and begged for his life, he wasnt any different, but the fact that he didnt recognize Naito led to this scene.

Suddenly, he clenched his teeth, then rushed toward Haku trying to catch him, even if he failed, he thought that if he doesnt have any chance to survive anymore, at least he gonna bring this kid down with him!

After all, he was a Shinobi from the Mist, a Jonin, that fought in so many battles, if he goes all out, Haku wont stand a chance against him.

Unexpectedly, Haku actually showed his strong tenacity. If they had just started fighting, with Hakus lack of combat experience, he would have lost instantly!

However, through this battle, Hakus blade got sharpened and managed to fight back using his skills.

“You abominable kid…”

The hatred was evident in his eyelids, as a killing intent aura burst out of his soul. He knew that he should have gone all out from the start. Now, it became tough to defeat Haku.

He could notice that Naito, on the other side, seemed to be watching this fight calmly, Naito didnt look like he had any intention to intervene as if he was watching a game, which made the anger burning in the Shinbois chest.

At that moment, he abandoned any thoughts of running away.

His murderous intent was all over the place, his eyes turned blood red, as he was constantly and violently attacking Haku. Since Nait was using him to train this little demon, he decided to take this demons life to agony with him!

Hakus physical strength and Chakra were continually consuming, and gradually he was approaching his limit. Eventually, the Mist Shinobi managed to cut his ice wall by his horrifying sharped sword, at that moment, watching the blade of that sword falling down to his body, Haku couldnt help but close his eyes.

He failed to defeat the enemy and disappointed his master; thus, he felt that he deserves that fate.

However, when Haku closed his eyes waiting for his inevitable death, nothing happened, which made him shockingly open his eyes, that when he saw the Mist Shinobi a half-broken sword with a look of horror on his face.

He turned around to look at Naito, who was raising one of his arms, with his fingers bent together as if he has made a flicking motion.


Haku didnt expect Naito to save him, because he felt like he deserved to die. He disappointed his master, after all.

“Well done.”

Naito looked calmly at the field, then gave Haku anA rating.

In fact, this is wasnt out of courtesy. Naito actually thought that Haku has shown an excellent performance.

Haku apparently didnt except Naito to give such an evaluation, which made him freeze there for a while.

On the other side, the Mist Shinobi was still there stunned, holding his broken sword.

He wasnt stunned because his sword got broken, but because of what Haku has called this guy.

Naito-Sama?!! Yuu Naito?!!

Even though he has never seen Naito, but he heard the name, he heard it more than once!

He turned to look at Naito aside, then looked at the broken ground in the back, remembering the scene of the space fragmentation from before made him shocked.

This young man who looked at his twenties… Is actually the strongest Shinobi alive, the God of Shinobis himself, Yuu Naito?!

He couldnt help but have doubts, after all, why would a legendary figure like the God of Shinobi appear here, he couldnt help but doubt that hes another person with the same name.

At that moment, Naito glanced at him lightly.


This one was different from the indifferent glances that he was giving him before. It has such a severe and coldness, which instantly penetrated his whole body. It made him feel as if he got struck by lightning as if something was bursting in his mind.

Suddenly, the Mist Shinobi lost consciousness directly and fell to the ground.

“Lets go.”

Naito said that then turned and left.

Not until he heard that sentence Haku could awake from his daze, but he hesitated a little when he saw the Mist Shinobi lying on the ground.

Naito kept walking forward, and the ground kept cracking under his feet. The fragmentations didnt spread too far. Naito kept walking for a while, then suddenly, the cracks spread.

At that moment, Haku looked afraid.

“Even if he wanted to kill you, youre still gonna spread his life?” Naito turned then said lightly.

Haku froze for a moment, then a shameful expression appeared, then said, “Im sorry…”

“No need to apologize, its okay.”

Naito shook his head and said: “Although this ninja world is cruel, its not wrong to be kind inside. But you need to have the power that can complete that kindness deep inside your heart.”

Haku listened to every word Naitos has said carefully, then nodded vigorously, promising himself that he would remember every word that Naito said.

Looking at his serious expression, Naito couldnt help but smile.


Naito took Haku and kept walking to the direction of the Mist Village.

He could finally see the Village from a distance. It was already night, but the Village was glowing, with the blazes of flame, it seems like a war has erupted.

“Is this… The Rebellion of the Kaguya Clan?”

Looking at the direction of the Mist Village, Naitos eyes looked sharp.

In the Original, it seems that Uchiha Obito wanted to revenge Rin by controlling the fourth Mizukage and turning it to Bloody Mist. Although the plot got completely rewritten by Obitos death, it seems that the Villages fate didnt change.

Most probably because of the Kaguya Clan.

The Clan wanted to rebel, so even if the Fourth Mizukage wasnt controlled by the Akatsuki, he needed to deal with them. He must have issued various assassination tasks, which led a war to break out.

Naito didnt stop because of this ongoing war. Instead, he kept walking forward with Haku, after a few more steps, he stopped with a surprised expression.

Because Naito has seen a very familiar person in his perception.

It was Orochimaru who left Konoha more than three years ago!

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