The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 379: Kimimaro Vs. Mei

Chapter 378: Orochimaru

Gradually approaching the Mist Village, even Haku seemed like he has realized that a war has broken inside the Village, showing a severe expression.

However, due to his age and appearance, even his serious expression looked cute.

Orochimaru was standing calmly on a high place, looking at the war in the Village, his eyes seemed sharp.

As Naito and Haku were gradually getting closer to the Mist Village, Orochimaru suddenly looked startled and turned quickly to Naitos direction.

“Now this interesting, but why did he come here…”

A grin smug appeared on Orochimarus face, then he turned around and walked toward Naito.

He didnt try to hide from Naito, because if he could sense his presence, then Naito must have found about him a long time ago.

Soon, Orochimaru reached Naito.

The moment Haku saw Orochimaru, he looked surprised, then stared at him with great vigilance, and took an alerted stance, ready to protect Naito from him at any time.

He could instinctively sense how dangerous Orochimaru was.

Compared to Naito, who could control his aura in front of other people so they can act normal around him, Orochimaru didnt care about that; he had such a demonic aura around him, that makes people feel very alerted around him.

“Orochimaru, youre scaring the kid.”

Naito stepped in front of Haku, who was in a defensive stance, with a helpless expression, then pat Hakus head lightly.

Orochimaru shrugged, then said, “I didnt mean it, but speaking of this child, it seems like hes a survivor from the Yuki Clan?”

“So, there are survivors, after all!”

Orochimaru stared at Haku observing him, then an evident look of interest appeared in his eyes, which made Haku feel a little creepy, and almost unable to stop himself from attacking.

Although it seemed like Naito knows Orochimaru, Haku couldnt help but forewarn Naito.

“Naito-Sama, be careful, this guy is dangerous.”


When Orochimaru heard these words, he couldnt help but feel stunned.


What a joke, hes calling him dangerous, while standing next to the most dangerous man in the world, the God of Shinobi himself!

It seems that this little kid doesnt know many people he killed with those hands!

Naito smiled, then he simply dragged Haku from the front to the side, and said, “Okay, listen I dont want to see you pose in front of me like that to protect me in the future, and this guy is not scary, he wont mind even if you tried to freeze him.”

“But I dont wanna…”

Haku looked at Orochimaru and said weakly.

Orochimaru felt speechless.

“By the way, you seem to know a lot about the Yuki Clan.”

Orochimaru nodded, and said: “I have been collecting information on all kind of Bloodline Limits since I got expelled by the Third Hokage, I came here to the Land of Water, and continued my researches.”

“Hehehe… You mean since you got kicked out.”

A mocking expression appeared on Naitos face while he sneered from Orochimaru.

Although its not clear what Orochimarus real level now, with such a powerful pair of Mongekyou Sharingan, and with Hashiramas cells planted in his body, Orochimaru should be much stronger than the Original.

Sarutobi, whos not in his best days, cannot be an opponent to Orochimaru.

Orochimaru sneered too, saying: “Well, I really hoped that the man he chose to succeed him would be better… Unfortunately, he didnt LIVE to his expectations.”

Orochimaru shook his head, then continued: “The situation in the Mist Village is more terrible than Konoha, everyone is obsessed with power.”

“Although Sarutobi-Sensei is doing poorly in some aspects, at least in Konoha, no Clan will dare to take away his authority, but the situation here is different. The war has broken in the Mist Village between the major clans who want to control the Village. Even the Mizukage found himself helpless in this situation.”

“In the face of this contradiction, he had no point but to eliminate the danger, and get rid of the clans who had power Kekkei Genkai. The Yuki Clan was the first one to be overthrown.”

Orochimaru turned to look at the Mist Village at the rear, then continued: “The Clan that has started this rebellion is the Kaguya Clan.”

Orochimarus words made Haku slightly lost. The cause of that suffering he lived started initially from here.

However, his lost expression disappeared in an instant.

Regardless of what happened in the past, no matter what family he could have, Haku didnt care whats important to him now, is Master Naito, who is standing next to him, who is willing to protect him with his life.

“So thats how it is.”

Naito nodded, Orochimarus information didnt exceed Naitos expectations. Naito has already guessed all of this.

Looking at Naitos appearance, Orochimaru suddenly glanced at Haku weirdly, then said: “Well, I know for a fact that these things dont interest you, Naito, the reason behind youre arriving at the Mist Village is… The Akatsuki.”

Orochimarus words instantly made the atmosphere around them change.

Naito looked at Orochimaru calmly, then said: “Yes, this one of the reasons. It seems like you know something about them.”

There werent any of the Akatsuki members inside of the Village, nor was their base. Naito had already inspected the entire area of the Mist Village.


Orochimaru nodded, then said: “I came to the Land of Water to investigate their movements too, more precisely, to collect some information about the Rinnegan. Compared to the other three Dojitsu, this is the most powerful one. And you know that Dojitsu is what Im most interested in.”

“What do you want.”

Naito looked at Orochimaru and said lightly.

Orochimaru looked back, then smiled: “Naito, since youre here, they wont say hidden any longer, you will find them sooner or later.”

Orochimaru was a clever man; he knew that some information about the Akatsukis base is not enough for him to ask Naito what he wants, so he directly gave up on the information without any conditions.

It may seem that theres no actual benefit, but in fact, being able to give Naito useful information is already the most significant benefit.

The relationship between the two of them has never been friendly. At most, its more like exchanging favors, which was good enough for Orochimaru. The Major Villagers dreams of such a relationship with Naito.

The man who could end a World War with his own strength, Yuu Naito, who stands on the top of the Shinobi world, even if you just share a friendly attitude with him, it cannot be measured by value!

The mans word is much powerful than any weapon!

Just like when he once said to the Sand Shinobis that he didnt want to see any ninjas in this Land until this day, not a single one put a foot in Roran!

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