The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 37: The Shocking Fis

d his fear, as he seemed incredibly terrified.

Hiding in the ground didnt work!

And he also cant avoid Naitos shocks!

He… unexpectedly was humiliated to this degree by Naito!

Originally he thought it will be a Hand to hand battle, he didnt expect him to be this good!

Now, hes almost at the edge, hes losing this battle.

Everyone in the room now including the Uchiha has a second thoughts about the result of this battle.

There is a chance… That Naito can win this battle?!

How incredible!

Its true that Uchiha Samui is just a Chunin but he sure fought and survived a lot of bloody wars!

But in front of Naito, he really got driven into a corner!

“Damn it… I knew from the very start that I need to go all out… but its not too late now!”

He was struggling to even stand still, he was in a great pain, but he still can control his chakra.

Facing the little devil Yuu Naito, Samui gathered his power and nearly printed a Hand sign.

“Earth release! Shadow Clone!!!”

Bang! !

The ground trembles, this is the real earth release.

The next moment the clone rushed toward Naito, and suddenly it reverted to mud but it didnt stop and reached Naitos leg and stopped him in his place.

This time the Ninjutsu was casted perfectly, the mud turned into rocks and it restrained Naitos movements.

Samui revealed his killing instinct, his eyes went all crazy, and his hand was printing again.


“Fire release! Dragons Flame!”

Boom! !

A B-Class fire Ninjutsu, rushing toward Naito burning everything in the way.

Naito who was traped to the ground knew that theres no escape from this enormous fire Ninjutsu.

After completing this final action, Samui has finally reached his limit, he can no longer stand, he collapsed on the ground but he kept looking to the field.

He wanted to see Naito burn to ashes.

On the corner of the Uchiha family who felt the humiliation from the very beginning of this fight once again seeing this scene, they felt relieved.

Their hearts calmed down.

First, he started by banding and halting Naitos movements to make him unable to move, then he followed that by a B-Class Ninjutsu.

The outcome has been determined.

On the other side, the three Anbu watching this scene felt a little bit pity.

“Its a pity!”

“Clearly theres no hope for him to survive this.”

“Sure enough, theres no time for him to break down the earth release and withdraw from the attack.”

The three Anbu couldnt help but sigh.

But in the next moment, their mouths were wide open.

Even the Uchiha couldnt believe what they saw.

Even Samui who was in the field froze there.

Bang! ! !

A loud cracking sound merged with the sound of the broking rocks.

The rocks that were banding Naito to the ground exploded under the shocks Naito sent from his body.

But the Dragon fire was still moving toward Naito.

With his whole power, Naito threw a punch at it.

The cracks spread away in a wide range it felt like the air itself was shaken!

Under the full force of the shock, the Dragon Fire destroyed!

Under the incredible gaze of everyone, the fire, and the earth releases, all got shattered!

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