The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 380: The Abyss

Chapter 379: Kimimaro Vs. Mei

Knowing the location of the Akatsuki from Orochimaru, Naitos eyes looked sharp, and he was ready to turn around and leave.

But at this time, an acid-like river suddenly burst out of the Village in front of them, then rushed directly toward Orochimaru, and Naito.


Orochimaru reacted quickly, then leaped to a higher place.

On the other hand, Naito stepped gently on the ground, and suddenly it cracked widely, forcing the acid to pour directly into those deep cracks.

“Its the ability of that woman.”

Looking at the flowing acid, Naitos stomach turned over, then he stared directly at the Mist Village in the distance.

Although the acid came directly toward them, it wasnt actually meant to target them, it was just the aftermath of the battle inside the Villages walls.

Suddenly, a handsome young man who was about the same age as Haku, with two red dots on his brows, leaped out of the acid river.

Opposite to this boy, a girl, with a nearly perfect figure, her hair was hanging down on her shoulders, her green eyes were bright. Although she was only about sixteen or seventeen years old, she was a very charming good looking girl.

These two were Kimimaro, and Mei, the future Fifth Mizukage.

Perceiving the battle from a distance, Naito showed an excited expression, then murmured: “These two are fighting? This is kind of interesting.”

On the other hand, Orochimaru also looked at the Village from where he stood, with his Mongekyou Sharingan eyes.

Orochimaru has long been interested in Kimimaru, and also Mei, who he knew that she had a double Bloodline limit, which is very rare, he was actually following her for a while.

“Its sporadic to witness a battle between two Bloodline Limit users.”

Orochimaru also looked interested while he was watching their fight.

Although Kimimaru was young, as a member of the Kaguya Clan, he was born and raised to be an absolute warrior.

He was also the most special one in the Kaguya Clan.

“You have a very hard skin, boy. It such a waster that your clans rebellion has brought your doom.”

Mei stretched out her finger and gently wiped the race of the acid liquid from the corner of her mouth, revealing a charming expression.

However, Kimimaru was unmoved. It didnt matter if she was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen because once he enters his fighting state, all of his senses will become absolutely concentrated on the battle.

Many Shinobis need to go through countless battles before they can enter such a state. Naito awakened it in the Second Shinobi World War when he joined forces with Sakumo to defeat Onoki.

For Kimimaru, it seems like it was born along with him and his fighting skills.


Kimimaru crossed his arms against his chest, and sharp bones instantly pierced his skin, then he rushed toward Mei.

“Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique!”

Facing Kimimarus attack, Meis charming face instantly changed, and then she became very serious. With one seal, she opened her mouth.

Suddenly, a weird mist filled with acid burst out of her mouth.

Kimimaru could feel his eyes burning. He already saw what her acid can do, and of course, he wouldnt foolishly rush in. The movement of this acid mist was very slow and can be easily avoided.

He dodged her attack, then Kimimaru continued rushing toward Mei, to force her into a close-range battle.

Mei was very talented, she had two types of Bloodline Limits, and she could use various kinds of Ninjutsu. Of course, she wouldnt let Kimimaru force her into such a situation quickly. When she saw him rushing over, she fell back while using hand signs.

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”

An acidic mudflow, capable of corroding flesh spit out of Meis mouth toward Kimimaru; with an extensive range.

Looking at Mei, who was continuously spitting acid mist and acid liquids, Naito twitched his mouth slightly.

“No wonder you couldnt find a husband.”

“Kimimaru is also pretty good. Hes fighting style is so powerful…”

Wait, this is doesnt seem right…

Naito shook his head, then he continued watching the battle between Mei and Kimimaru.

Meis strong releases gave Kimimaru a hard time. Although she couldnt hurt him even when her attacks touched him, he was definitely not gonna let these attacks reach him.

Kimimaru got forced to fell back, and while he did, he pointed his fingers at her.

“Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!”


Ten horrible bones bullets got shot toward her, making an extremely sharp hissing sound, which obviously determine its strong penetrating power.

However, Mei, on the other side, who was facing these power bones bullets, remained unmoved; she continued to spit out this acid liquid.

The ten bullets passed in Meis acid, which made the speed to drop significantly. The bones bullets continued to fly toward her, but in the end, they got easily stopped by Mei.


The bones bullets got melted entirely. And turned into ashes. This scene made the light in Kimimaru eyes became dimmer, with an evident fear in it.

“We just started playing, dont run away so easily, this is not very manly from you… Oh, I forgot youre just a little demon.”

Mei stared at Kimimaru, then a grin smug appeared on her face.

Kimimaru didnt know what Mei has meant by these words. He was just six years old, he still doesnt understand what manly even means…

However, he knew one thing, this woman is powerful, and it will be tough to defeat her, even if he got serious.

In the face of Meis strong releases, the six years old Kimimaru didnt have any choice, but to retreat, but Mei chased him all the way out of the Mist Village.

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