The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 381: Departure

Chapter 380: The Abyss

Mei forced Kimimaru to retreat, but she didnt seem happy. She was regarded as Genuis among her peers, but she had a hard time dealing with just a little boy. If this information got out, Mei would lose her position in the Village. Now she had only one goal in her heart, which is to quickly kill Kimimaru.

However, after chasing him all the way out of the Village, Mei saw two people standing outside, which were Naito and Haku.

Looking at Naito and Haku in the distance, Mei got extremely vigilant, not knowing what are these two were doing there.

So while she was attacking Kimimaru, she expanded the range of her attack, and let her acid mist reach Naito and Haku in the distance.

“Master, be careful!”

Upon noticing this, Haku immediately stepped forward, preparing to block her attack.

However, this was Meis acid mist, even his Ice Release wont block her attack. Although the two were Bloodline Limits, Mei has mastered it for a long time, its natural that Hakus would be inferior.

Naito held Hakus hand, preventing him from using a hand seal, then waved his backhand at the acid mist.


His loose sleeve swept as if there was a strong wind roaring. Suddenly, the horrible acid mist that was enough to corrode Kimimarus bones got shattered!

“This is impossible!”

Looking at this scene, Mei got shocked. With such a disbelieve evident in her eyelids, she even stopped moving for a second.

On the other side, Kimimaru was equally shocked, looking at Naito in disbelieve.

That terrifying acid mist has just got wiped out by this silver-haired young man?!

Haku, who got dragged back by Naito, also watched Naito with a look full of admiration. As long as hes with Naito, he didnt fear even the deepest place in the abyss.

Only Orochimaru, who was still watching them for that high place, didnt look surprised.

It is only natural for the guy who was regarded as the God of Shinobi to wipe such a weak attack with the wave of his hand.

At that moment, Mei finally took a better look at Naito.

The first time she saw his face, he looked very familiar, but the second, when she saw him in action, he seemed to her incredibly amazing!

Whether it was his handsome face or his manly body, even his aura gave people around him the feeling of standing in front of a god.

“I didnt know that theres such a perfect man in the world, but… Why does he feel so familiar. Ive never seen him before. If I had, I would never forget him.

At this moment, Mei was surprised, but she couldnt determine who was the man in front of her.

“You… Are strong…”

On the other side, Kimimaru looked at Naito, took a deep breath, then finally said this.

Haku standing next to Naito, looked at Kimimaru with a surprise, then whispered: “Naito-Sama… He looks exactly like me before…”


Naito nodded gently.

At this time, Kimimaru didnt have any goals. He didnt know why he was even fighting. He was just there because the clansmen asked him to.

Like Haku before, he didnt even know what it meant to be alive.

Naito looked at Haku calmly.

“Im very sorry, if youre not enemies, dont get involved in the Mist Villages affairs.”

Although Mei was amazed by Naitos power and appearance, she was an extremely talented ninja, after all, she immediately calmed herself down and spoke to Naito with a deep voice.

At the same time, she already let go of the idea of attacking Naito; instead, she looked at Kimimaru and prepared herself to finish him quickly.

Kimimaru felt Meis killing intent and immediately raised his guard, ready to continue fighting.

“Naito-Sama, would you please help him?”

Haku, who was next to Naito, looked at Kimimaru, who was about his age and suddenly whispered to Naito.

Perhaps Haku felt for Kimimaru because he saw his past self in him.


After he heard Hakus words, Naito nodded slightly.

Kimimaru was also a very talented boy. Although his life experience wasnt that miserable, his talent was enough for Naito to care.

Of course, Naito also felt that Haku would need a rival, it would be good for both of them.

At that time, the battle between Mei and Kimimaru broke out again.

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!!”

“Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!”

The corrosive acid and the horrifying bones bullets collided, attacking each other fiercely.

At that moment, Naito finally said faintly.

“Stop fighting.”

The moment those words were spoken, Naito stretched out his hand, then flickered his middle finger toward them.


A cannon of pressurized air-swept crossing the void, making the air ripple.

Suddenly, that cannon who was cracking the space around it flew across to the Bone Bullets and the strong corrosive acid.


The collision caused a sudden tremor over the ground, that got split between Mei and Kimimaru.

The crack spread all the way and almost crossed toward the Village. At that moment, it seemed as if the abysss doors got opened on earth; the bottom looked so deep and dark!

The acid that was spat out by Meis mouth got instantly swallowed into the abyss, and never was seen again.



Whether it was Kimimaru, Mei, or even Haku, who was standing next to Naito at the time, they were all shocked looking at the abyss that has suddenly appeared on earth.

It felt just like dreaming!

Mei looked at this abyss with great shock, she turned her head to look at Naito, and finally, a thought struck her and made her somewhat in disbelieve.

This cant be! This person is…

And at this time, a figure suddenly rushed over toward Naito, showing a friendly smile.

“Naito-Sama, please be our guest at the Mist Village. Weve been dealing with some troubles inside so I couldnt come to you earlier. Please accept my apology, as the Mizukage of the Mist Village, were extremely sorry.”

He was the Fourth Mizukage.

Seeing how the Mizukage came out personally, and listening to the words spoken by him, made Mei feel extremely horrified.

Its really him!

The God who ended the Third Shinobi World War with his own strength, the man whos regarded as the God of Shinobi!

No wonder he has such a shocking power!

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