The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 381: Departure


Kimimaru looked at Haku with confusion, then suddenly asked: “Why are you following him?”

“Because Naito-Sama needs me, this is the purpose of my life.”

Listening to Hakus words, Kimimaru showed a strange expression and couldnt help but remember his past.

He was disgusted and feared by his own people, he existed to be a killing machine. He was kept in a prison cage, wondering what to do, wondering why hes still alive.

He hated that feeling, he also wanted to find a meaning for his life; a purpose.

“Every life is meaningful, everyone has a purpose, but youre the only one who could find it, you can live for yourself, for something, or for someone…”

Naito looked at Kimimaru, then suddenly said.

His words made both Kimimaru and Hakus eyes open wide brightly.

Only the Mizukage and Orochimaru werent moved by Naitos words.

Kimimaru then looked at Haku, then Naito with awe, and finally nodded firmly.

Upon seeing this, Orochimaru shook his head, then turned away.

The Fourth Mizukage continued to observe Naito cautiously.

Kimimaru was also looking at the Mizukage with vigilance. He feared both of them. His heart was trembling with horror, but besides that awe, he felt from Naito, a new feeling of admiration in his heart has appeared.

“I will have to pass this time, but I will surely come to visit again.”

Naito looked at the Fourth Mizukage and said casually. He then took Haku and Kimimaru and turned to leave. Naito already knew where the Akatsuki base was, and naturally there was no need to continue. The Kaguya rebellion against the Mist Village had nothing to do with Naito.

The Fourth Mizukage smiled, looking at Naitos back, then said: “You will always be welcomed.”

Of course, he didnt mean that. Up until this moment, his stomach was turning upside down, he didnt know the reason behind this sudden visit, the fact that he found out that such a dangerous man was wandering around his village has made him tremble with fear inside, now he could finally feel relaxed!

Looking at Naito and the others leaving, Mei turned to the Mizukage waiting for her further orders.


“Go back and get rid of the Kaguya Clan.”

The expression on the Mizukages face gradually became cold.

Mei hesitated for a moment, then said: “But, that kid…”

“It doesnt matter.” The Fourth Mizukage took a deep breath, and with endless fear in his eyes, he said: “Since he was taken away by Naito, hes distinctly different from those dumb Kaguyas clansmen.”

“Remember this, if you ever reencounter him in the future, you shouldnt treat him as an enemy. Dont you dare to provoke him, if you must, dont even look him in the eyes, do you understand?!”


Mei nodded firmly, but she found it hard to calm down herself for a long time.

With just a few words, she finally understood why the Mizukage didnt dare to continue hunting Kimimaru. Because he was under the wings of the God of Shinobi, the strongest man alive, whom his word is above all other people!

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