The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 383: The Strength of the God

Chapter 382: The Base Of The Akatsuki

Mist Village, in a mountain range.

From the outside, this was just a deserted mountain range, but inside it, there was a large, secret base.

This… was the base of the Akatsuki.

At that moment, and in the deepest part of the base, a huge statue was standing there, with four people in front of it.

One of them was Nagato, unlike the original, he didnt need to connect himself to the demonic statue to revenge Yahiko.

However, the constant use of the Rinnegan has weakened his body; he looked fragile and thin.

The person standing in front of Nagato was White Zetsu, who was wearing the red cloak of the Akatsuki. Black Zetsu wasnt connected to him at the time.

On the left side of Nagato, a vicious, strange person was lying there on the ground, he looked like a humpbacked person; he also wore the Akatasukis cloak.

On the right, a person who was wearing the Aktasukis cloak, with an evil expression stood there; he also had a huge bandaged person on his back.

These two people were Sasori of the Red Sand dawn and Hoshigaki Kisame.

Naito originally killed all of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist. He also destroyed two of their swords. However, due to the special nature, of the Kubikiribocho sword, it could be restored. Therefore, six swords remained. Among them, Samehada who is being held now by Kisame.

“I just got the news, Yuu Naito came to the Mist Village, hes currently in the Land of Water, hes probably looking for us.”

Nagato looked at Sasori and Kisame, then widened his eyes.

“If this is the case, then the base will be transferred. We must leave the Land of Water.”

Kisame grinned, and with a strange light flashed in his eyes, he said: “Yuu Naito? The God of Shinobi?”

Sasori then hummed, and said with a dull tone: “So were changing our base just because of this Yuu Naito…”

“I heard that all of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist got killed by him. If this is true, then this guys strength is indeed unbelievable.” Kisame took out his huge sword, revealing a look of interest.

Again with his dull, rough tone, Sasori said: “Even though you still want to play against him?”

Kisame revealed his creepy sharp teeth and said: “No, Im just curious how can a human being have such a power.”

“Moreover… Even if hes strong, the location of this base cannot be easily found.”

“Nagato looked at Kisame, then shook his head, and said: “No, you dont know how strong he is. You must not fight with him.”

Although Kisame looked very interested in Naitos power, he knew that he shouldnt try his luck with him.

And when he heard Nagato words, he couldnt help but ask: “Then what should we do next? Transfer the base now?”

Sasori snorted, then turned around at Nagato, saying: “Dont worry. He wont find this place.”

“I dont need to worry, huh…”

At this time, Zetsu, who had been standing in front of him, suddenly showed a startled expression, then said helplessly.

“Because hes already here.”


As soon as he said these words, a horrifying shock wave hit the base!

From the moment it appeared to the moment it hit them, only Nagato sensed this attack coming with his Rennigan, and barely dodged it.

The Shock Wave hit the ground, Nagato managed barely to survive this one, but Zetsu wasnt as fortunate, he hit by it directly, and lost his head!


Sudden changes occurred on the situation, Sasori and Kisame seemed terrified, then immediately looked up.

Above them, there was a thick rock roof, and they couldnt see anyone there, it as if this shock wave has appeared out of thin air.

“Where is the enemy?!”

Sasori said with his rough sound, then with great vigilance kept looking everywhere, ready for the next attack.

Zetsus headless body froze in its place, and just when Nagato wanted to rush toward him, a line suddenly appeared in the middle of his forehead, then straightly spread under his nose.


White Zetsus body, together with the Akatsuki cloak, got neatly split from into the halves from the middle!

Sasori and Kisame couldnt even react, the two froze in their places with shocked expressions.


The only sound they could hear is the one that emitted along with the splitting of White Zetsus body, it seemed like the sound of tearing papers.

The line spread to the side and reached the rock wall behind White Zetsu, splitting it deeply.

Suddenly, the entire base… Split openly!


Not only the base from the inside but also the roof… Actually, the mountain itself that was holding the base got divided into two halve instantly!

Looking up, the roof split then cracks spread to the top until they could finally see the sky outside.

The sun fell from the cracks as if it was forming a line of sky-like scenery. And one could only wonder what kind of a sword could be huge enough to not only cut a whole base but also an entire mountain into two!

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