The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 383: The Strength of the God

huge lake, would he be able to face Naito?” White Zetsu, who kept hiding after he got hit by Naitos strike the entire time, asked.

“Its hard.”

Sasori said as he was staring down.

Nagato kept quiet. He knew for a fact that facing Naito is not only difficult for Kisame but, impossible.

He was now only thinking of a way to get ride of Naito while escaping. The reason why he didnt immediately turn around and escape was that he didnt believe he could retreat.

Naito can fly and can move underground, his speed is break necking, and hes almost perfect in all aspects. Your only hope is to stay hidden, but Naito has already found them, it will be difficult to just escape now.


Just when he started thinking and stayed silent the entire mountain burst; at most, it only lasted for a few breaths.

Its as if someone has placed a deep-water bomb inside the lake, which has completely blasted it apart, making the water splash all of the place reaching the sky!


The water rushed in all directions, following the paths inside this mountain range, then gradually disappeared.

“The God of Shinobi… is really strong…”

The water dispersed, leaving only two people inside the field.

Kisames body turned into the form of a shark, dripping with blood; his lower body has completely disappeared. But in that blood bath, Kisame grinned at Naito, without showing the slightest of fear. He felt excited just to see that power of the God of Shinobi.

Naito looked at Kisame indifferently, his eyes were dull, he didnt say anything, he only swang his sword one more time.


The air blew out and spread. The shock wave flew toward Kisame, then completely broke his body apart. The bloodshed, then flowed into the stream of water, changing its color to red.

The blood didnt reach Naito, his clothes didnt even show any signs of being wet.

As if he wasnt inside that lake in the first place, he was untouchable.

“Bansho Tenin!”

At the moment when the lake burst and Kisame died, Nagato finally took a shot.

Trying to caught Naito off his guard, he used the force of gravity that seemed to be irresistible and then tried to pull Naito fiercely.

However, even though this gravity force seemed like it was gonna tear the top of the mountain off, Naitos body didnt move an inch!

Naito continued to walk towards Nagato, the Bansho Tenin didnt have any effect on Naitos body, and it got easily defeated by the Shock Force.

Naito seemed as if he was an unshakable giant. No matter how fierce and strong the gravity force, Naito could not be moved!

Looking at Naito walking toward him, step by step, even Nagato, seemed like he did no longer know how to fight back, and felt some sort of weakness in his heart.

Its not that he is weak, but Naito is the one that too strong, so powerful that he makes people desperate!

Sasori, who was looking at Naito approaching them, didnt look afraid, even though Kisame got easily killed by Naito.

Instead, he looked excited, pinning his eyes on Naito as if he was looking at a perfect artwork.

“Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets!”

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