The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 384: Qualitative Gap

puppet master that almost stands on the peak, could only feel his own smallness in front of Naito!

This is the power of the God!

With a shocked and complicated expression, he looked at Naito, then unconvincingly said: “Even if your strong today, your power will eventually turn into dust. Only true art is eternal…”

“Youre wrong.”

Naito looked at Sasori then said calmly: “Youre mistaking eternity for weakness. Without absolute power, even if the life is endless, it will not be eternal, you will never be called immortal, just like youre case now, a weak mortal.”

“Look whos power has turned into dust, this alone proves that the power your possessing is not absolute. True power cannot be eroded by time…”

Upon saying that, Naito swang his sword for the last time.

At the last second before his death, Sasoris gazes got lowered slightly, as if he was asking himself.

“So, this is the true answer…?!”

Facing Naitos visible Shock Wave, Sasori didnt have the slightest intention to avoid, and a matter of seconds, his body turned into powder and completely disappeared.

Solely with two strikes, Naito finished Sasori, then his eyes directly fell on Nagato again.

Naito looked at him indifferently, Nagato was unable to raise any emotions inside Naitos heart, because to him, Nagato was already a dead person.

“It seems that you, the man who has become the God of Shinobi, is no longer as cautious and calm as before. You have simply become arrogant.”

Nagato didnt try to run from this confrontation, he stared directly at Naito, and from his Rinnegan eyes, a mighty aura burst out, making the ground tremble around.

This wasnt the Shinra Tensei, it was merely his pure aura.

“Do you think people should be cautious when they encounter ants on the road?”

Naito could feel that aura coming out of the Rinnegan eyes, but his gazes were still very calm.

Naito didnt attack right away, because he was still considering if he should keep those Rinnegan eyes.

With Naitos current strength, he could clearly feel the power of the Rinnegan, which can also be considered as one of the forms of the Sixth Paths forces.

In essence, this power was more reliable than what Naito has currently reached!

After all, even though Naito had a perfect Sage Mode, and also had the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou and the Soul Art combined together, they still couldnt help him awaken his Sixth Path Mode.

Perhaps the power of the Shock Force alone is enough to defeat Nagato; however, Naitos chakra and body were still not up to the standard to awaken the Sixth Path Mode.

Unfortunately, Nagato can not use the real power of his Rinnegan.

If it was Uchiha Madara in his heyday, he would have easily awakened the real power of his Rinnegan eyes, Limbo. Using this technique, no one lower than the Sixth Path Level would be able to stand against him because those who dont possess the Sixth Path forces cannot detect his shadows at all!

This was the qualitative gap between the two. Even Hashirama, who has the perfect Sage Mode, will still be inferior because he wouldnt have any way to resist the real power of the Sixth Path Force.

The Limbo alone will cause him a lot of troubles; its an invisible world that coexists with the physical realm, but that is ordinarily impossible to detect, not to mention the difficulty of fighting against Madaras shadow attacks that coming from that dimension.

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