The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 385: Cutting Gedo Mazo

strength did Naito has reached!

In spite of this horror, Nagato could only clench his teeth, and continue gathering Chakra, while controlling the Gedo Mazo to attack Naito.

“Even if youre strong, you wouldnt easily defeat the Gedo Mazo.”

Nagato new a thing or two about the Juubi, but he didnt know anything about the Infinite Tsukuyomi, he was planning on using him to make the world feel pain and prevent war.

The Gedo Mazo was the Juubis shell, and even if its just an empty one, its defense was unimaginable!

Seeing how his last punch could rappel the Gedo Mazo but didnt do any visible damage on him didnt make Naito lose his calmness.

On the contrary, Naito was as calm as ever.

“Its strong sure, but the question is, how strong can this empty shell be?”

Faintly speaking, a horrific momentum burst out of Naitos body, and instantly shook the world, shattering even the white clouds in the sky.

With two hands on the Golden Kusanagi Swords handle, a horrible amount of Shock Force condensed, causing the surrounding space to crack.

Then he suddenly waved from top to bottom toward the Gedo Mazo.


When the blade fell, when the sword fell, that terrifying force converged into one line, then broke out fiercely.

At the swords edge, a horrifying distortion in the space erupted, and a faint black line could be seen, which was proof of the space real torn!

With Naitos full force, combined with the strength of the Kusanagi sword, the Shock force became almost qualified to truly tear space!

Although that black line has only appeared for a moment, it extremely twisted and bent the space, then spread in an instant.

Nagato, who was standing on the top of the Gedo Mazos head, has been observing this horrible power with his Rinnegan, couldnt help but feel terrified, and without any hesitation, he tried to evade sideways in advance.

However, the Gedo Mazos body was vast and simply couldnt avoid such an attack!

Thus, Nagato chose to attack instead of just resisting this attack and controlled the Gedo Mazo to crush Naito with his fist.

Just when that fist was about to fall, a strange force crossed through his body then swept to the endless sky.


The Gedo Mazos huge body stagnated as if time was fixed at that moment.

Suddenly a line visible to the naked eye appeared on its body.

This line spread away instantly and swept from the head straight to the bottom of its body.

Under Nagatos shocked gazes, suddenly, the Gedo Mazo got cut into two halves!

Under Naitos full force Shock wave, he nearly tore the space and cut the Juubis vessel like a knife through butter!

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