The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 389: Robbery

Chapter 388: Transformation

Naito had already sensed Haku and Kimimaru coming, but because everything was over, he didnt stop them. When they reached the top of the mountain, he turned to look at them.


Suddenly, Naito flashed, then appeared from nowhere in front of the two of them.

At this time, Haku and Kimimaru finally woke up from their shock.

A shameful expression appeared on Hakus face, then said with a light tone, “Because I saw that big meteorite in the sky, I got worried about your safety, Naito-Sama, so…”

“Bad boy!”

Naito raised his hand, then poke Hakus forehead with his finger.

Then he turned toward Kimimaru, and said, “I would expect something like this from Haku. But you actually followed him and disobeyed my orders?”

Kimimaru got startled, then looked at Haku next to him, he didnt know what to say, he couldnt just put the blame on Haku.

Haku then weakly looked at Naito, and whispered, “Its all my fault, Naito-Sensei, punish me instead…”

Looking at the two children, Naito shook his head helplessly, and said: “I will let this one slide, dont you dare to disobey my orders next time.”


Haku and Kimimaru nodded firmly.

“Lets go.”

After saying that, Haku and Kimimaru followed Naito down the hillside. After that, he turned around once again, then pressed his hand toward the void.


The mountain roared. Under the watchful eyes of the Haku and Kimimaru, the range mountain got shattered into pieces, filling the valley in the middle again.

At this point, this mountain range has been completely leveled, only some gravels and a few broken blocks of wood have remained, and nothing else.

With the death of Nagato, the Akatsuki was already over. Black Zetsu wasnt there; otherwise, Naito wouldnt have let him go again. As for White Zetsu, there were too many copies of him. Unless you cut him from the root, he will never truly die.


After killing Nagato, Naito chose to temporarily retain the Rinnegan. As for whether he plants it in his body, Naito has not yet decided and wasnt in a hurry to make his mind.

After all, these eyes belong to Madara. No one can predict if Madaras consciousness was buried in it. After all, its the Sixth Paths force.

Naitos soul has begun to gradually transform. When its finally done, Naito will truly step into the Sixth Paths Level. Only then, he wouldnt fear if something was wrong with Rinnegan.

So what he needed to do now is to complete the transformation of his soul.

At this moment, in Naitos Spiritual World, the energy of the dragon veins has completely disappeared, and it was getting blended with Naitos soul.

The transformation of the soul could not be forced like the new opening of a Gate, there was no door to break down, and Naito needed to be patient through this process.

The difference between a Sixth Paths soul and the soul of an ordinary ninja is really too big.

Take the Edo Tenseis case alone, when the soul of an ordinary ninja gets reincarnated, it wouldnt be able to take control of its will.

However, if that ninjas have even put one foot into the Sixth Paths level, and possessed its power in any way, such as Madara, it would be impossible to control him.

In the original, when the seal got finally lifted, and Madaras soul was getting out of his body, relying on the strength of his soul, Madara forced his soul to attach itself to his reincarnated body.

At that moment, Madara took full control of his body.

At that time, although his body didnt transform into the Sixth Paths mode, you can say that his soul was already at that level!

Obito could also return from the afterlife and give his Sharingan to Kakashi. Precisely because he also awakened his Sixth Paths Mode.

Naito then took Haku and Kimimaru and left the Land of Water. He didnt directly carry them while flying in the sky but took a ship to crossed the sea safely.

Speaking of which, Nanabi got caught, but Naito has never found it. He couldnt even summon him, which also a strange thing.

Naito thought he might have already got temporarily sealed inside the Gedo Mazo.

It would have been nice to use him for travel.


In a very luxurious and noble room inside a large merchant ship, Naito lay there quietly with his eyes closed.

Haku and Kimimaru were practicing.


The sky was thundering, and the rain was falling, the waves were consistently hitting the side of the ship, moving it up and down.

Lying there, Naito kept his perception on the other room, while thinking about Kimimaru.

After he accepted him and instructed him while practicing, Naito found out that Kimimaru was already suffering from that disease, although it was already undetectable at this time.

In the original, Kimimaru died from that disease at an early age. He would have grown to be very strong, Orochimaru was even considering him as a better vessel than Sasuke.

Shikotsumyaku is the kind of Bloodline limit that gives you the ability to use your bones in battle. Therefore, the resilience of the body is also extremely powerful, nearly endures to be compared to Tsunades Strength of a Hundred Seal!

Kimimaru can freely use bones from his body as a weapon to fight, and after being extracted, his skin will head instantly, and the bones in his body will grow again simultaneously.

And more importantly, his bones are extremely hard, almost unbreakable.

The only problem with this so-called perfect bloodline limit.

It is the disease that comes with it, and that everyone who has wielded the Shikotsumyaku has suffered from it.

However, only a few people have ever awakened it from the Kaguya Clan, its even rarer the appearance of the Sharingan in the Uchiha Clan or the Ice Release in the Yuki Clan.

And it seems because of how strong Kimimarus bloodline limit was, his disease was even more fierce; even Orochimaru and Kabuto were helpless.

When he thought about it, Naito couldnt help but think of one thing only, the body transformation that he used on Anko and Kushina.

The transformation that he operated on her improved her power and strengthened her body without any side effects.

“It seems that cursed seal that Orochimaru has used on Kimimaru to heal his disease didnt work. Instead, it has even fastened its spreading.”

Naito stood there calmly, thinking about Orochimarus cursed seal.

The Cursed Seal is one of the projects that Orochimaru has studied hard to obtain. Its similar to the Sage Modess strength. He has once said accurately that cursed seal and the Ryuchi Cave Senjutsu has some kind of close connection.

It anything goes wrong while practicing the toads sage mode, your body will be putrefied, but in the snakes case, you will get devoured by the White Snake Sage.

Orochimaru has long been studying the Cursed Seal. Naito has once checked his researches on it, and he was near completing it.

Ordinary cursed seals are too weak, but the special one will grant enormous increases in power, but the side effect is too serious.

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