The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 39: The First Contact With Tsunade

This is impossible! impossible!”

Samui froze there, with an incredible look on his face.

In order to kill Naito, he used a B-class Ninjutsu!

However, That B-class Ninjutsu got shattered by the Shock of Naito.

This is just incredible.

Naito is just this powerful, he can even crush a B-Class Ninjutsu

Naito approached Samui slowly.

Step by step.

Samui got afraid, the look on his face was terrified, he wanted to run, but he couldnt even move, his body suffered a lot of injuries.

And he already ran out of Chakra.

This time, the real outcome has determined!

“No No…..”

Samui felt desperate.

He knew Naito will have no mercy on him.

This is a life and death duel, and Samui didnt go easy on him too if Naito didnt open the second gate, that fire release would have turned him into ashes.

Naito didnt hesitate.

He raised his fist then he dropped it.


Uchiha Samui died!

Before he dies, Samui regretted his actions.

In the beginning, he knew he needed to kill Naito before he gets any stronger, but he thought that giving him three months wont be any problem.

Killing him now or three months later wont change the outcome of the fight!

But this thought, this choice, killed him!

On the corner of this room, some of the Uchiha members clenched their fists while watching this scene.

Some of them wanted to rush to the scene, but they needed to resist this feeling.

It was clear, the shock in their eyes.

Yuu Naito… actually won!

Just a few months earlier, Naito was just an ordinary kid, this talent, this growth, is too scary!

Even the three Anbu didnt believe it.

Yuu Naito, really won!

The only reason they stood still in their places and didnt rush to protect him, was because they were still shocked!

They came to this places knowing that this kid got abandoned by everyone.

The Uchiha controlled the situation, the Hokage couldnt do anything to change that.

However this abandoned kid, alone, reversed the situation!

How incredible.

Not so far from here

Uchiha Kageyama and Tsunade were still fighting fiercely.

Tsunade didnt want to fight with him, there wasnt any reason for this bloody battle, she just wanted to rescue Naito.

However, Uchiha Kageyama stopped her.

“You continue to stand there, Am not finished with you yet Kageyama!”

While this fight continued, Tsunade couldnt control her anger anymore.

Uchiha Kageyama stared at her with a cold face, listening to Tsunades words, he didnt retreat, but he also got angry.

Who do you think you are?!

Its true shes the princess of Konoha, but shes also Sarutobis disciple.

But hes also the Head clan of the Uchiha!

However, thinking about main reason of this, he knew its almost the end, Kageyama calmed himself.

Its calm down there.

It should be over.

Kageyama stepped aside.

“Well if you want to enter this badly, then we will go together.

He let the road open for her, then he smirked.

Tsunade didnt listen to a word he said, the moment he let her pass she just rushed past through him.

“Damn you! if Naito boy died, I will make you suffer you fucking Uchiha… My disciple… you will pay for this…”

Tsunades heart is so furious.

But she hid her feelings.

Uchiha Kageyama blocked her for a long time, the battle is definitely over.

Shes so late…

She already was expecting the worse, she rushed at full speed while biting her lips, then entered the room of the battle.

“stop this fight!!”

Tsunade didnt notice the situation.

But the moment she took a glance at the battlefield, she got surprised.

Whats happening here?!

Tsunade froze there.

She was looking at the ground and how it was destroyed, it was clearly a fierce battle.

A corpse was laying there but she couldnt recognize for whom this was due to her shock, but the clothes were for one of the Uchihas member.

Naito was standing there, at this time everything was clear to her.

They looked at each other.

“How could she be here?!”

The look on Naitos face was incredible, he was very surprised.

It seems Tsunade came here to stop the battle.

And compared to the surprising moment Naito had, Tsunade was still shocked she had the same incredible look.

Naitos still alive?!

She slowly looked at the Uchiha and the Anbu folks, she finally realized that this is really the room of the battleground, and the little boy standing there was really Naito.

But that just made her more and more shocked.

Tsunade felt like she wanted to scream, this is unbelievable.

In other words, Naito won?!!

How did he win against Samui??

Although Tsunade didnt know how much Samui is strong, also she could guess based on his rank.

But he actually lost against Naito!

What shocked her more was how unharmed Naito was, noo blood, not even a single scar was on him.

Its just sketchy.

Hes a Chunin, how can he get out of this fight without even being touched.

This is incredible!

While Tsunade was still in a shock, Kageyama walked in slowly.

“Its over? finally! hey, Samui it took you so long, youre… huh?!”

Uchiha Kageyama expression suddenly changed.

This is incredible.

“This is impossible! what happened?!”

Uchiha Kageyama turned to the Uchiha members immediately he couldnt help but ask loudly.

On the opposite side, the Uchiha members couldnt hide their shock.

“Kageyama-sama… Uchiha Samui is dead, he lost.”

In the face of the Uchiha Kageyama angry question, one of them responded fearfully.

Kageyama couldnt believe it.

He suddenly turned around, then looked at the unharmed Naito at the field, and revealed killing instinct from his eyes!

This damn little devil, even in this case, he managed to reverse the situation!

Naito saw Kageyama.

He instantly guessed the identity of Uchiha Kageyama.

Theres no doubt, this guy should be the Head clan of the Uchiha.

Fugaku Uchihas father, and the grandfather of Uchiha Itachi and Sasuke.

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