The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 390: Wave

Chapter 389: Robbery

Compared with the cursed seal, the body transformation was much perfect.

The first stage of the transformation is stronger than the Cursed Seal of Heaven, and it has only benefits and no side effects.

And Level two of the Cursed Seal of Heaven is also weaker than the Second stage of body transformation.

The first two stages alone are completely above the cursed seal. After all, this seal was base on Orochimarus research over the Ryuchi Caves Sage Mode, and Naitos transformation was based on his Perfect Sage Mode.

However, in the third stage, things get complicated. The person to be transformed must meet the conditions, at least his Chakra must be above the Kage Level.

Because the third stage is almost equivalent to being in a permanent Sage Mode!

Because Haku and Kimimaru are too young, only sixth years old, Naito only gave them the first stage of the Sage Mode transformation and kept the second stage for the right time.

And Kimimaru was still too young for his disease to show up; thus, Naito wasnt sure whether the transformation of the Sage Mode could heal it.

In theory, it should be possible because the final stage of the transformation awakes in the body the Perfect Sage Mode, including the healing ability. His body would be already most perfect for the Sixth Path Level.

During this time, the seawater was constantly waving, carrying the large ship left and right.

At this time, more than twenty dark shadows suddenly appeared in the distance, and they actually stepped foot on the sea surface and galloped towards the ship.

The fierce storm and rain couldnt stop their footsteps, and the surging waves passed under their feet, unable to sink them into the sea.

No doubt, they were ninjas.

On the ship, someone saw them running on the sea, and immediately got startled, and a look of terror got drawn on his face.

“Damn it! Pirates!”

The Land of Water and the Land of Fire are separated by a sea, and the two countries are in a state of trading agreement; thus, the sea wasnt safe. Often, Shinobi from other small villagers will come to snatch the goods.

Because its on the sea, killing people is so simple, because it will easily devour everything, so even if Konoha and the Mist know this, they couldnt do anything about it.

This when missions come in handy.

The owner of this large merchant ship was already prepared for this and hired two teams from the Mist Village to escort them. These two teams have a total of eight Chunin, but no Jonin leader.

The attacking squad had more than 20 people. If they dared to act on such a large scale during the daytime, they would have been stopped by the Mist Village or Konoha.

But it was a stormy night.

And since it was a good opportunity, the choice of this large merchant ship as their target.

Soon the battle between the two squads started.

In Naitos room, Kimimaru and Haku, who were practicing, heard the noises outside, then stood up one after another, looking out the window.

“Naito-Sama, what do we do?”

Seeing that Naito had been lying there comfortably, they thought that he was completely unaware of the situation outside. After waiting for a while, the two asked respectfully.

Naito said casually: “I dont care.”

In fact, Naito had discovered their appearance the moment they stepped into the sea but was too lazy to bother.

What made Naito slightly surprised was that the looting squad managed to suppress the Mist Shinobis so easily.

Some of the ninjas from the looting squad then set foot on the ship, showing a cruel smiling, prepared to loot one cabin after another.

However, just when one of them was about to kick open the door, it got open on itself, and at the same time, a white spear pierced that mans chest!

Blood splattered!

The other two were frightened. They didnt expect that there were still ninjas. When they fell back, they could clearly see thatwhite spear, that took out their breaths.

That white spear is actually a bone!

Kimimaru stepped out of the room and looked indifferently at the two ninjas, saying: “Get out of this ship, youre disturbing masters rest.”

The two got frightened at first by that bone, but when they looked carefully at the other end of the bone, they noticed that he was just a kid.

“What?! Hes just a child!”

“That guy was too careless. Such a shameful end to be killed by a kid.”

The two looked at the fallen corpse without showing any fear.

At this moment, Haku came out from behind Kimimaru and whispered: “Do you need my help?”

“No need.”

Kimimarus eyes looked sharp, he wasnt as kind as Haku. In his opinion, all those who disturb his master should be damned!

The next moment, Kimimaru rushed toward the two men.

Both of them were above the Chunin Level, but Kimimaru was already very strong. With the first transformation of the Sage Mode, Kimimaru could easily suppress the two of them!

Kimimarus movement looked so sharp that it made Haku feel envious of him.

In the beginning, the two despised him, but soon, they were terrified and began to shout for the support of their companions, but before they could come, Kimimaru finished one of them!

The other got horrified and wanted to escape, which made killing him more easily.

After he killed the two of them, Kimimaru finally caught the attention of the ninjas in the distant battle. Because the Mist Squad didnt have a Jonin leader between them, they soon suffered casualties.

However, The Blood Mist Shinobis were indeed very fierce. Five of them died, but they managed to kill six of them looting squad, and the remaining three were wounded, but extremely brave.

The Jonin enemy leader stood in front of them and sent the others to deal with Kimimaru.

More than a dozen ninjas gathered around. Since Kimimaru has just killed two of them, naturally, they didnt have the slightest intention of rushing forward.

Facing the siege of more than ten people, Kimimaru finally started to look struggling. After all, he was only six years old at the time.

Seeing this on the side, Haku quickly came to help, and two of them worked together to fight against the enemies.

Although they couldnt kill any of them, they managed to deal some damage, and several enemies got injured, which has shocked all the ninjas present.

Such a talent, the two little demons must not stay alive!

This looting squad Shinobis didnt care of they were just kids, they were gonna kill them to survive, but Haku and Kimimaru grew fast during this battle. And because of the transformation of the Sage Mode, they gained a sudden increase in power.

Gradually the battle was deadlocked.

At that moment, a sudden gust of wind swept crossed the sea, and under this stormy weather, a monstrous wave got set off, nearly 100 meters high. It looked like its gonna sink the world, rolling toward the ship!

Seeing this scene, the horrified civilians on the ship got even more scared. Who can blame them when even the Shinobis at that moment got startled.

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