The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 390: Wave

ku need to be more serious.”

Naito didnt pay any attention to that wave and first gave his evaluation to Haku and Kimimaru.

During the battle, Kimimaru handled the details better than Haku, but he was doing unnecessary movements, even though he was causing great pressure on the enemy.

On the other hand, Haku spent most of his time defending passively. Although he was playing a supporting role, he could have done better.

Praised by Naito, Kimimaru didnt show a proud expression, because he knew that even if he did ten times better, it would be nothing compared to Naitos power.

On the other side, Haku looked embarrassed. Although he also helped Kimimaru kill some of them, Kimimaru was the one who finished all of them with his bones.

“Okay, thats all.”

He turned to look at the wave that was almost falling, then he shook his head. This wasnt the right time to continue this discussion, so he clenched his fist then lightly swang it to the void.

The punch hit nothing but air, but it seemed to have bombarded an invisible mirror.

Suddenly, the air burst out, and the space cracked into pieces, then spread out in all directions, covering the side of the ship!

It spread again and again until it was higher by hundreds of meters!

“What is this?!”

The looting ninjas, who were about to dive into the sea to avoid the waves, looked at this sudden scene and got all stunned.

The Jonin leader at that moment suddenly showed an incredible look, and couldnt help but widen his eyes looking at Naito.

“This man…”

In the beginning, when he saw Naito coming out, he felt that he was a little bit familiar. Although he had not seen Naito, he heard of him a lot of times.

For a moment, he couldnt know which one he was from all the elite Shinobis he heard of before.

But when Naito punched that void, the name came to his mind!

The God of Shinobi!


At that moment, his mind went blank, he looked as if he got struck by thunder, and his eyes got widened to the extreme.

“Impossible! It turned out to be him! Why is he here?!”

The moment he thought about it, a horrifying shock force suddenly fallen, sweeping the entire front, and all the ninjas in the sea, including him, got shattered.

The Shock wave swept across the seal, smashing that monstrous wave. With that hit, that enormous wave collapsed with countless of shocked gazes!

Everyone on that ship got stunned, looking at this scene.

At that moment, they didnt even know how to feel about this.

Under that powerful shock wave, the violent wave of hundred of meters stagnated for a moment, then got shattered directly.

Even Haku and Kimimaru, who have seen Naitos power before, couldnt watch such a scene calmly.

After solving this problem, Naito yawned, then with a lazy expression, he returned to his room.

“Dont let anyone bother me.”

“Yes! Naito-Sama.”

Haku and Kimimaru answer at the same time.

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