The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 393: Persecution

Chapter 392: Hyuga Hiashi

Hinata disappeared suddenly, and no matter how hard the Cloud Shinobi though, he couldnt figure out how did that happened.

Thus, he didnt dare to even think about it, and fled desperately, with evident fear in his eyes.

The fact that someone has managed to take that little girl from his hand without him even noticing is enough for him to know that this guys strength should absolutely be terrifying!

Such a person can never be a ninja from the Hyuga Clan. Who is he?!!

Suddenly, the Shinobi stopped moving; at that moment, he knew who has taken Hinata from his hands.

His forehead got filled with cold sweat, and with endless fear in his eyes, he thought, “It turned out to be him!”

Why is he in Konoha!

The Shinobi was trembling, and he started to feel his body becoming stiff. Even if he wanted to take fall back, he couldnt; his body wouldnt let him!

He felt like if theres a terrible pressure, pressing his body, making him almost paralyzed.

Under this massive pressure, he couldnt even lift a finger, let alone falling back!

At this moment, Naito was standing in front of him, calmly on a roof. But he wasnt looking at him; instead, he was smiling at the little girl he was holding in his arms.

Her short hair was a bit messy, and her eyes were closed, her cheeks had a rosy touch on them, which made them look cute. She was trembling out of cold; she was only wearing a pajama.

Is this Hinata?

Shes a little bit cuter than expected.


At that time, Hiashi was rushing in the streets, with his Byakugan wide open.

However, he couldnt catch the second were Naito took Hinata from that Shinobis hands!

Hiashi was worthy of being the head clan of the Hyuga. No matter how hard the shock was, he could still remain calm for the entire time.

After coming to the street, Hiashi didnt look at the Shinobi, who kidnapped Hinata, but instead, he looked up at Naito, with evident respect.


He didnt know why Naito came to Konoha, and couldnt understand why he helped his daughter Hinata, but he did, and this was the most important thing.

Moreover, even if Naito didnt, he was the God of Shinobi, and as the head clan of the Hyuga, he must pay his respect to him!

“Its kind of surprising how careless the Hyuga clan can be.”

Naito, who was holding Hinata in his hands, looked down at Hiashi, then stepped down from the roof.

Naito stepped on the void, then walked down, step by step, as if he was taking an invisible staircase, then stood in front of Hiashi.

This scene has also let Hiashi fully confirm that it was really him.

“Im truly sorry, Naito-Sama. Thank you, thank you for saving my little girl.”

The sorrow was evident on Hiashis face. Indeed, such an incident will be considered as a disgrace for the entire Hyuga Clan!

Looking at him, Naito only smiled, which made Hiashi even more confused.

He kept calm outside, but deep inside his heart, he was worried, he couldnt find an answer to his previous question; why did he save Hinata? Is he also interested in the Byakugan eyes?

But this doesnt make sense at all. With Naitos power, the Byakugan eyes are nothing to him; actually, the entire Clan, is nothing!

Naito has already suppressed the entire Shinobi World, he is the God of Shinobi!

“Is this your daughter, whats her name?”


Hiashi carefully answered Naitos question.

At that moment, Hiashi was more concerned about what Naito want to do. That was the important thing. After all, he saved his daughter, its clear he doesnt want to harm them or anything!

In any case, he must not offend Naito!

At the same time, Hiashi was keeping an eye on the Shinobi, who kidnapped Hinata.

But this was only making the situation even worse for Hiashi, the guy looked stunned, trembling with fear; still, he was standing there like a nail, unable to move as if he was bound by some kind of a force, which made Hiashi feel very scared.

Frightened to the point that he was feeling like if his body was sinking!

But what was below him is hard ground, why is he feeling this way?!

Suddenly Hiashi heard the sounds of broking bones. Naito was holding Hinata, and he didnt do anything special actions, but there was no fourth person here.

The Shinobi looked extremely terrified, he never expected that kidnapping a girl from the Hyuga Clan would provoke the God of Shinobi!

Its an unbelievable thing. How could the Hyuga Clan be related to Yuu Naito!

He had an extreme feeling of regret. He wanted to ask Naito for mercy, but he couldnt even make a sound.

Suddenly a touch of despair flashed in his eyes.


Finally, every single bone in the Shinobis body got broken and fell on the ground with the blood splashing all over the place, yet he couldnt even emit a scream at the end.

And Naito never looked at him from the beginning to end.

“Well, take Hinata away, shes still young, we dont want her to be scared.”

Naito looked at Hiashi, handed him Hinata, then Hiashi subconsciously reached out to take her over, and at the same time, kept looking at him with a look of surprise.

It seems that Naito really cares about Hinata, which was merely weird.

Naito didnt wait for Hiashi to figure out the situation and suddenly disappeared. The former didnt even notice how Naito has left; he looked as if he has vanished out of thin air.

At that moment, Hiashi couldnt help but show a touch of awe…

However, it just happened that Hinata has also started her practice. If Naito really cares about her, he wouldnt mind taking her as his disciple, then they will be directly leaning on a big tree and the kind of the tall one too!

However, after thinking about it, Hiashi couldnt help but laugh.

He felt like maybe he was just overthinking.

Although Hinata was his daughter, the princess of the Hyuga Clan, her identity was completely worthless in front of Naito. Even the entire Clan is not much in front of him. He could he even know about her?

Not to mention that the moment Naito disappear, he would never be able to find him again, and even if he does, he wasnt sure that Naito would accept her.

Its estimated, that Naito just happened to be in Konoha, and saw Hinata being kidnapped, and just saved her.

In any case, he was really grateful that Naito saves his daughter.

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