The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 393: Persecution

. You should surrender yourself.”

After Konohas Shinobi arrived, only Hiashi was standing there with Hinata on the field. Its not difficult to speculate that he was the one who killed that Shinobi to save his daughter.

The Cloud ninja came quickly and recovered the body of that Shinobi, they failed to figure out the specific reason for his death, but every bone in his body was broken, it looked like he was attacked by a soft hand technique user.

In this case, there was no room for doubt.

“Someone else has done it, I didnt kill him.”

Hiashi shouted with a firm expression.

“None sense!”

“Its clear that youre the one who killed our leader!”

The Cloud ninjas screamed at Hiashi. Hinata behind him looked frightened, while she was grabbing her fathers clothes tightly.

Hiashi didnt have time to comfort her, and stared at the Cloud Shinobi coldly, saying: “Its not me who killed him, how many times do I need to repeat myself, so you could understand? If I had killed that man who wanted to cause pain to my family, I would have already admitted it!”

“But you said someone else has killed him!”

“Yes, point it out for us then!”

The Cloud ninjas have already foreseen such a situation a long ago. They knew that the relationship between Konoha and the major clans was very poor.

They knew that Sarutobi will force the Hyuuga to choose one of their clansmen. Of course, the latter wouldnt have wasted such an opportunity to weaken the Hyuga.

“Hiashi! Only you and Hinata were present at the time. You cant say that your daughter has killed him!”

Sarutobi stared at Hiashi as his attitude became extremely aggressive.

The Cloud Shinobi followed and stared at him, and for a second, the momentum seemed to get heavier.

If he was an ordinary person, he would have collapsed from such a momentum, but Hiashi was the head of the Hyuga clan, and he had a heart of a steal.

“Even if youre the head clan of the Hyuga, you must pay with your life for killing our leader! You cant just say that this little girl has killed him.” The Shinobi shouted at Hiashi.

“I said I didnt kill him.”

Hiashi replied firmly again. He didnt know what to say else, Naito has saved his daughter, and he wouldnt just put the blame on him; although, he knew that no one would be stupid enough offend him, that if they would even believe him…

What should he do, continue on resisting, or saying it was Naito?

The Shinobi stared at him, then took out his weapon: “If its not you, then who killed him? You must give us an explanation! Who dared to kill our leader?!”

Facing the fierce of the Cloud Shinobi, Hinata got startled, and hide behind her father, who was watching these men walking toward him step by step.

Hinata grabbed her fathers hand tightly, while she looked extremely frightened, fearing that they will kill him because of her.

At that moment, a hand suddenly patted her little head, as if it to calm her.

But this wasnt Hiashis hand, it came from behind her.

Hinata froze for a moment, then couldnt help but turn around to see someone who she didnt know.

His face was calm and safe, which made her heart somehow get settled a little.

“Dont be afraid.”

Naito smiled at Hinata slightly, then walked past her to the forefront, and glanced at the Cloud Shinobi.


It was at the moment when Naito appeared, all the actions and expressions of everyone got suddenly stagnant!

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