The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 395: Itachi Vs. kimimaro

Chapter 394: I Heard You Wanna Kill The Murderer

The atmosphere in the air suddenly disappointed by Naitos sudden appearance. Everyone became so quiet then.

Looking at Naito, who finally showed up, Hiashi let a sigh of relief.

What he was worried about is that Naito would have already left Konoha. Otherwise, as long as Naito in Konoha, he will definitely show up since he was the one who killed that guy.

“Who… is this guy?”

Hinata also felt the change in the atmosphere, watching Naito walking from her side to the front, she couldnt help but whisper to her father, with a surprised expression on her face.

“Hinata, dont be rude.” Hiashi said solemnly, “Hes the man who saved you last night!”

Upon hearing that, Hinata got more surprised. Looking at Naitos back, her cheeks got covered with a lovely flush.

She knew that a guy has saver her last night, and from the respectful tone of her father, she thought that it should be a very old elder, but she didnt expect him to be so young, even younger than her father!

Hinata was curious, why her father would be so respectful in front of a young man like Naito.

Under her curious gaze, Naito was already in the center of the field.

Everyone looked confused. It was an incredible thing for the God of Shinobi, Yuu Naito, to appear so suddenly in front of them, yet no one doubted Naitos identity.

On such an occasion, who would dare to transform into his look and come out to make a joke!

Moreover, the people who are present are all ninjas, even if they are not perceptual ones, they can easily feel the vast and unreachable terror power coming out of Naito!

Naito didnt reveal his momentum, even his eyes didnt look sharp, but with just taking a few steps, the Cloud Shinobis momentum got dissipated.

Naito smiled at them, then said with a light tone, that it seemed to emit in everyones ears.

“Ive heard that youre looking… For the one who killed your comrade?”


The Cloud Shinboi didnt dare to answer, or maybe they didnt know how to respond.

They simply felt that Naitos appearance was like pouring cold water on their body, making them trembling and unable to react for a moment. Although he didnt show the slightest killing intent, his expression only made all of them feel shocked.

The Cloud party was present here in order to make an alliance treaty with Konoha. The lowest-ranked ninja between them would be at least an Elite-Chunin, and the majority of them were Jonin. These peoples level was more than enough to have a general understanding of how strong the God of Shinobi should be.

Some of these people have even encountered Naito in the Third Shinobi World War and saw the shocking scene where Naito suppressed the Nibi, which made them feel chills on the back of their neck when they saw Naito this time.

But this was unbelievable, why would the Hyuga Clan have such a strong relationship with Naito? Why would he step up to help them? Did they made him his leader?!!

This is just incredible!

The entire world would love to have such a relationship with Naito, hell the major villagers would kill for such a relationship, let alone a single clan!

The leading Shinobi looked extremely terrified, the embarrassment looked evident in his eyes, when he said: “Well, we were just looking for a guy who killed our leader…”

“No need too, Im the one who killed your leader.” Naito didnt even raise his eyelids, then continued faintly, “So, what are you going to do about it?”

Hearing this sentence made all the people at the field feel stunned, even Sarutobi looked somewhat surprised.

It was more like, “Im the one who killed it, and you cant do anything about it!”

Even someone like Sarutobi wouldnt be able to say such a thing, the Cloud Shinobi would have attacked immediately, and the war between the Cloud and Konoha would have broken out after that, but the person who said this sentence was Naito, and they wont pull out such a move in front of him.

If they dare to provoke him, he would just crush them along with their village, and at most, the Cloud Village will end up apologizing to him.

“Whats wrong? didnt you said that the murder should pay for the death of your leaders with his own life?”

Naitos tone had a touch of ridicule and contempt in it. It was evident that these guys were looking for the Byakugan eyes from the beginning.

But leaving all of that behind, he was really interested in what the Cloud Shinobi will do after they said their gonna take the murderouss life.

The leading Shinobi was sweating a lot. Whether Naito was the one who killed their leader, or the head clan of the Hyuga, it was evident that he needed to forget about this whole situation and leave for once.

Originally, Sarutobi wanted to use this opportunity to weaken the Hyuga Clan, but he didnt expect the situation to turn this way around.

Suddenly an idea flashed in the Cloud Shinobis head, and after he took a deep breath, he immediately said: “Yes, I just found out the evidence that our leader has betrayed our village with his actions. Thank You, Naito-Sama, for bringing that traitor to justice.”

“Yes, thats it.”

After he said that, he looked at his fellow companions, and all of them squeezed out an ugly smile.

Looking at their funny expressions, the Hyuga Clansmen, and Konoha Shinobi laughed har, and even Hiashis expression looked a bit unnatural at that moment.

At the same time, including Sarutobi, everyone shared one feeling in their hearts; an unlimited admiration for the God of Shinobi, Yuu Naito!

What a legend!

They wouldnt show such an expression even to Sarutobi in his prime time!

These Shinobi were Elites, they wouldnt be afraid of death!

Even before coming to Konoha, these men have already been psychologically prepared to die.

However, as ninjas if they were going to die, they felt like they would need to die meaningfully, meaningless death is what they feared.

Dying by slap will be the most disgraceful meaningless death ever, their names wouldnt even be engraved on a monument.

What would they put there? Died bravely from a slap?

Then what? Causing their entire village to get hit by the range of the god? They will just end up being regarded as a sinner!

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