The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 397: The Sixth Path

Chapter 396: Hamuras Descendants

Holding the Kunai, Itachi rushed toward Kimimaru; he knew that the latter wouldnt have the time to avoid his attack.

However, Itachi suddenly stopped before reaching him.

To be precise, he was stopped by someone who grabbed him by the hand.


No matter how reluctantly calm he looked, he was extremely horrified inside. He was using his Sharingan the entire time. How could someone suddenly appear in front of him without he notice it?

His speed should be incredible!

Itachi knew that his Sharingan, in the worst case, he would at least capture the after-image of the movement. Even the fastest Shinobis in Konoha wouldnt fool his eyes.

However, when Itachi saw the person who grabbed him, he immediately gave on resistence and revealed a respectful expression.


When he saw Itachi once when he was a child, he didnt know much about him. After that incident, he collected various information, and his knowledge can be said to have grown much, especially about the legend of Yuu Naito; he extremely admired him.

It seems to be clear now, in addition to space-time ninjutsu, theres also the God of Shinobi, Yuu Naito, whom the Sharingan cant see his movements.

Naito let go of Itachis hand and turned to look at Kimimaru and Haku.

When the two saw Naito, they immediately stopped moving. The bones on Kimimarus body got retracted, and the ice on the earth melted, then they greeted Naito.


When Itachi saw that, he got stunned.

Naito glanced with a touch of strangeness in his eyes at the two of them, saying, “Why on earth are the two of you fighting him?”

“Sorry, Naito-Sama, I thought they were scouts from another village.”

Itachi, who was wearing Konohas guard uniform, bowed down toward Naito.

After he graduated, he couldnt join any team because he graduated very early. In addition, he was the eldest son of the Uchiha current Patriarch; thus, he joined the Konoha Police Force.

While he was bowing toward Naito, his eyes returned to normal, but before he does that, Itachi couldnt hold back the curiosity in his heart; using his Sharingan, he took a look at Naitos body.

It was this simple glance that shocked the boy.

What a scene!

Before Itachis eyes, he saw something that he has never seen since he first awakened his Sharingan!

Under the perception of the Sharingan, Naitos body looked like an endless abyss or a vast sky!

In that starry sky, there were six dazzling stars, and in each one of them, a horrible flowing of Chakra, it was like a vast sea brewing.

You dont need to add them all up, just one of the six is far more powerful than his fathers Chakra, who has been observed before by Itachi, and even more than the Third Hokage!

Its simply incredible!

Itachi used this bow-down gesture to cover the shock in his eyes, and at the same time, he couldnt help but murmur, “It seems that the legends are true. The power of Naito-Sama is god-like. Unreachable!”

Itachi thought that he was covering up well for himself, but in fact, all his action, even that little glance that he took with his Sharingan, got all captured in Naitos perception.

Itachi was really different than other children. If he didnt know him well, he would have doubted that this young body contains another soul.

Of course, even if Itachi is a genius, he is not much for Naito, but he seems to be more than enough for Kimimaru and Haku.

After applying the first stage of the Sage Mode transformation, coupled with the twos unique Bloodline Limits, Kimimaru and Haku became almost invincible to children of the same age.

Itachi was slightly older than them, but he was already stronger.

Naito thought for a while, but he didnt say anything, he just smiled, and left.

“Kimimaru, Haku, lets go.”

“Yes, sir.”

Kimimaru nodded, then followed Naito, but he couldnt help but look back at Itachi. At that moment, Itachi was finally back to being himself and woke up from his shock.

Looking at this young man, who wasnt that older than him but made him feel a lot of pressure, Kimimaru couldnt help but feel his heart on fire.

“Whats your name?”

“Uchiha Itachi.”

“Okay, Ill remember it, and I hope we complete this one someday.”

After that, Kimimaru followed Naito and disappeared into the woods.

Looking at Kimimaru and Haku leaving, Itachi stood there, feeling a little bit envious that these two could follow Naito and get his guidance.

“Kimimaru… Huh?”


Shortly after Naito took Kimimaru away, a bunch of weird puppets appeared in Konoha, they seemed to be observing the village. More accurately, they were monitoring the Hyuga Clan.

These puppets appeared out of thin air, even Naito didnt notice them before they showed up, one second ago they didnt exist, as if they have used space ninjutsu.

At this moment, in the remote horizon, Moon.

This moon was made by the Sixth Path Otsutsuki Hagoromo and his younger brother Hamura.

After sealing Otsutsuki Kaguya, the Sage of Six Paths sought the true meaning of peace in Ninja World and created Ninshu, then later, people evolved it to Ninjutsu, while Otsutsuki Hamura guarded the moon and his descendant after him, who lived on it for generations. Moreover, their Bloodline was extremely pure.

“Is that the strongest ninja in the world? Is he created by the Sage of Sixth Paths? He almost caught me after just a little observation. Hes terrifying. Why does he have such horrifying power?”

The middle-aged man in a strange white robe, with strange tomoe in his eyes, looked confused, saying: “This Yuu Naito seems to have a special connection with the Sage of Sixth Paths, as well as our ancestor…”

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