The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 397: The Sixth Path

sformation. And he estimated that when he opens the Seventh Gate, he will directly step into the Sixth Path Level, without the need to rely on the Juubis power.

The Rinnegan wont be particularly helpful to Naito, and the two werent his own eyes in the first place, and transplantation will always have disadvantages.

The only reason he was keeping them is as a second choice; if Kushina somehow fealed to step into the Sixth Path Level in the future, he will then use these eyes along the Kyuubis Chakra to help her.

After all, the person that Naito cared about the most is Kushina. Even with the Sage Mode transformation, her body will eventually die.

Kushina learned a lot of secrets from Naito, and she could roughly guess why Naito brought back these eyes with him, so he couldnt help but smile.

She gently grasped Naitos hand and placed it on her heart, and with tears in her eyes, she smiled, then whispered softly: “You know that theres no need for you to be so considerable, everything will be fine, Naito.”

Naito smiled and rubbed her little head, then gently wrapped his arms around her.

Naito didnt say anything back to Kushina, but his eyes seemed extremely sharp; all that he truly desired is to go to the end of the world and stay with her forever.

For this reason, no matter who stand in his way, he will overcome him to see the end of that road!

Kushina felt his body, and noticed that there was a change in his breath. She couldnt help but feel surprised at that moment, and hurriedly looked at him, to found that he had already closed his eyes.

Without disturbing him, Kushina showed a gentle smile, then turned slightly away, leaving him alone in the room.

At this time, Naito seemed to be merged into the world…

The way he was breathing seemed special.

When the body is full of natural energy, the Sage Mode can help the body communicate with endless natural energy in the world.

However, what Natio was experiencing wasnt that simple this time!

Naito was feeling a sense of detachment in his soul, even though his body was fully integrated with the world.

This was something above the world, above nature.

When the Sage Mode reaches the final stage, it will contain the properties of water, fire, earth, and thunder, plus the attributes of Yin and Yang, you will finally obtain the power of the sixth path, which is the Sixth Path Mode.

Strictly speaking, the Sage Mode can be divided into three stages. The first is the ordinary one, the second is the Perfect Sage Mode, and the third is the Sixth Paths Senjutsu, which is the Sixth Path Mode.

After a long transformation, Naitos soul has finally broken into the final stage!

In Naitos perception, his soul extended infinitely, it felt as if it has detached from his body, it felt as if it has reached the edge of the world.

On the edge of the world, it seems there was a thin layer stopping Naito from reaching the front, but he felt that he can pierce it just by reaching out with his hand.

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