The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 399: Haguromo Naito And Hamura

Chapter 398: The Sage Of the Six Path

“What is this thing?”

Naito looked at that thin layer, and couldnt help but poke it gently.

Although it looks fragile, that layer had an extreme resistance, Naito barely touched before it gently pushed his fingers back.

However, when he did, Nait finally understood what it exactly was!

Naito was inside the spiritual world, and this layer was the edge of the void!

The moment he understood that Naito knew what he needed to do next.

“If I break it, I will go out, and reach beyond the perfection, I will finally put my foot into six paths powers…”

Looking at the barrier in the spiritual world, Naitos heart flashed with a bright light.

This spiritual world was like an eggshell. Inside it, Naitos soul got tempered and strengthened.

But since Naitos soul was finally metamorphosis, it needed to get out of this shell. This was like an ultimate leap toward perfection.

With the help of Indra and Asuras Chakra, or by awakening the Rennigan, this so-called barrier could be easily torn apart. Even by becoming the Juubis Jinchuriki, the soul could take this leap directly.

Becoming a sage of the six paths cannot be achieved only by walking through one road. But the one that Naito has taken was obviously a hell of a ride!

Naito was able to feel the restraint of the spiritual space on him, but with a sharp look on his face, he stretched his hands out, trying to resist it and tear the barrier apart.

With every small tear on that barrier, an endless force was gathering together and blessing Naitos body, breaking away from the spiritual worlds barrier!


The barrier of the soul got suddenly torn apart!

The moment this gap appeared, it spread directly to the surroundings, and in the blink of the eye, it was densely spreading over the entire spiritual world.

It didnt take long before everything fell apart.

When the soul space got completely disintegrated, it shrank inward, turning into pure and incomparable energy, then got poured into Naitos body, and finally blended entirely with him.

It looked like second, but it felt like endless time has passed.

Naito stood there quietly. After the last ray of energy got merged, Naito finally felt something he couldnt perceive before.

After breaking the spiritual world, his soul finally stepped into the Six Paths Level, and Naitos consciousness appeared in a strange realm.

It was a vast world, without earth, or a sky, a world with margins, and it seemed that there was nothing but a vast white.

Theres nothing like the spiritual world concept, and the distance itself didnt exist here. To be precise, here was the gap between the Afterlife realm, and the Shinobi World.

“I didnt expect that you could come this far.

A voice suddenly came from behind Naito. When the latter turned around, he saw the soul of an old man, wearing a robe with six tomoe on it, he had a pair of the Rinnegan eyes and sat cross-legged in the air.

The moment he saw him, Naito could recognize his identity. There was no doubt about it; the man in front of him was the Sage of the Sixt Paths.

In fact, Naito could sense his will the moment he stepped into this realm.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki!

The Six Paths looked at Naito, with a touch of a surprise in his eyes, but seemed more like curiosity.

Naito could feel the vast power of the Six Paths, but in essence, he was no different from him.

Although this was the founder of the Ninjutsu himself, the moment Naito stepped into this realm, his soul became in the state of the Six Paths Level. With one thought, Naito could open the Seventh Gate in his body, and complete the transformation of the Sage of the Six Paths.

From Naito, the Six Paths is no longer that kind of hard-to-reach existence, hes already standing in an equal position to him!

Staring at him, Naito said with doubt: “Have you been watching?”

“Ive been here all the time, watching the changes in the Shinobi World, Ive never thought you would really make it here.”

Hagoromo gently swung his scepter towards the white space below, and a picture of the Shinobi Realm suddenly appeared on the ground.

Sitting there, as if he was sitting on the clouds, he was overlooking the entire world, and could almost see every corner of it.

Even Naito could hardly do this, Hagoromo is indeed the closest to Kaguya, in other words, the closest to the existence of a god.

“So its just like this?”

Naito looked down at the image that the Six Paths had created, and a flash of inexplicable light appeared in his eyes.

Although he knew all the plots in the Original, Naito still felt that theres a lot of things that need answers, such as, how didnt Hagoromo know about Black Zetsus existence, and if he did, why didnt he stop him and so on.

With his strength, the Six Paths can easily interfere in the Shinobi World, he can wipe out the existence of Black Zetsu, and prevent Madara from awakening the Rennigan, or even achieve his final form.

But Hagoromo didnt do anything. He kept always watching, as a spectator, quietly keeping an eye on the development of the world.

Does the Sage of the Six Paths really seek peace for the Shinobi World?

“Its meaningless to interfere with the world operate. My mother, Kaguya, used all of her strength to stop all the wars, but she methods got proven to be wrong later.

“Ninshu that Ive created was also a failure. People developed it to Ninjutsu, which completely exceeded my original intention. Now I can only hope to see the successors of Indra and Asura, and wait for the new answers.”

“However, your unexpected appearance… Showed me that maybe there are different answers.”

Hagoromo looked at the Shinobi Realm below with some complexities.

He tried to achieve it according to his own thoughts and idea but failed to guide the world to peace, so he left those thoughts to his sons, Indra and Ashura, and no longer interfered with Shinobi World and became a spectator.

Listening to the Six Paths words, and combined with what Naito has already known, he began to slightly understand his thoughts.

The Six Paths Realm can be said to be second only to Hagoromo himself. Since his birth, it has been thousands of years, and sure he had witnessed too many things.

For a man, whos considered to be a god, Hagoromo had nothing particularly to pursue; he had no selfish goal. The only thing he wanted is that people can understand each other, so the world can move towards peace.

This purpose is exactly the same as the one that Hashirama, Madara, and even Nagato had.

Hagoromo has witnessed Kaguyas era, so he believes that when power is concentrated around one person, his soul will get corrupted, and he will become a slave to power, and the world will also become a place full of fear.

For that reason, Hagoromo and his brother Hamura sealed Kaguya together and choose another path, which was to give power to others.

The Sage of the Six Paths created Ninshu by changing the form of Chakra, so that it could be owned by everyone, and connected it to each other, in order to reach a level where everyone could understand each other.

However, the creation of the Ninshu failed with the appearance of the Ninjutsu.

The Ninshu connected all the Chakra in the world, and the Ninjutsu broke that connection, turning Chakra into something unique in itself.

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