The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 399: Haguromo Naito And Hamura

my bloodline and draw all my power out, this will cause chaos to the Shinobi World again.”

After hearing these words, Hagoromo shook his head slightly and said: “Dont intervene anymore, let it be. Indras reincarnation, Uchiha Madara, once used my power, but now, things turned out to be not that bad.”

Since he has decided not to intervene with the world anymore, he always urged to let things go naturally. He knew when Madara awakened the Rennigan, but he chose not to stop him.

After all, he tried to intervene a lot before, whether it was the creation of Ninshu or the separation of the nine Bijuu, everything he has done, brought more misery to the world, even though his means were good.

“I hope so.”

Hamura laughed bitterly. Although he wasnt as strong as his brother, he was still very powerful. With his strength, he was afraid even that Naito wouldnt be able to deal with it.

Hamura shook his head, then sighed and sat next to Hagoromo. After a long silence, he closed his eyes.


Naitos consciousness returned to the Shinobi world and back to his body.

Opening his eyes, Naito stood up, then looked at the sky above. At that moment, he seemed to be able to see the Six Paths eyes watching the world.

In fact, the two had a lot of similarities. The two had rathered to watch the world without interfering.

Unless it was something related to Naito, he would be too lazy to bother participating with such things as the Shinobi wars.

Naito calmed down his heart quickly. After all, this event where he met the Six Paths was already expected. Regarding the viewpoint of peace, Naito didnt have time to think because changes in the village made him shocked for a moment.

After carefully perceiving the situation in the village, Naito got confused a little bit.

“It felt like a moment, but it actually has been nearly two years?”

Naito felt extremely shocked. Although he was aware that the process might take a long time, he still didnt expect that it will take two years.

It seems that the realm where the Six Paths was stying and the Shinobi World, didnt have the same flow rate of time.

However, Naito didnt pay much attention to it, these two years period was nothing, and it wasnt that important to Naito.

What is more important… is to open the Seventh Gate!

Instantly, and with one thought, the Seventh Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou got opened!

Naito carefully perceived the situation in his body, it seems that under the protection of his Sage Soul, the opening of the Seventh Gate didnt have any impact on his body, and it didnt even need to adapt to its power. Once opened, it was perfect!


With the opening of the seventh gate, Naitos Chakra raised to the peak, and finally reached a higher level!

And as soon as it reached that level, Naito Perfect Sage Mode naturally began to transform, and at the same time, all the natural energy between heaven and earth started rushing toward Naitos body.

Its difficult for ordinary people to feel the flow of natural energy, but anyone who has once trained his sage mode, or undergone the transformation of the sage mode, could feel that massive natural energy flowing!

At this moment, some people could sense it, such as Kimimaro, Haku, Kushina… Every single one of them turned his head and looked at the direction of the flowing of the natural energy.

“This is…”

“Is that were Naito-Sama is stying?”

Perceiving that insane amount of natural energy, whether it was Konan, Tsunade, or Kushina, almost everyone looked shocked.

The flow was insane, it was massive to the point that some ordinary people could feel the air seems to be depressed!

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