The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 4: Shinobi Academy

Devil fruits, while it grants incredible power to its users, had a major drawback. Users become weak when exposed to seawater and Kairoseki, a trade-off if you will. In this world, Yu was not certain if he was also burdened with its weaknesses.

If he too had it, then battles over bodies of water would not really be conducive to his survival. Even if there are no Kairoseki in this world, being a shinobi would still include missions and battles over bodies of water. That would really decrease his effectiveness and most likely, his enemies would quickly catch on to his weaknesses and use it against him.

So he decided to have a controlled test using a simple wooden barrel

Since hes an outsider, the village only appropriated the cheapest of appliances for him, he did not mind though as long he had something to use.

He filled the barrel with water, took off his clothes, and jumped right in the barrel.

He squatted and soaked his full body in the water

One second… Two seconds… Nothing

A minute later, he still didnt feel weak

[Sure enough, the weakness doesnt exist in the shinobi world] Yu thought

Yu stood up, his face clearly filled with relief. As the weakness doesnt extend to the shinobi world. That is to say, there is no devils curse in this world. With his Gura-Gura no Mi power already being a blood-line limit and no longer a devil fruit

[Thats great, I wont have to worry about being a hammer if I get knocked into a body of water] Yu said to himself

Just as Yu was getting out of the barrel, his door was abruptly pushed open.

[Yuu-kun! Are you home?] (t/n: I think gonna go with Yoru Yuu from now on, to give it a more naruto world feel, with yoru “night” from jp and yuu from yumao “feather” from Chinese)

As the voice passed over, a red-headed little girl peeked inside his room.

[Uhh… I can.. explain] Yuu desperately wracking his brain for an excuse

Yuu, a little dazed, since he was only testing if he has a weakness to water. He did not lock the door and it was proving to be a costly mistake.

This is not the main issue, however, the main issue was it was already night time, why did Kushina suddenly enter his room… at night!?

[What! Ah!… Ah…AHHHHHH]

Finally, Kushina screamed, closed the door with a bang!

[If you go to school tomorrow youre gonna die!!]

The shockwave from the closing door reached the whole neighborhood with some neighbors peeking their heads checking out what happened.

[The hell!? Shes the one barging on peoples rooms and she had the gall to be angry?? My door was almost destroyed for Kamis sake] a disgruntled Yuu said as he picked up his clothes and started dressing up.

For those who are confused, that was Uzumaki Kushina. Shes also an outsider, like Yuu, but the difference is she came from an allied village called Uzushiogakure (Hidden Whirlpool)

As Yuu finished dressing up, he opened his door with a pained expression and sure enough, Kushina was still standing outside, her face bulging red with anger

[Do you want to say anything else?] Yuu quickly tried to change the topic

Yuu and Kushina are both treated outsiders and came to the village around the same time, they noticed that they were both alone in the village so they got to know each other.

Yuu realized who Kushina was from the characteristic red-hair, and the fact that she was from Uzu, he deliberately tried to get close to her. He succeeded and made a good impression, the two quickly became good friends.

Even if the treatment of outsiders is quite bad, Kushina got it a bit easier as she came from an allied village. While Yuu was seen as an outsider with little to no background despite his tragic backstory.

Since Kushina‘s identity is not just a simple outsider, the relationship between the two gradually changed, even so, Kushina never hated Yuu and was still willing to help him every time as Yuu was there for her in her lowest point, she was also willing to be there for him.

[Im afraid that youll be hurt tomorrow, so Im here to give you something in advance] Kushina said while her little face flushed, as she handed a small bag over.

When Yuu heard her say that, he remembered that there would be a test tomorrow. Under normal circumstances, one-on-one testing is nothing. The teachers were always facilitating the fights to prevent injury occurring among the students.

It is not the same with Yuu, academy teachers dont want to see outsiders with the native academy students. To force them to drop from the program, their treatment in the academy is poor, meaning as long as theres no lethal injury, everything is permitted. So in these type of tests, he is often injured

[Thanks, Kushina-chan] Yuu said as he took the bag

He opened it and checked its contents, Yuu saw some healing ointments and herbs.

Yu felt touched by her gesture, and genuinely wanted to say thanks, but he felt strange about the atmosphere and felt his lips twitch.

[Who wants your thanks, you lazy baka!] Kushina said, with her face still flushed

Watching her so shy and angry, Yuu wanted to laugh but held himself as he was detecting large amounts of bloodlust from the petite redheads direction

[Even if you cannot perform ninjutsu, I can still protect you Yuu-kun. Dont try to be brave, please surrender quickly] Kushina said as she turned around and left


Yuu watched Kushina‘s back as she disappeared into the night. He was quite surprised at what she said

[Surrendering quickly for my own good?]

[Fuck that!]

[I wont be sheltered, Ill stand on my own two feet damn it!]

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