The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 401: Shattering Space

Chapter 400: Six Paths Mode

The closest to Naitos room was naturally Kushina.

After sensing that violent run of natural energy, Kushina stepped into Naitos room then hurriedly looked around. Instantly, a smile got drawn on her pretty face.

She didnt expect that the moment she will leave that room, Naito will practice for nearly two years without eating or drinking. He seemed as if he was dead, which made her even more worried.

Even when Kurama told her that Naito was going under some kind of soul transformation, she was still anxious. She has come to check on him every day, but she never dared to bother him or try to awake him.

Feeling that horrifying natural energy, madly getting poured into Naitos body, Kushina knew that Naito should have finally completed his practice, and now he was going through the final stage.

Kushina didnt rush toward him but stood quietly at the door, waiting. At the same time, Tsunade and the other who got attract by the change of the natural energy got also blocked by her; she didnt allow anyone to disturb Naito.

In addition to Naito, only a few people, such as Tsunade and Konan, were able to enter Naitos room.

In everyones perception, the natural energy was flowing wildly at the center of the room where Naito first sat. And the surrounding seemed to have turned into a horrifying swirl!

Even the air has become extremely heavy due to this strange gathering of natural energy.

At this moment, they could almost feel Naitos vast power, and what was more shocking that this force seemed to be coming from a deep place as if it was a whole another realm!

In the room.

At this time, Naito was sitting cross-legged, floating in the air.

With this continuous absorbing of natural energy, Naitos silver hair started to lose its color, and as it became longer, it looked more like snow-white.

At the same time, the cloak on his back changed, and a lot of temoe forming six paths pattern appeared on the back.

Immediately after, a black sphere emerged from his back, then a second, then a third…

When the nine Truth-Seeking Balls emerged, suddenly, a black material melted then converged, and turned into a scepter. Holding the scepter in his hand, Naito stood tall with his new body, as if he was an existence above all things.

This is precisely the Six Paths Mode!

Naito finally opened his eyes slowly; first, he noticed the changes in his clothes, then looked at the scepter that he was holding in his hand.

“This is the Six Paths Mode? did the merging of the Yin and Yang create those Truth-Seeking balls?”

The scepter in Naitos hand suddenly turned into liquid, and at will, it changed into a sword, then a shield.

It was in a state almost exactly the same as that of the Kusanagi Sword, but this one was black, while the Kusanagi was gold.

Naitos Kusanagi sword can be regarded as one of the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths, because it was almost constructed of natural energy, and even if it doesnt reach the strength of the Truth-Seeking ball, it will not be easily wiped out by it.

The power of the Truth-Seeking ball comes from the blending of the Ying and Yang releases, which also contains all the other Chakra Natures of the wind, thunder, water, fire, and earth. It is the ultimate technique. It could even destroy a reincarnated by the Edo Tensei.

Now that Naito has finally awakened his Six Paths Mode and got the Truth-Seeking Ball, he had no longer any great use for the Kusanagi sword.

At this time, Naito felt that his body was in a strange, elusive state, unlike when he opened the first six gates of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, after opening the seventh one, he couldnt feel the power following in his body.

What he can feel now is not how strong he is, but… how fragile everything else.

Naito could feel that everything around him very weak, to the point, that he could destroy it with a thought!

Naito felt like he could even destroy the Truth-Seeking Ball if he wanted. Awakening his Sage Soul, opening the Seventh Gate, and finally obtaining his Six Paths Mode made Naito reach a stage where even he doesnt know how strong he is.

After a while, Naito tried to recover the Truth-Seeking ball, and the scepter back. With a thought, all of his strength converged, and the orbs and scepter disappeared. His clothes also returned to normal, but his hair didnt change back to how it was.

“It seems that once the Six Paths Mode is possessed, the user will be in full control of his power. This power is completely beyond common sense, its different from anything in this world.”

Taking control of his own power, Naito diactivated the Six Paths Mode, then muttered.

Although he has withdrawn from the Six Paths Mode, Naito couldnt feel a reduction in his strength; it was as if he didnt deactivate the Six Paths Mode. It was a permanent transformation, just like the Perfect Sage Mode from before.

In this mode, Natio can directly levitate in the air without using his Shock Force, but deactivating the Six Path Mode will make him fall on the ground.

Naito turned on the Six Paths Mode, and his body floated again and continued to understand the power he has just gained.

Outside the room, Kushina and the other looked extremely stunned.

“What… is this?!”

If they could sense Naitos power before, now it seems to be completely impossible, in their perception, Naito seemed to be blend with the entire world!

The power of the six paths, let alone Kimimaro and Haku, even combined with Tsunade, and Kushina will hardly reach that level. Perceiving his power, they could only sense that it was endless!

Of all the people in here, who have only completed the fourth stage of the transformation of the sage mode and moving toward the final stage, the fifth, Kushina, could barely sense the limit of his power.

And that was only possible with the help of the Kyuubis Chakra!

Natural energy has wholly restored its calm state. But only Kushina could sense Naito inside the room. As for the others, they could only feel a sense of vastness and nothingness.

Tsunade and the others were curious, wondering if Naito had cultivated some kind of a Ninjutsu, which caused such a big movement, but the only one who could roughly guess the situation was Kushina.

Feeling how the natural energy flow calmed again, and the room got quiet, Kushina opened the door.

Naito was sitting there floating in the air, checking his black scepter. But still, he was aware of the situation outside.

When Kushina and Tsunade came in, Naito smiled at them and said: “I didnt mean to make such a disturbing to you at the end, but everything is okay now.”

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