The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 403: The Rinnegan and The Tenseigan

Chapter 402: The Last Gate

At this instant, the thick clouds got almost completely torn apart. Even Naito didnt know how much got sucked into the space fissure. However, no matter how intense the suction force is, Naito floated in the air unmovable.

However, the fissures in this space didnt last too long, and the healing began almost immediately. The crack coalesced quickly, and then the suction force dissipated even faster!

Almost in the blink of an eye, space returned to normal.

Even so, the cloud under Naitos feet, have also been torn wide open, the scope was precisely the size of the entire Rain Village!

The sun was shining down on the people below in the village who were looking at the sky, shocked.

“What happened?!”

“The clouds… actually disappeared?!”

Countless ninjas and civilians looked extremely shocked. Just a moment ago, the cloud was covered with dense clouds, and the rain was pouring the ground. Then almost instantly, the clouds dissipated, and the sun shone down.

The raindrops on the countless building around the village sparkled with a gold color as if it were a dreamlike world.

Although the location of Naito is above the clouds, some people still found his figure there and recognized him instantly.

There arent many ninjas that clan flies in the Shinobi World, and who would dare to fly in the sky of the Rain Village; no doubt theres only one person, that is, Yuu Naito the God of Shinobi!

“There! It should be Naito-Sama developing a new Ninjutsu.”

“What kind of Ninjutsu that it can instantly remove the clouds from the sky…”

The ninjas of the Rain Village looked at the sky, then murmured in shock; the look in their eyes was full of awe and admiration.

What happened to Naito in the Water Village two years ago wasnt know in the Shinobi World. Its also impossible for the Fourth Mizukage to publicize that Naito has come to his village and took the child of one of the strongest Clans in the country.

Counting until now, Naito has not appeared for almost five years in the Rain Village.

His name has almost become an unreachable legend. Many of the new ninjas dont know a thing about him, and even the stories they heard, they were only heard as myths, and none of them believed its true.

But now, seeing such a shocking scene with their own eyes, made these young Shinobis shocked; Yuu Naitos deeds are not just stories, hes a true legend!

Many people had once the same thought in their minds, which is the strongest God of Shinobi, Senju Hashirama, or Yuu Naito?

But unfortunately, it seems that its impossible to get an answer. After all, Senju Hashirama has long passed away, he and Naito are not from the same era.


One hit shattered the space, this kind of result was not unexpected, because Naito already managed to cause it a thin cut before awakening his Six Paths Mode.

Moreover, when the Sixth Gate got opened, he could distort the space and even condense it into a line, he could create a gap in the space for a moment, which made him expect that the seventh gate is enough to shatter the space.

Naito felt that such strength even the Truth-Seeking Orb wont withstand it, and only with his fist, he could use all of his force.

Otherwise, the Truth-Seeking Orb will get destroyed just like the scepter before.

Of course, this also means that Naitos shock can destroy Truth-Seeking Orbs!

The Six Paths Level is all about strength and flexibility. Although Naito doesnt have a space-type Ninjutsu, his terrifying physical strength made up for that; his movement speed was almost like teleportation.

As for the power of Naitos Six Paths; although its not strong enough currently, and might not be as strong as a Jinchuriki of the Juubi, he could destroy a Truth-Seeking Orb with his strength, which is already incredible!

Even at Six Paths Level, Naito was almost at the top!

The Level of the Six Paths was the final one. In Naitos view, even Kaguya belonged to this level, but at the highest point.

Naito doesnt know if theres still a big gap between him and Kaguya, but at least after excluding her, even the Sage of the Six Paths himself, Naito wont fear him.

“Then theres the last Eight Gate. How can I open this one?”

Naito didnt know where Black Zetsu has been hiding all of this time, whether he completed his plan to revive his mother or not, Naito didnt seem like he particularly cared.

Whats essential to Naito is to open the last gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.

Once he completely opens the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, even if Kaguya got revived, what could she do to him?!

After thinking for a while, Naito felt like if he wanted to open the Eight Gates, it would be something related to his Six Paths Mode.

If you put the Shock Force on aside, and forcibly divide the Six Paths level according to the strength, then Naito will be at the low rank, which should be similar to Naruto when he first got the Yang Seal from the Sage of the Six Paths in the original.

As for the Juubis Jinchuriki, Six Paths Madara, he should be in the middle rank.

And the Sage of the Six Paths, although he didnt show his real strength in the original, the fact that he had the ability to help Naruto and Sasuke step into the Six Paths Level, and dividing the Juubi into nine separate Tail-Beasts proves how enormous his Chakra is!

Theres no doubt that Hagoromos power is even more significant, and he should be at a higher rank.

As for the last, standing at the top of the Six Paths Level, the first ancestor, the source of everything, Otsutsuki Kaguya.

Naito is dividing the power of the Six Paths. Although he put himself at a lower rank, Naito still got the Shock Force, which could even shatter Kaguyas space technique, the shock force strength cannot be simply measured.

In the case of Naitos Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, the opening of the first six gates were very similar, until he reached the seventh and the standards became different, which made him believe that the eight will be also similar to the seventh.

“To open the last gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, should I rely on the Rennigan, and collect all the Bijuu, and the become the Juubis Jinchuriki?”

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