The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 404: The Hyuga Main and BranChapter houses

Chapter 403: The Rinnegan and The Tenseigan

Floating in the sky, Naito turned his head back to look at the golden-red sin in the horizon, while thinking to himself.

If he caught all the Bijuu now, wouldnt it mean that Kaguya will never be reincarnated?

However, this thought has only flashed for a moment in Naitos mind, then dissipated, replaced by a king of absolute self-confidence!

In the past, he has never been afraid of Black Zetsu, but now hes afraid?!

Although leaving all of the Bijuu free might give him the chance to resurrect Kaguya, but… then what?!

After taking a deep breath, there was a flash of light in Naitos eyes, then he flickered from the sky, and returned to his room, then took out the bottle where he kept the Rinnegan eyes.

A very ordinary glass bottle containing a liquid; in it, the Rinnegan eyes were floating up and down.

However, what led him to that bottle was a completely different feeling than before!

Something in his soul was seeking the Rinnegan eyes, some sort of desire was leading him toward it from the moment he woke up!

And the source was the Rinnegan!


Suddenly, without even waiting for Naito to react, the bottle in his hand exploded directly. The Rinnegan eyes were trembling violently, then suddenly vanished!

With this strange behavior of the Rinnegan, its force got directly poured into Naitos body and got devoured by his soul.

“This is…”

Naito obviously didnt expect that this would happen.

The Rinnegan power and Spiritual power were closely related. Naturally, its closer to Naitos soul than ordinary Chakra. In essence, it was a manifestation of the soul force.

Theres no doubt that theres no consciousness of Madara in the Rinnegan eyes. Its impossible to say that these eyes are alive.

Moreover, even if there were really Six Paths Madaras consciousness in it, todays Naito was also at the level of the Six Paths, combined with his Shock power that can even shatter the Truth-Seeking Orb, it was easy for him to wipe his awareness out.

The Rinnegan eyes soon got completely swallowed by Naitos soul.

However, these eyes were indeed extremely powerful. They were created from the combination of both Indra and Asuras Chakra, which led to the rebirth of the Six Paths Charka in the World of Shinobi. Although it was devoured by Naitos soul, it was difficult for him to instantly digest it, and become a power that belongs to him.

Naito could feel that in the depths of his soul, the Rinnegan was there, a bit by bit, digested by his soul.

This situation was very similar to the one where Naito has swallowed the Dragon Veins energy before. He observed that power, then he let his soul refine it a little by little.

“It didnt expect it to turn out like. This is totally unexpected!”

Perceiving how his soul was gradually strengthening the power of the Rinnegan, Naitos face also showed a touch of consternation.

After all, he didnt awake the Rinnegan eyes. The power of those eyes got used as a consumable and got directly swallowed by his soul. In other words, the Rinnegan was gone!

After feeling shocked for a while, Naito couldnt help but show a smile on his face, thinking how Black Zetsu had to work so hard for thousand of years to finally make someone awake these eyes.

“To be honest, this is really interesting. However, no matter how strong these eyes are, I feel like it wont be enough to open the last gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.”

After an accurate perception and comparison, Naito fell into meditation.

Now he has understood how to continue to improve his power and move toward opening the Eight Gates.

He had already seen clearly the way forward.

However, other things like the Sharingan, even if its an eternal one, wont be of much of help to him. Only the Rinnegan can do it, but where can he find another pair of these eyes? This was the problem that Naito is facing now.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in Naitos mind, and he remembered the last thing that Hagoromo has told him.

The moon… Hamura…


The only thing that he can also devour beside the Rinnegan is the Tenseigan!

The sage of the six paths had two sons, Indra and Asura, and their successors were the Uchiha, the Senju, and even the Uzumaki. They all should have the blood of the Six Paths.

Hagoromos younger brother, Otsutsuki Hamura, also have descendants. Guardians of the moons seal. Naturally, his blood didnt diverge at all, and his descendants on the moon should also have the Tenseigan.

He also has other descendants in the Shinobi World, which are the clansmen of the Hyuga Clan.

The Tenseigan is a special Dojutsu obtained by transplanting the Byakugan of the Hyuga Clan in the Shinobi World, in the bodies of Hamuras descendants on the moon.

This situation is a bit similar to Madara and Hashiramas case.

Uchiha Madara transplanted Hashirams cells in his body and combined it with his Chakra, which led to the awakening of the Rinnegan eyes.

Similarly, the Otsutsuki Clan transplanted the Hyugas Byakugan to awaken the Tenseigan eyes.

Its not essential whether the Rinnegan eyes or the Tenseigan eyes are strong or weak. As long as theyre connected to Hagoromo or Hamura, they will be enough.

And since the Rinnegan was very helpful, then Tenseigan will undoubtedly have an effect too.

But when Naito started wondering how to get these eyes, and unexpected news came to him from Konan.

“Konoha is under attack by a mysterious enemy, and the Hyuga Clan has suffered heavy losses?” after hearing Konans report, Naitos face suddenly showed a stunned expression.

According to the information reported by Konan, Naito almost instantly determined the identity of those mysterious enemies. The Otsutsuki Clan is the one that has attacked the Hyuga Clan, and the target was the Byakugan eyes.

What just made Naito startled was, why did this happen at this point in time?

“It seems that my existence alone has shifted a lot of things. In this case, that space channel to the moon should have also appeared near Konoha.”

Naito sat there and thought for a moment, while Konan, who gave Naito the report about this attack, stood there quietly beside him.

In fact, now that he had set foot on the Six Paths Level, there was no need for any space channel, it was possible for him to directly land on the moon. After all, the so-called moon in this world was nothing but a thing created by the Chibaku Tensei.

However, since theres a short road, theres no need to go so far, he only needed to go to Konoha.

Moreover, the Hyuga was being attacked, which really happened to be surprising to Naito.

According to the accurate information provided by Konan, the losses of Konoha wasnt particularly serious, but the casualties of the Hyuga Clan was more severe. The biggest problem was the death of the Hyugas Patriarch, then taking his eyes by one of the Otsutsuki clansmen!!

The Hyuga Clan is divided into two families. One with a seal that will destroy their eyes the moment they die.

Obviously, the Otsutsuki Clan came from the moon for the main branch of the Hyuga.

They didnt just decide to attack, they have been planning for a while. It seems that someone in the moon has awakened the Tenseigan eyes.

“I hope that little Hinata is fine.”

Thinking of Hinata, who he had rescued two years ago, Naito became anxious.

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