The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 405: Dont Be Afraid

Chapter 404: The Hyuga Main and BranChapter houses

Konan noticed how anxious Naito looked, which made her slightly surprised.

She naturally knew that Naito had killed a Shinobi from the Cloud in Konoha two years ago to rescue the daughter of the Hyuga Clan Patriarch. She initially thought that Naito only felt like helping, she didnt expect him to actually care.

But thinking about it at the same time, it seems that incident and this one both are related to the Byakugans eyes.

“The eldest daughter of the Hyuga Clan Patriarch, Hyuga Hinata, was not hurt, however…” Saying this, Konan paused a little, then continued, “Her condition may not be good.”

Hearing Konans word, Naito raised his eyebrows; he seemed like he understood something from her words, then a cold stare appeared in his eyelids.

Hinata is the eldest daughter of the Hyuga Clan Patriarch. In theory, she will be the next Patriarch who will inherit the Clan from her father.

But the problem is that if her father suddenly dies when shes only five years old, obviously it will be impossible for her to fill such a position in the Clan.

The struggle within the Hyuga Clan is very fierce, especially with the other half of the Clan having that cursed seal on their foreheads.

Because of that half of the Clan members only has political power inside the village, and with such a crisis sure they will get weaken a lot, whether its the Hokage or other Clans, or even members from inside the Hyuga Clan itself, Hinata will be oppressed by various parties.

Moreover, Naito knew Hinatas personality. Shes not the kind of person who cares about power and status, and shes only five years old. In this kind of power struggle, she wont make it.

Furthermore, Naito rescued Hinata two years ago. Even if he didnt show any apparent attitude, he has patted Hinatas head, which will cause conflicts between the two sides in the Clan.

“The situation is not very good, I understand what you mean… The situation inside the entire Clan is not good!”

Naito snorted, then stood up and walked outside.



The Residence of the Hyuga Clan.

This is a room of practicing soft hand techniques in the center of the residence. Its extremely wide, the whole place is paved with antiques and elegant oak.

Under normal circumstances, this is a place where clansmen practice, but this time, the momentum inside it was full of hatred and fierce.

There were no chairs or furniture in the room. It was incredibly empty, and all the Clansmen of the Hyuga were sitting on the floor.

At first, there was nothing called separation, but at some point, in order to protect the Byakugan eyes, the Clan decided to have a branch house.

After all, the Dojutsu is very easy to obtain, and it only needs transplantation. Unlike other Bloodline limits, which are limited to those who have the pureblood.

In order not to let the Byakugan get in the hands of the enemies, the Hyuga clan has established some rules. Generally, the main house will never intend into the battlefields, theyre actions are limited to running over the Clan, and only the branch house fights and protect since their eyes could not get stolen.

It seems that only Ao from the Mist managed to get his hand on one of the Byakugan eyes, but no one knows how he got it. In short, the source can only be the main family.

Because of the existence of the Cursed Seal, its almost impossible for the branch house to fight against the main, and if they ever wanted to get rid of the separation, they will have to get rid of the main house; although it was difficult, its not necessarily impossible.

After all, theres absolutely no unbreakable seal; thus, the cursed seal can be removed. Moreover, even if it cannot be removed, as long as you master cursed seal and understand it, you might have hope to counter it.

At this time in the field, the man sitting in the middle was the elder of the Hyuga Clan, Hiashis father, and Hinatas grandfather.

Hinata was lowering her head, she seemed to be sitting there with some evidence fear, yet also touch sadness on her small face. But she never dared to look up at the aggressive gazes of the Hyuga Clansmen.

“Everyone can see the current situation. Under such tough circumstances of internal and external problems, we cannot have such a weak Patriarch to lead us through this situation. And its impossible to wait until Hinata grows up!”

One of the branch house members talked fiercely.

Hinatas grandfathers brows almost twisted together, hearing these claims. Hiashis death has resulted in a big conflict inside the Clan. Although he can still take charge of the Clan in place of Hinata, he was very old, and the issue is getting bigger, he wasnt strong enough to force his repression on the branch house

And Hinata is too young to take over the Clan.

Numerous stern eyes gazed at Hinata, leaving her sitting there with her head almost touching the ground, scared of what theyre gonna do to her.

“Elder, this is an urgent situation, and it needs an urgent solution. Although we didnt encounter such an issue before, you shouldnt worry so much about it. You just need to choose someone else to be the next Patriarch and preside the entire situation!”

“I recommend the Patriarchs younger brother, Hizashi, to take the position!”

“I recommend…”

Obviously, the branch house had conflicts. They were also divided into several factions fighting between each other, but the core of the battle was the Clan, and who should preside it.

Once a family member turns into a patriarch, in order to take charge of the Hyuga Clan, it will be necessary for him to obtain the cursed seal. In this way, even if Hinata grows up in the future, no one will be able to force him to give up his position. Yes, the Branch house and Main house might exchange status at the end of this.

Hinatas grandfather obviously knew about this too, but after all, hes old and doesnt know when he will die. Moreover, even now, he can barely restrain them, what will happen when he grows even weaker?

Even if theres the cursed seal, it takes time to be activated. If the entire house revolts, he may not have time to activate it and get killed directly.

If he cant suppress or kill the branch house, then this indeed is a big problem.

“Cough! Cough!”

Looking at the branch house members, who were making a lot of noises, Hinatas grandfather got angry, and couldnt help but cough to get their intention.

“Just as soon as Hiashi passed away, you united together and started bullying a five years old child…? Do… Cough! Cough!… And you call yourselves worthy people?!”

The words of Hinatas grandfathers made the present member of the branch house feel a little bit ashamed, but it was just one moment, and it passed away, then they turned back to being angry again.

Its about whether they could get rid of the cursed seal, so even if they had to bully a five years old child, they were going to do it!

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