The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 406: Who wants to be the patriarch

Chapter 405: Dont Be Afraid

Faced by these aggressive gazes, Hinata froze in her place; she wanted to hide, but today was about her, and she needed to sit in the middle.

“Elder, we are not doing this for ourselves, but for the sake of the entire Clan!”

Hyuga Hizashi sat in the front, staring sharply at Hinata, and her grandfather. For him, of course, this was an opportunity to change his destiny, and he wasnt willing to let it go.

Even if he and Niji have already been sealed before, once he gets in charge of the Hyuga Clan, at least he will be able to prevent his grandson from having the same fate!

Not only for himself but also for his son Niji, even if he was only a kid, he didnt have any chance but let them seal him too.

The initial idea of Hinatas grandfather was that he will appoint himself temporarily as the Patriarch, while Hinata grows stronger, and when its time, he will give up on the position, and Hinata will inherit the Clan directly from him.

But there was no doubt that the other families present wont agree!

Although he controlled the cursed seal, it was unreasonable for him to kill the entire Clan. Currently, only a few people still support Hinata.

All the people from the branch house saw their hope of getting rid of this fate by eliminating Hinata from the picture.

“If you really care about the Clan, you should protect your family, not seek power! Cough! Cough!”

The helplessness was evident in Hinatas grandfathers expression.

“So, do you think Hinata can really inherit the clan?!”

“Even though princess Hinata is an orphan now, and regardless of her age, can she really lead the clan with such a personality?”

One of the branch house members shouted at Hinatas grandpa.

At that moment, Hinata got really frightened, and helplessly she hid behind her grandpa. Upon seeing such a scene, he got angry: “How can you be so judgemental on a five years old childs personality? Shes still young, what do you expect her to do, fight a grown man like you?”

“Youre right, princess Hinata is only five years old child. If shes gonna inherit the Clan, it will be at least ten years from now. What will the elders want to do in this decade?”

The people from the branch house seemed to be holding on this argument, and they kept pressing on the main house. Everyone knew that at this time, there must be no differences, and they must be united.

Seeing how everyone was looking indifferently at him, Hinatas grandfather wanted to let out all of his anger and use the cursed seal to make them roll on the ground from pain, but this solve anything, and it was impossible for him to kill them all.

For a while, the two sides kept arguing.

But in any case, the fact that Hinata was hiding behind her grandpa the whole time proved how weak she was.

“Fine then, why dont we let princess Hinata choose for herself.”

These few words from Hyuga Hizashi made the entire room quiet.

The look in his eyes was really sharp, he seemed very confident as if he knew Hinatas answer already.

“What do you mean?”

Hinatas grandfather became very protective and replied with a deep tone.

Hizashi looked directly at Hinata and said: “Princess Hinata, if you want to inherit the Clan, then stay here, if you dont… Leave the room temporarily.”

“So, which one? do you want to stay or leave?”

Hizashi said with a soft tone, he didnt seem aggressive, which made Hinata less afraid.

She looked down, and said weakly, “I… I want to go out…”


When Hinatas grandfather heard her words, he stared at her, and she immediately started crying.

On the other side, Hizashi and the other all grinned and smirked, saying, “Elder, here you go, this was her decision.”

“You… You… Cough! Cough!”

Hinatas grandfather got so angry that he started coughing violently.

Everyone in the room from the branch house smiled as if they have achieved their goal, while Hinata was weakly curling down, holding her knees, not knowing what to do.

But at that moment, a soft tone suddenly emitted in her ear.

“If you want to go out, then got, dont be afraid.”

This voice made Hinatas fear inexplicably fade, especially the phrase “dont be afraid,” it felt very familiar as if she has heard it before.

She couldnt help but turn around to see a white-longed-heard teenager sitting behind her; he wasnt a clansman from the Hyuga Clan, and no one knew when did he appear.

Even his appearance felt familiar to Hinata. And subconsciously she shouted: “Na… Uncle Naito?!”

When Naito rescued her last time, she didnt know Naitos name, but the impression that he left in her heart was too deep. She learned his name from her father, Hiashi. But whenever he mentioned his name, he kept reminding her to be respectful to him, and not offend him in any way.

The silence controlled the room, the man behind Hinata, was really Yuu Naito.

However, at this time, Naitos expression was a little bit stiff, and his lips couldnt help but twitch.

Uncle…? This is the first time he gets addressed by this title!

He didnt expect it, but he suddenly became an uncle. Does this mean that the next time he sees her, he will need to bring her a lollipop?

Naitos sudden appearance made all the members of the Hyuga Clan horrified.

None of them noticed his arrival, it seemed as if he has flashed in out of thin air!

Were talking here about a powerful clan, specialized as perceptual ninjas, thanks to the power of their powerful Dojutsu, how could they not be shocked?

Some of the clansmen who were sitting near Hinata almost attacked Naito.

However, before they could even stand up, a horrific pressured fell on them. As soon as they stood up halfway, they got directly hit by a strong pressure that made them sat back on the floor.

The crowd was shocked.

Naito didnt change a lot, his hair was only longer, and white instead of silver, so it only took them a second to recognize his identity with widened eyes.

It turned out to be him!

But why did he came here?!

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