The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 408: The Energy Vesse

Chapter 407: No Reason

Inside the courtyard of the Hyuga Clan.

Almost all of the clansmen of the Hyuga Clan were gathered in that room; thus, then entire Hyuga Clan station now is completely empty.

Naito took Hinata to the garden. She was still a little shocked, but after being rescued by Naito from that situation, she gradually came back to her senses.

Although Naito didnt care much about status and the so-called influential people in this world, when he came to Konoha today and saw the situation inside the Hyuga Clan, he still felt unhappy.

Naito didnt need a reason to do anything he wanted!

Although this world is dominated by the strong, Hinatas character was indeed unsuitable for being a ninja, rather than being a leader, but Naito was gonna help her anyway!

The so-called strong people are the same as the weak ones facing Naito. No matter who is it, a mere shinobi, or a Kage, theres no difference in Naitos eyes!

Although it cannot be said that those who are from the branch house are wrong for wanting to change their destiny, but bully Hinata is wrong, she was only five years old.

In Naitos view, the idea of changing destiny is their right, but the execution is not.

If you want to change your destiny, you should aim to become stronger!

If you can be as strong as the Six Paths Level, no matter how strong the curse seal is, it will have absolutely no effect on you!

It is tough for ordinary shinobis to reach the level of the Six Paths, but without trying, how would you know that you cant succeed?

Without the courage to try, you wont change your fate.

Of course, paths like these will be full of surprises, take Hinata as an example, when Naito decided to accept her as a disciple, her fate got destined to be changed.

Hinata looked at Naito with her adorable eyes wide open. This was her first close observation of Naito, and her heart was full of curiosity.

At this time, she had no awe in her heart for Naito, but instead and a strong feeling of admiration.

This was the natural Aura that Naito had around him after entering the Six Paths Level. His Aura was beyond the reach of the ordinary people, which made a strong impression on Hinata.

The Aura around him felt very close to nature, to Hinata; it felt incredibly peaceful.

She has never felt this way around anyone except for her mother.

After all, almost all of then entire Hyuga Clan are Shinobis, more or less with the usual Aura of a ninja, and its impossible to feel peaceful.

Naito, who had not stepped into the Hagoromos realm, also had an extraordinary aura, it gave the feeling as if he was above everything else, making people feel like he was unreachable.

But when he stepped into that realm and reached the level of the Six Paths, Naitos Aura became adjustable at will, he could even make it like an ordinary person after completely restraining it.

“Na… Uncle Naito, where are we going next?”

After observing Naito for a while, Hinata reached out her hand and dragged Naitos sleeves, and couldnt help but ask with a very trembling tone.

Naito: “…”

Even now, Naito hasnt been able to adapt to this kind of address. If it was Kakashi or Gai, it would be more acceptable since he knew their fathers. But it always feels a little bit weird when Hinata says it.

“Hinata, call me Sensei in the future.”

Looking at Hinatas cute face, Naito firmly corrected her way of addressing him, then he patted her head and smiled: “Wherever you want to go, no one will bully you anymore, okay?!”

Although Hinata was only five years old, she knew what the meaning of the word Sensei is. After all, she has already begun to learn the gentle fist style, but she didnt learn it for long and stopped because of the sudden attack that the clan has suffered.

Speaking of that, her father was also very caring and serious about Hinata at the beginning, but then he gradually discovered her character and felt that she was utterly unsuitable to be a shinobi…

This was the Shinobi World, after all.

“Yes, Naito-Sensei.”

Hinata nodded, and a firm and stern expression appeared on her small face.

Being saved by Naito allowed her to know a lot of things about Naito. Hinata knew what kind of a legendary Shinobi he was, and to have the chance to become his disciple meant a lot to her. Although she was weak, she was very determined in her heart. She must not disappoint Naito.

However, since she is only five years old now, this firm and serious expression looked very cute on her, which made Naito smile.

Speaking of this, the children in this world are very precocious, especially Uchiha Itachi. The kid has even begun to think about the meaning of life.


Naito sent Hinata back to her room, then gently closed the door, and turned to look at an elegant woman standing on the side.

With a baby in her arms, she gently saluted Naito, but her behavior and manners seemed very noble.

“Good to see you, Naito-Sama.”

“You dont have to be so polite.” Naito smiled at her and said, “Speaking of it, I decided to take this young girl as my disciple without your consent.”

This woman was naturally Hinatas mother, and in her arms is Hinatas sister, who has just born.

Seeing how Naito was so kind, Hinatas mother was surprised, but she didnt dare to show it, and smiled at Naito: “Its an honor for my little girl to be accepted as a disciple by Naito-Sama.”

She seemed very grateful to Naito because she had to take care of Hanabi now since she was younger. She couldnt attend the meeting because of that, and even if she was there, it wouldnt have made any changes.

Just when she was worried about Hinatas future, she learned that the God of Shinobi, Yuu Naito, suddenly appeared and accepted Hinata as his disciple. This is simply a gift from heaven!

Even when she first got the news, she didnt believe it was true.

However, as a mother, she still had a bit of anxiety in her heart, because she didnt know what Naito was seeing in her, and she worried that Hinata would not meet Naitos expectations, making him angry or disappointed.

“Naito-Sama, if… Hinata did something wrong, please forgive me.”

“No matter what Hinata does, she will always be my disciple, and nothing will change that fact.” Naito smiled slightly and said, “I dont care about her talent, that can be changed, I just dont want to see her being bullied by anyone.”

Now that he has decided to take care of Hinata, then Naito will naturally not care about talent. For him, as long as he chose to do it, nothing will change his mind.


Hinatas mother froze for a moment; she didnt expect Naito to say such a thing.

Indeed, she expected Naito to care about talent and character, which she felt her daughter lacked.

However, Naitos words proved her wrong. He promised to take good care of Hinata to the extreme; still, she couldnt understand what he was seeing in her daughter for him to make such a promise.

But in any case, she was happy for Hinata.

“Naito-Sama, I dont know what to say…”

Hinatas mother hugged Hanabi tightly in her arms and tried to bow down to Naito, but Naito reached out to her and gently lifted her.

“No, you dont need it, its nothing. Its just a trivial matter for me.” Naito smiled slightly, then turned around and walked away.

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