The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 408: The Energy Vesse

y, he clenched his fists, then smirked with a sharp look on his face.

“This is the power of the Tenseigan, this power… is completely above everything!”

“With these eyes, I can follow the will of my ancestors, and destroy this failed Shinobi World created by the Six Paths, and no one will stop me!”


He could feel the power flowing in his body, whether he looked up to the dark sky, or down at the ninja world, he couldnt help but burst out a crazy laugh.

He was standing on the moon, there was no blue sky or white clouds, at a glance, he could only see endless black, a starry sky…

And just when he stopped laughing madly, he suddenly heard a slightly curious voice.

“Is this the Tenseigan eyes?”

“Yes! This is…”

Otsutsuki stopped laughing and answered subconsciously, with a touch of pride, but before he finished, he reacted suddenly, and the expression on his face changed.

Turning hurriedly, he saw a young man with white hair. He was floating next to the golden Tenseigan and had a look of interest.

“You are…”

Suddenly Otsutsuki stared coldly at Naito.

He wasnt particularly surprising that someone has come to the moon. After all, in the Shinobi World, there was a unique passage that anyone could use.

What was surprising is the person in front of him.

He wasnt interested in anyone in the ninja world, except for the owner of the Rinnegan, and Naito. But the moment he spied on him, Naito almost directly discovered him.

Moreover, the aura that he was sensing from Naito made him extremely afraid of his power.

But now… He shouldnt have no fear in his heart!

With the power of the Tenseigan, no one can stop him unless he has the Rinnegan, but Naitos eyes were obviously ordinary, and he didnt seem like he had any power related to the Six Paths.

“The strongest shinobi in the world, are you here to stop the destruction of the Shinobi World? But its too late, you cant stop it now!”

Otsutsuki sneered at Naito, revealing his killing intent.

Naito didnt pay attention to Otsutsuki, but stood beside the Energy Vessel, watching with apparent interest, then he suddenly stretched his hand and gently pressed it toward the golden Tenseigan.

Being ignored by Naito, made the anger ignite in Otstsukis heart. When he was about to rush at him, he suddenly saw Naito reaching out to touch the Energy Vessel.

“youre dead!”

Upon seeing this, Otsutsuki didnt try to stop him, but instead, he sneered at him.

People who dont belong to the Hyuga or the Otsutsuki clan cannot touch the Energy Vessel, and they will directly get absorbed by it.

And just now, his strongest enemy dared to do that. It seems like he doesnt even need to fight, the Shinobi World is doomed.


The huge Tenseigan emitted a strange color, then exuded a peculiar power that started to suck all of Naitos Chakra.

Otsutsuki looked at this scene and started laughing as if he had already foreseen this.

However, in a few seconds, his laughs abruptly stopped!

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